TWedding rings will always hold a special place in the hearts of couples – more than any other piece of jewellery, they symbolise the union of matrimony, serving as lasting reminders of a couple’s commitment and featuring deep sentimental value.

This makes choosing wedding rings a significant process, as couples ensure that the rings they present to one another reflect the personal style of the recipient, their values and the unique connection they share with their partner.

Throughout years past, wedding ring trends have continued to evolve in a reflection of shifting preferences and styles. Here at Abelini, we are extremely excited by the wedding ring trends in 2024 – so sit back and join us as we take a closer look at the designs, styles and shapes that define this year’s trending wedding rings.

Matching Wedding Rings

Matching Wedding Rings with Engagement Rings

When it comes to selecting a wedding band that complements your engagement ring, there are several factors that one should consider – the first being metal type.

Matching the precious metal bands of your engagement ring and wedding ring is sure to create a harmonious, cohesive look that combines and amplifies the presence of each ring. For example, if your engagement ring is yellow gold solitaire with a slim band, why not pair it with a thin yellow gold wedding band for a seamless match?

In 2024, our team sees many couples opting to match wedding rings and engagement rings, a trending choice that welcomes deeper expressions of love between couples.

Mix and Match Width

Mix and Match Width: Wider is Desired

As well as matching metal type, consider the mixing and matching of wedding ring width. Mix and match widths have gained popularity in recent years, unlocking new creativity in achieving uniquely personal wedding and engagement ring combinations.

By selecting rings of different widths, you add visual interest and new dimensions to your ring pair. Select intentionally opposing widths to draw attention to one ring in particular, or opt for complementary widths for a more balanced look. Just remember to try the pairing out before heading out for a long day – so you know your chosen pairing allows for comfortable all-day wear!

Wider rings allow for more striking presentations that suggest the sheer presence of the love shared with a partner. In 2024, we see wider rings trending – both individually and as part of a wedding and engagement ring pair.

The Latest Innovations in Diamond Wedding & Eternity Bands

2024 has seen new developments in a few key processes and styles regarding diamond wedding and eternity bands.

Primarily, we see a focus on intricate designs that feature multiple diamonds set in various shapes. These make for stunning visual displays that add even more sparkle to one’s diamond wedding or eternity band.

Also, couples are opting to complement the diamonds of their wedding and eternity rings with additional gemstones such as sapphires and rubies. This exciting trend sees new popularity in wedding and eternity rings with vibrant new pops of colour – whether the colourful gemstones are accent additions that bring attention to the main diamonds, or are indeed the focal point themselves.

The final innovation gaining traction are lab-created diamonds, which offer eco-friendly pathways to those couples concerned about the preservation of our environment and ethical transparency of a diamond’s background.

Lab-created diamonds are sustainably grown in a controlled environment and often more affordable and accessible than their natural counterparts. They offer an ethical, environmentally conscious choice whilst not compromising on the beauty and brilliance of traditional diamonds. As modern society continues to fight climate change, working conditions and poor practices in the diamond industry, it is no surprise that lab-created diamonds feature in many of 2024’s trending wedding and eternity rings.

Stackable Bands

Stackable Bands

In 2024, stackable bands continue to grow as a prominent wedding ring trend. These versatile bands can be worn individually or stacked with other rings to create truly personalised looks.

One advantage of opting for stackable bands is their potential to be easily modified, which allows the wearer to envision a potentially endless range of desirable wedding ring styles. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes – so whether you seek a sleek, minimalistic stack or bolder, eclectic combination, you’re sure to find your ideal choice.

With personalisation on the rise in the world of jewellery, it’s no surprise that stackable bands are one of 2024’s top wedding ring trends. We’re sure it won’t be the last year they’re trending…

Mixing of Metal Colour

Mixing of Metal Colours

Another popular 2024 wedding ring trend is combining different metal colours within a single ring band – imagine two-tone rings that blend rose gold with yellow gold or pair black and white gold.

It’s clear why mixed metal wedding bands are trending in 2024 – this new area of design offers couples a chance to create striking contrasts that bring significant contemporary twists to traditional ring designs.

But mixing wedding ring metal colours isn’t just for crafting progressive styles – vintage-inspired looks can also be achieved. One way that couples are doing this is with wedding bands that mix yellow gold and silver, evoking a sense of elegance and nostalgia whilst remaining trendy in our modern times.

This exciting 2024 wedding ring trend can bring new depth to your jewellery collection, with the overall consensus among modern jewellery lovers being that diversity is best – and creativity is king.

Shaped & Curved Bands

Shaped & Curved Bands

Now, one of our favourite 2024 wedding ring trends is the shift to more organic shapes in wedding band styles – with shaped and curved bands becoming increasingly loved by couples of all walks.

Shaped and curved wedding bands present a departure from traditional round or straight designs – which more progressive couples may say is long overdue!

These innovative, trending bands usually feature asymmetrical shapes that wrap around the finger, enhancing comfort while exploring unique looks. If you’re all about selecting wedding rings that stand out from the rest, a shaped or curved wedding band may well be one of your top options.

With no limits regarding customisation, these organic wedding band shapes empower you to explore and embrace flowing lines, bold angles and intricate patterns in your quest to create a standout wedding ring that showcases everything unique about you and your partnership.

Couples Bands

Couples Bands

Matching wedding band sets become a trending way for both partners to express their commitment in 2024. The popularity of couples bands is understandable – the matching elements present a powerful aura of unity, a combined declaration of love that symbolises perfectly the shared journey that marriage is.

Designs for couples bands feature a fantastic range – from simple, classic styles to intricate, unique designs tailored to the tastes of each individual. Some couples choose matching metals and styles, whilst others select intentionally contrasting pieces that reflect their individual personalities.

Engraving couples bands is also a popular 2024 wedding ring trend – more on those later!

Matte Finish

Matte Finish Wedding Rings

Another 2024 wedding ring trend has to be matte finish wedding rings, which offer couples a new angle on achieving unique, contemporary wedding ring styles.

The matte finish is sleek and understated, offering those in search of subtle ring choices a clear departure from the gleaming nature of traditional ring styles.

The sophisticated finish of a matte wedding ring is achieved through sandblasting or laser etching, resulting in textured ring surfaces that diffuse light to provide the signature, non-reflective matte look.

A matte finish brings a magical, modern twist to traditional wedding ring styles and is particularly effective when used on metals like platinum, white gold or titanium. And if you really want to explore this exciting latest trend, why not consider blending matte and polished finishes upon a single wedding ring?

Textured and Patterned Wedding Rings

Textured and Patterned Wedding Rings

Textured and patterned wedding rings are another of 2024’s wedding ring top trends due to their unique visual and tactile presentation.

Hammered rings, with their textured surface achieved via carefully applied indentations and small divots, are an especially popular textured wedding ring trend this year.

Adding texture to your wedding ring presents an artistic, rustic appeal – however, additional benefits are achieved as the texture may add to a wedding ring’s scratch-resistant qualities. If you and your partner enjoy an active lifestyle, this may well be a key wedding ring trend to consider!

Another textured wedding ring style rising in popularity is the sparkle cut, which adds an innovative twist to traditional diamond cut wedding rings. The sparkle cut incorporates intricate facets for dazzling plays with light that bring new glamour to an already stunning wedding ring.

With so many textured and patterned wedding ring designs now available, you’re sure to find the ideal match for your personal style amongst this 2024 trending wedding ring approach.

Engraved Wedding Rings

Engraved Wedding Rings

The final 2024 wedding ring trend we’ve chosen to feature are engraved wedding rings. Whilst engraved rings have always stood as a favoured way to add sentiment to a wedding band, 2024 displays a renewed push in engraved wedding ring innovation.

This year has been a popular year for personalisation – and what’s more personalised than customising your wedding rings with a significant date, name or set of initials? The only limit here is your creativity, with some couples even choosing to engrave rings with fingerprints or tiny images.

Few rings feel more significant than a meaningfully engraved wedding ring, so we’re not surprised that they are once again trending in 2024.

What would you engrave your wedding ring with in order to declare your love story at its loudest?

Men’s Wedding Band Trends in 2024

When it comes to men’s wedding bands specifically, 2024 has been filled with exciting trends that span a diverse range of styles, materials and design elements.

It’s never been so exciting for grooms to discover a trending wedding ring that champions their personal flair. Below, we’ve gathered what has stood out to the Abelini team as 2024’s top trending men’s wedding bands.

Alternative Metals

Whilst traditional metals like gold and platinum will never fade from popularity, we see new interest in altogether different men’s wedding band metals in 2024.

Tungsten, titanium and cobalt chrome are just three of these new and exciting metals, which each offer fantastic durability and affordability as well as a modern, masculine aesthetic. In addition, these metals often feature excellent scratch resistance, making them a top consideration for grooms who enjoy active or outdoor lifestyles.

Mixed Metal Designs

Mixing different metals in men's wedding bands is another rising trend in 2024, with our team observing inspiring combinations of white, yellow and rose gold as well as blackened and alternative metals.

The results are visually striking and undeniably unique, welcoming exciting contrasts in colour and texture that would be simply impossible to achieve with single metals.

For those grooms seeking to really explore their style and make a statement in 2024 and beyond, a mixed metal wedding band is a clear choice.

Textured Finishes

Textured finishes for men’s wedding rings may feature brushed or hammered surfaces, which add a distinct, rugged look to any ring.

As we’ve covered above, hammered finishes in particular create an artisanal, handcrafted feel that is extremely popular amongst grooms. On the other hand, there are many other textured finishes that each provide their wearers with modern and masculine touches of unique character.

Minimalist Designs

When it comes to men’s wedding rings, less is often more – as demonstrated by the trend of minimalist wedding rings for men in 2024.

With clean lines, simple aesthetics and minimalistic designs, it’s unsurprising that many grooms choose this modern style of wedding ring. Sleek profiles, straight edges and a primary focus on subtlety appeal to the groom who wants to let the love of his partnership speak for itself.

Of course, trending minimalist wedding ring designs also provide the greatest freedom in pairing with outfits and occasions.

Wood Inlays

Continuing from the trend for alternative wedding ring metals, we see a rise in the use of wood inlays in men’s wedding bands in 2024.

The use of wood presents an exciting medium for grooms to explore new avenues of expression with their wedding band – with woods such as ebony, koa and walnut bringing brilliant warmth and touches of rustic, natural beauty to their rings.

And of course, the creative combination of wood inlays and precious metal bands makes for some fantastic interplays of material, colour and character. Simply put, wood inlays are a fantastic 2024 men’s wedding ring trend that we can’t get enough of!

Custom Designs

Not every man appreciates the existing styles of wedding ring – now, they can create something that speaks to their character with a fully custom men’s wedding ring design.

Such bands may feature specific motifs, patterns, or symbols of personal significance, and welcome new ideas when it comes to inlays, engraving, texture and more.

For creative souls seeking something different, a custom designed men’s wedding ring is a favourite option. Each day, we’re amazed by what our male clients dream up!

How to Choose Wedding Rings in 2024?

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is an extremely important decision – so you want to make sure to consider every variable! Here, we present a collection of tips for selecting the right wedding ring in 2024…

Matching Widths

To achieve a synchronous aesthetic, consider matching the width of your wedding and eternity rings to the shoulder of your engagement ring.

This will create a harmonious, balanced appearance on the finger, ensuring that every ring present complements the other.

Consistent Diamond Shape

If your engagement ring features diamonds on the shoulder or centre, it is the norm to select the same shape of diamond for your eternity and wedding rings.

The reasoning here is that it makes for a cohesive design, tying the rings together to achieve a noticeable overall air of symmetry.

Metal Colour Harmony

When choosing the metal colours of your wedding and eternity rings, it is generally safer to match the metal colour of your engagement ring – creating a coordinated look.

Of course, creativity is welcomed here. You may prefer to intentionally mix and match metal colours to establish a more unique and personalised vibe.

Consider the Style

If you have a plain solitaire engagement ring or a style featuring shoulder diamonds, you’ll enjoy great flexibility in selecting a wedding ring.

To maintain a complementary aesthetic, the general practice is to select a wedding or eternity ring that reflects the design element on the shoulder of your engagement ring. However, there are no strict rules – explore your creativity through intentionally clashing engagement and wedding ring combinations!

Flush or Flair

Whilst traditionalists will tell you that your wedding ring and engagement ring must sit perfectly flush, this is by no means law. And as 2024 sees more progressive wedding ring trends and designs arising, we also see more couples choosing non-flush combinations.

Whether you opt for flush or flair, all that really matters is you select an engagement and wedding ring combination that speaks to your style and leaves you and your partner satisfied.

Consider Bespoke Designs

Can’t find the perfect matching engagement and wedding ring combination? Perhaps it’s time to explore bespoke wedding ring options…

Creating a bespoke ring pair invites you to put your creativity to the test and come up with something every bit as unique as the love shared by you and your partner. If you have a custom wedding ring design in mind, give us a call and we can begin making your vision a reality.

We hope these tips have provided some valuable starting points in your shopping for the perfect wedding ring – if you need further food for thought, check out ourUltimate Guide on How to Buy a Wedding Ring!

Good luck in your search and don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call anytime – we’re ready and waiting to share our decades of industry experience!

2024: A Fantastic Year for Wedding Ring Trends

Just like every year, 2024 has revealed some thrilling new developments in the world of wedding rings.

Classic or contemporary, single or stacked, understated or outlandish – 2024’s new wedding ring trends in pairing, texture and finish, ring shape and lab creation make for many exciting options when it comes to selecting the ideal wedding ring.

Which will you select to celebrate the love you share?