Getting married is a symbol of the love and connection between two people who hope to spend the rest of their lives together. Whilst some may have wooed their partners with gifts before they were married, this tradition of gift-giving shouldn’t stop after saying ‘I do’.

In fact, the perfect time to buy your spouse a jewellery gift is for your wedding anniversary – provided you remember it! Each anniversary represents something different, with each material chosen symbolising the continual love and respect a couple has for each other after they get married.

Whether you’re celebrating your 1st, 20th or 50th wedding anniversary, there are pieces of jewellery that perfectly capture the meaning behind it. We’ve put together some of our top picks to make sure your anniversary is as special as possible.

Bracelets Wedding Anniversary Gift

25thAnniversary – Silver

Representing brilliance, radiance and longevity, silver symbolises the ever-lasting nature of a marriage. By the time you reach your 25th wedding anniversary, it is apparent that you will know each other very well and have a deep respect for one another. Silver is a valuable metal, symbolising the continued value of a marriage, even 25 years in.

In the past, silver was even thought to have holy and other-worldly powers, therefore it is used to mark the significance of reaching such an important milestone in a marriage.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to mark such a special occasion, this silver diamond bracelet is perfect to show that special person just how much they mean to you on your special day together.

Gemstone Pendants Anniversary Gift

30thAnniversary – Gemstones

Representing purity, honesty, and wisdom, 30th anniversaries are often associated with pearls, which are the rarest form of gems - in more recent times, they have been linked to gemstones.

To reach the 30-year mark in a marriage requires honesty between spouses and the knowledge and love to keep things fresh and alive.

To help make your anniversary as special as possible, and celebrate the love you have for one another, this solitaire gemstone pendant necklace is a beautiful symbol of the longevity of your marriage

Opal Rings Anniversary Gift

34thAnniversary – Opal

Known for its beauty and shimmer, opals can hold onto this shine forever, representing sparkle and love within a marriage lasting forever. By your

34th wedding anniversary, it is time to celebrate the strength and longevity of your love for one another, and opal is the perfect representation of this strength.

For an opal ring with everlasting shine and a beautiful design, this stylish diamond ring is sure to make for a beautiful gift for your spouse, standing as a testament to your love.

Ruby Earrings Anniversary Gift

40thAnniversary – Ruby

With its bold and distinctive red colour, most commonly associated with love and passion, the ruby is perfect for representing the romance of a relationship. Any strong relationship needs some romance, and the ruby is thought to represent a burning and everlasting passion, showing that, even after 40 years, a marriage can still maintain the very romance that started it.

To show your spouse the romantic and passionate side of you, these ruby earrings are the perfect anniversary gift, sure to put add a unique look to your spouse’s jewellery collection.

Sapphire Gemstone Necklace Anniversary Gift

45thAnniversary – Sapphire

Often compared to the ocean, sapphires represent the continual progression of marriage which, at 45 years, is already evident. Known for their distinctive deep blue colour, they can also be seen to show that marriages can sometimes be bumpy, as the seas often can, but that this passes and is followed by calm and tranquillity.

To celebrate the enduring nature of your marriage, and show that, even at the hardest of times, you still have a deep respect and love for one another, this sapphire necklace offers a distinctive and bold pop of colour.

Gold Bracelets Anniversary Gift

50thAnniversary – Gold

Known for its precious status, it is no wonder that gold has come to represent such a huge milestone. Reaching 50 years is something to be incredibly proud of, and gold helps to represent the precious nature of this special moment in your relationship.

Known for its precious status, it is no wonder that gold has come to represent such a huge milestone. Reaching 50 years is something to be incredibly proud of, and gold helps to represent the precious nature of this special moment in your relationship. unparalleled sparkle and a gorgeous design to help celebrate such an incredible milestone.

Gemstone Emerald Rings Anniversary Gift

55thAnniversary – Emerald

Incredibly rare and known for their distinctive green colour, emeralds are the perfect symbol of such a long time spent together. 55 years is an anniversary not all couples may manage to achieve, so a gemstone as rare as this achievement is only fitting. It is no wonder that emeralds are often associated with eternity and a long-standing commitment to one another. To make your 55th anniversary a little bit more special, this beautiful emerald eternity ring adds an intense pop of deep green that will look perfect on the hand of your spouse.

Half-Eternity Ring Anniversary Gift

60thAnniversary – Diamond

We’re now in the big leagues, so it’s no surprise that a diamond represents such a long time spent together. Known for their exceptional clarity, bright sparkle and age, the diamond is the perfect symbol of enduring love.

Often billions of years old and rock-solid, diamonds represent the long-lasting nature of a 60th weddings anniversary. Their radiant beauty also symbolises the splendour of being married for so long, and the love two people have to stay together for this long.

To help celebrate such an incredible and rare occasion, this unique diamond ring will help to show the unique nature of your marriage – a marriage that has managed the thrive for many wonderful years.

So, whether you’re just staring out in your marriage, or you’ve been married for 60 years, there is always something special to give your spouse to help show how much their love and commitment means to you.

If you’re looking to find the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse, ABELINI has you covered, helping you to make it extra special. Celebrating your love is a lifelong journey. From wedding to anniversaries, make each moment special with our Wedding Buying Guide.