Enlighten their world, and leave a sparkle in their eye, only the Abelini way. First of all, congratulations! You’ve found your perfect match and want to take the next step in your relationship together. Luckily, we’ve created the ultimate engagement ring buying guide to make your task that little bit easier. We know that getting down on one knee can seem a bit daunting but we’re here to take away some of the jitters by helping you to discover the ring of your loved one’s wildest dreams and let your happy ever after begin.

Our Ultimate Guide On How To Buy An Engagement Ring

The expert jewellery craftsmen at Abelini have curated this one-stop guide that’ll help you on your way, all the way from learning the finer details of diamond engagement ring design, to keeping your chosen gem protected once your loved one’s said “yes”.

1. Set Your Budget

No matter how much you’ve got to spend, you can find dazzling options that your partner will cherish forever. The good news is, every single carefully crafted design in the Abelini engagement ring collection upholds our high quality standard, and is created with a lifetime’s worth of beauty and sparkle. If you’ve heard the rumours that you should spend over 3 months of your annual salary on a ring, throw that assumption out of the window - this etiquette tip can actually be traced back to The Great Depression and was driven with the aim to increase diamond sales. Back to the modern day, we encourage you simply to spend what you feel comfortable to. If you’re on a tight budget but have set your eyes on a captivating diamond that’s above your price bracket, our handy financing options may be the right choice for you. We offer a selection of 0% finance options that will allow you to split the cost of your dream ring over an agreed fixed term.

2. Book A Consultation

At Albelini we aim to make your engagement ring purchase as easy as possible and our one-of-a-kind website will guide you through buying your chosen style with ease. However, we understand if you’d like to talk one-on-one with an expert. That’s why we’ve made it really simple to book an appointment and visit us in our Hatton Garden based jewellers. Simply click here to visit our showroom, and we’ll see you soon.

3. Get To Know Your 4Cs

Every single diamond on planet earth is unique and has its own dynamic make up and distinguishing factors. The 4Cs—colour, clarity, cut and carat weight are the globally accepted standards for assessing the quality of a diamond.

Clarity : A diamond’s clarity denotes the purity and rarity of an individual stone, and how it showcases any blemishes or inclusions. When the natural rock forms, microscopic details can get trapped in or on the diamond. These are then inspected by experts and rated. The lower the number of imperfections and flaws in a diamond’s appearance, the higher the clarity grade.

Click on clarity grades to view sample images of different diamond clarity grades.



Diamonds have numerous inclusions that can easily be seen. Diamonds of this clarity represent incredible value compared with higher clarity grades. These diamonds are perfect for people not sensitive to the presence of inclusions, but want a larger size (or weight) of diamond.

Colour : Diamonds come from underneath the ground and so, even if not noticeable on first glance, they can pick up yellow, brown and grey hues from the earth around them. Diamonds are rated on their shade, tone and saturation. The lesser the colour, the higher the grade of the diamond. Even the slightest hint of colour can make a dramatic difference in the value.

Click on clarity grades to view sample images of different diamond colour grades.

  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • H
  • I


I-color diamond is scintillating and considered a white diamond that does not distract from the diamond’s sparkle. Noticeable color may be detectable to the untrained eye. It looks best in yellow gold settings.

Cut : The cut of a diamond isn’t about its shape but rather about its proportions, symmetry, and polish. The diamond is measured on how its facets interact with light and how bright its natural sparkle is.

Diamond Cut

Carat : The carat of a diamond is simply a unit of weight for measuring the precious stone. The more carats, the heavier it is. A number of different factors will affect the weight of a stone, including density and shape.

Carat Education

4. Picking A Metal: Gold, Silver Or Platinum?

Metal Percentage

The precious metals used in our engagement ring designs are created to be effortlessly breathtaking and highlight your chosen gemstone with attention-commanding style. Your loved one may prefer a certain metal, and in this case you may want to choose the band-colour they will feel more comfortable wearing. Otherwise, choose yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, silver or platinum that will complement the chosen centre stone. Yellow gold is a timeless option, while platinum offers a sleek and minimalist finish.

It’s worth noting that gold is softer than platinum and is more prone to scratching and denting while although more expensive, platinum is more durable as well as hypoallergenic. If you do decide to go with white gold, be aware that it will typically need replating over time.

5. Discover Different Diamond Cuts & Shapes

Diamond Shape popularity

We have classic round solitaires, marquise, pear, oval, rectangle, square and heart shaped diamonds that all shine with decadence. As well as the diamond's shape, its cutting style can make a difference to its appearance and is how the facets are arranged. A brilliant-cut engagement ring has multiple facets and makes an attention-grabbing choice, designed to sparkle in the light for ultimate shine. Step cuts have long, sleek lines giving a refined and elegant silhouette, while emerald cut gems are square or rectangular in shape with parallel facets and bevelled corners for art-deco glam.

6. Choose A Setting Style

Style popularity Percentage

The setting style of a ring is how the diamond, or gemstone, is arranged, set, or mounted, into the metal band. A ring setting is designed to showcase the natural beauty of the stone it holds. You can choose a prong setting, the most popular, featuring slim metal arms that hold the stone perfectly against the diamond’s bezel facets. A pavé setting is somewhat similar but the prongs are accented with glittering embellishment for extra sparkle. In bead settings raised metal acts as the prongs to hold the stone in place, it’s perfect for adding accent diamonds to the band. The bezel setting provides a sleek, minimal finish, featuring a metal rim that protects the edge of each gemstone.

7. Extra Sparkle? Consider Side Stones

A solitaire band can really show off the centre piece gem, but for extra opulence, nothing dazzles more than a gem adorned band. This style of engagement ring includes a showstopping middle gem, embraced with smaller stones studded on either side. We say this one’s perfect for the ones who love to stand out from the crowd.

8. Styles, Motifs & Trends

Whatever style of ring are you looking for, you’re sure to find one that fits the brief at Abelini. For a touch of vintage glamour choose a style with scrollwork, milgraining, and engraving. Or, for a sleek, minimalist and modern look pick a classic solitaire. One for the romantics? Go art-deco and choose a mix of dazzling diamonds and breathtaking gems all on the same band.

9. Look At Your Diamond Under Different Lighting

It may sound obvious but a diamond can shimmer differently depending on what light it’s under. Jewellers use spotlights to accentuate their brilliance, so we recommend looking at your chosen engagement ring in a variety of environments to make sure it’s definitely the one.

10. Find Their Ring Size

You’ve fallen in love with the dream ring, now you need to ensure it’ll slot perfectly onto their ring finger! If you’re planning on a surprise proposal, you can put your undercover skills to the test and size up their finger using a ring they already own. We’ve made it super simple to discover their ring size at home with our free online tool.

11. Get Your Diamond Grading Report

Diamonds are one of the world’s most precious jewels, so you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the real deal. Make sure when you buy online that you’re given a GIA or AGS Certificate. This will confirm your ring's authenticity as well as give you an understanding of its quality.

12. Get The Best Price

When you buy an engagement ring with Abelini you are getting more and paying less. We always promise to give you the fairest prices possible.

13. Know The Warranty

An engagement ring is for life, so make sure it’s covered by a manufacturer's warranty that can give you peace of mind. At Abelini, we put our complete trust in the expert craftsmanship and the unbeatable quality of our precious metals, gems and diamonds. That’s why our engagement rings are covered with a lifetime warranty. Find out more about our promise, here.

14. Take Out Insurance

You’ve discovered their dream ring, they’ve said yes to a life of loving you, and now you just need to ensure the ring itself is cared for and treasured forever too. We get it, accidents can happen, as can theft, and although you can never replace the sentimental value of jewellery, you can protect the financial cost, and by taking out insurance you’ll always be able to recreate that perfect ring.

Our recommended jewellery specialist insurance provider will take away the stress of accidental loss, theft or damage. Read more about why we recommend them here.

Different Styles Of Engagement Rings

An Abelini engagement ring will fit their finger and hold their heart for eternity, so it’s important to discover a design that’s right for them. We have so many different styles to choose from, including simple, understated designs for those who like to keep a refined yet low-key look, to dazzling designs with side stone embellishments that command attention.

We have round brilliant diamonds, princess cut, emerald shaped, oval shaped, pear shaped, cushion shaped, and lots more to choose from that all help to sway the overall look of your ring.

Solitaire engagement rings are a timelessly popular choice, featuring a centre-stage diamond or gemstone. For a trio of sparkles choose a three stone band, or for head-turning sparkle in every direction, look to a halo band. Here are some of our favourite styles:

A Traditional Approach

A Traditional Approach

Unparalleled craftsmanship to our impeccable standards mean that every ring you see on our website promises to be perfect. For a timelessly elegant design, look no further than our solitaire engagement rings, or a three stone option for added sparkle. If you’d like to make it shine that bit more you can also add side stones, for a classic yet glamorous choice.

The Eye-Catcher

The Eye-Catcher

If your partner loves to stand out from the crowd we’d recommend a dazzling option that features sparkling pavé-set diamonds on the band of the ring. A luminous halo ring promises to wow, with a backdrop of gems surrounding the centre stone in harmony.

Naturally Beautiful

Naturally Beautiful

Be inspired by the beauty of the world around you and choose a delicate ring that’s modest and understated. A bezel setting with a slim band is a perfect choice. We think marquise and pear cuts nod to outdoor living and nature in a beautiful way.

Antique Inspired

Antique Inspired

For the classic among you – choose a vintage inspired bezel. Look to the history of diamonds and ring design to lead your choice. Or, be inspired by your loved one’s favourite era.

The Romantic

The Romantic

Let your ring beam with timeless romance, using a ring setting that has stunning curvature or even milgrain detailing and scrollwork patterning. You can choose intricate embellishment and slim bands to create a romantic look.

Bright And Colourful

Bright And Colourful

If your other half’s personality shines with colour, why not opt for a vibrant hue gemstone rather than classic diamond? You’ll find radiant rubies, deep and mysterious blue sapphire and opulent emerald scattered among our many precious stones on offer. For something a bit different, look to our stunning black diamond designs.

Ring Sizing & Customisation

If you don’t know your partner's ring size, don’t worry! As we’ve already discussed you can use your undercover skills by using a ring they already own and converting this with a ring sizer, ruler or online tool. Even if it’s still not quite right once you’ve proposed, re-sizing is an easy option. Find out more on our blog post here.

Last but certainly not least you can make their engagement ring truly one of a kind with personalised engraving. Or, for a completely unique choice that’s exquisite in its own right—create a completely bespoke engagement ring.