Valentine’s day, the most romantic day of the year is approaching, and a lot of people intend to celebrate the day of love with a special someone, which also includes exchanging gifts. But then, what’s the perfect gift to give someone you love? I mean, something they’ll love and have with them forever. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day gifts have typically being flowers, chocolates, or cards, and women have always gotten more gifts than men... but all these items are becoming a bit cliché, and most people want something new. For this reason, jewellery, as a valentine gift can make quite a lovely and special gift, even for both genders. It is a timeless piece that, whether worn every day or on special occasions only, can last a lifetime... and can also add a little bit of love into the air because diamonds are everything!! But then, before talking about jewelleries, what’s the most popular Valentine’s Day gift? And why should you opt for jewellery instead of the typical trend?

When it comes to buying gifts for her, how about we forget the typical tradition of flowers, chocolates, or cards? And for men, how about we forget the typical tie, belt, or his favorite alcohol? All these gift ideas are great nonetheless. However, they don’t last forever! We can opt for a more modern and staple gift that everyone would love; whether it’s your partner, parent, sibling, friend, or colleague; regardless of their age. That’s a nice piece of jewellery! You can never go wrong with jewelleries because they make the perfect gift; whether it's a wristwatch that can be worn every day or a necklace that can be saved for special occasions.

How Can I Make Valentine's Day Special for Her?

You know the saying, “Diamonds are a lady’s best friend”… because, it’s true! It doesn’t matter what kind of diamond, just let it be diamond and you’ve made that day extra special. You may have even planned to pop the big question on that day, or maybe upgrade your wedding ring as a couple, or just gift her a piece of jewellery like a pair of diamond bracelets during dinner to let her know how much you love and adore her. When getting her a piece of jewellery, you’d want to stick to something that goes with her wardrobe, that still speaks “luxury”.

What‘s the Best Valentine's Day Gift for Her?

Valentine Day Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings:

A beautiful pair of diamond earrings would make the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift; as they can be transitioned from day to night for any occasion. Whether you opt for dangle earrings, a pair of short, round short diamond earrings; sparkle earrings, etc, ensure it matches your dates’ jewelry styles.

Valentine Day Engagement Rings

Engagement rings:

Valentine’s Day has been one of the most popular days to pop the big question; whether on a date at home, under the Eiffel Tower, or a surprise dinner. This way, you’re not just giving her one Valentine gift but, you’re making it a moment to remember forever! Whether you choose to opt for modern-day karat or to go for a traditional marquise emerald ring, you want to make sure the size and design of the engagement ring suit her style, regardless of the type. Remember, an engagement ring, especially on lovers' day symbolizes your life together, so choose the ring carefully.

Valentine Day Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklace:

Necklaces can never go out of style, especially when you push her hair to the side so you wear it on her neck and say those 3 big words. There’s nothing cuter! And, what better way can you show your love than with a beautiful piece of diamond necklace? If you don’t want to opt for the typical customized necklace, moon and star necklace, or arrow necklace, you can choose a more sparkly necklace with a tiny gemstone or even a diamond pendant. Believe me, she will adore this piece of jewellery and always remember the special day she wore them.

Valentine Day Eternity Ring

Diamond Eternity Rings:

If you don’t plan to pop the big question, you can still get something cute and sweet like a diamond Eternity ring to symbolize your love, without the huge commitment that comes with an engagement ring. You can opt for a typical set with an unbroken line of an identically cut gemstone, or a classic diamond twisted with a platinum band in any color (gold, rose gold, white, silver, etc), and karat size. What better way to show your date your love and affection than with a beautiful diamond eternity ring?

Valentine Day Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Bracelets:

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day, and a day you can make memories with whatever gift you choose. But maybe you both just started dating and you haven’t said those 3 big words yet, and you intend to say it to make the day even more beautiful! You can do that with a beautiful pair of diamond bracelets... and don’t forget to steal a kiss. Anyone would be thrilled to receive a beautiful piece from their partner, especially when it follows an “I love you”. The day will be unforgettable, especially when added to her jewellery collection, as a reminder of the special moment! This gift will definitely make her jewellery collection complete, and it can be worn for any occasion whatsoever, or even daily.

How Can I Make Valentine's Day Special for Him?

Ladies have always had a hard time choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Him, as the typical gift is a pair of a tie, socks, or his favorite alcohol, but the trend is slowly wearing out and men deserve something different and special. It’s already becoming popular for men to incorporate jewellery into their style; whether it’s a cufflink, initial diamond pendants, black diamond earrings, or a classic wristwatch. Men now feel confident going for modern statement pieces of jewellery. Just women wear jewellery to suit their preferences, men now have jewelleries to incorporate into their day-to-day life, and here’s how you can make Valentine’s Day special for him with a piece of fine jewelry.

What‘s the Best Valentine's Day Gift for Him?

WristWatch: The typical gift for men has always been wristwatches, but it never goes out of style because it combines form and function. So why not gift your partner a luxurious, waterproof wristwatch made from precious metals and adorned with diamonds for Valentine's day? I mean, he deserves the best. When getting a watch, you just don’t want to get a random, typical watch, so look out for the construction, crystals, and movements. You can also add a sentimental touch to it by engraving something sweet on the watch (most brands offer this option). The wristwatch is an everyday accessory, so he’ll be sure to cherish and love it forever!

Mens Rings:

Valentine Day Mens Rings

Just like women, men wear rings too, whether it’s their wedding ring or just a regular statement accessory. If he’s a lover of rings, a signet mens ring would be the perfect gift idea for him, and you can also inscribe something sweet like the initials of yours and his name to ensure he carries you with him everywhere he goes! Although signet rings were once used by powerful men to add their personal mark to letter-sealing wax, in this modern-day, they’re used as an eye-catching accessory to emphasize the hand, or as men’s wedding rings, whether plain or intricate. Although, if you want to make valentine’s day more special and memorable for him, you can consider getting matching wedding/anniversary rings to surprise him, even if it’s not your anniversary yet.


Although different pieces of jewellery for men go from casual to formal on different occasions, cufflinks are an exception. They are used with full business wears like suits, to close the cuffs of the formal shirt; or when wearing a French cuff shirt with slacks. Cuff links are the perfect valentine’s gift if your man dresses formally either to the office or for occasions that require them, like weddings, office events, etc. There are also different types of cufflinks to choose from like the bar, toggle or bullet style closure, the knot, the pin-like design, or the snap... or you can get all varieties so he can change cufflinks depending on the occasion.

Mens Diamond Earrings:

Valentine Day Mens Diamonds Earrings

Most Men incorporate diamond earrings into their everyday style, whether it’s diamond earrings or regular stud earrings. If you man loves to wear earrings, you can consider expanding his jewellery collection by getting him a pair of earrings for valentine’s; and the best part, you don’t have to worry about the size.