Ultimate Guide On How To Buy A Wedding Ring

Ultimate Guide On How To Buy A Wedding Ring

At Abelini, we understand the deep importance of discovering the ideal wedding ring for yourself and your loved one.

A wedding ring is an eternal symbol of the love and commitment that you share and will be worn every day for the rest of your lives. Purchasing a wedding ring carries more meaning than any other piece of jewellery you may buy – so a suitable amount of time and consideration must be invested in selecting the ideal wedding ring.

We understand that every couple and the love they share is unique. In this Abelini guide, we shall cover every factor including wedding ring material, style, gemstone and sizing – all of which will affect the ring's comfort, durability, and appearance.

Then, when you have your final choices lined up, our friendly team of expert jewellers are ready and waiting to provide a personalised service in finalising your choice and ensuring that your perfect wedding day is accompanied by the perfect wedding ring.

Abelini’s Ultimate Guide on How to Buy a Wedding Ring

First of all, congratulations on your need to buy a wedding ring – so that you are best-prepared for the big day with the ideal wedding ring for your loved one, it is important to consider every variable.

1. Setting a Budget for a Wedding Ring

Before you begin your search for the perfect wedding ring, you will need to calculate your wedding ring budget. Wedding rings vary greatly in cost, and many couples work out their budget as a percentage of their total wedding cost – a popular starting point being 3-5% of the total wedding cost.

Of course, your wedding ring budget can be greater or lower depending on your personal preferences and financial circumstances. Once decided, you can begin your wedding ring shopping with a greater focus upon a narrower range of options.

2. Understanding Wedding Ring Materials

Most often, wedding ring materials are precious metals such as gold, platinum or silver. Each wedding ring metal brings with it pros and cons in durability, appearance and cost. Here are some of the most popular wedding ring materials:

Gold Wedding Rings are a popular choice of wedding ring material and come in three main colours: yellow gold, White Gold Wedding Rings hite gold and rose gold.

Gold Wedding Ring

Yellow gold is the most traditional and durable,white gold offers a more modern, brighter appearance – and rose gold is rising in popularity thanks to its trendy, unique style.

The purity of gold wedding rings is measured in carats – 24 carats being purest as well as most expensive. It is important to remember that a higher carat count means a softer gold, which may be more vulnerable to being scratched or dented during daily use.

Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum Wedding Rings are strikingly white in appearance, and due to the metal’s rarity and density are more expensive than their gold counterparts. The durability of platinum wedding rings make them an appealing choice for those who lead active lifestyles, while platinum’s hypoallergenic qualities suit those with sensitive skin.

Silver Wedding Ring

Silver Wedding Rings are incredibly popular due to the metal’s relative affordability compared to gold and platinum. Silver suits classic wedding ring styles, especially those of a vintage nature. Silver wedding rings are the first choice for those with lower budgets – yet close care is required due to silver’s susceptibility to tarnishing.

3. Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring Style

As you can imagine, there are endless wedding ring designs to choose from – yet all of them fall into several main styles. Once you have selected your ideal wedding ring style, you can reduce the breadth of your search through designs that suit your wedding ring budget.

Full Eternity Wedding Ring

Full Eternity Rings are recognised for their continuous band of diamonds or gemstones that wrap around the entire wedding ring. As the name suggests, eternity ring styles represent the never-ending love and commitment shared with your partner.

Half Eternity Wedding Ring

Half Eternity Rings are similar to eternity wedding rings yet their diamonds or gemstones are only set halfway around the band. This enables designs that create a powerful contrast between the half eternity ring’s gemstone-adorned and plain metal portions.

Plain Band Wedding Rings offer a stark contrast to gemstone-set eternity rings, standing instead as a simple band without any additional embellishments. Perfect for an understated look in which the love between the wearers does all the talking.

Shaped Band Wedding Rings are designed to fit around an engagement ring and feature a curved shape that matches the engagement ring. This is the wedding ring style to consider for those who wish to continue wearing their engagement ring beyond the marriage ceremony.

Couples Rings and Matching Sets are the clear choice for couples who wish to celebrate the power and completeness of their unity through similarly styled “his and hers” wedding rings – an increasingly popular choice with many traditional and progressive designs available.

Couples Wedding Ring

Personalisation options for wedding rings allow for an extra-special touch to add further unique character to a wedding ring. Engrave initials, names, dates or even entire messages into the wedding band itself, or even opt for an entirely custom wedding ring design – the limits in personalised wedding rings are as endless as your love.

If you need guidance in selecting the right wedding ring style for you and your loved one, Abelini’s wedding ring experts are ready and waiting to support you via live chat, email, phone call or in-store.

4. Wedding Ring Stone Selection and Quality

Timeless, beautiful and as durable as can be – it is no surprise that diamonds have long-stood as the most popular choice of gemstone for wedding rings. When assessing diamonds for your wedding ring, Abelini recommends using the widely-regarded 4 Cs..

The 4 Cs of Diamonds

The 4 Cs commonly used to gain an overall view of a diamond’s quality and value are Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat.

Clarity assesses a diamond’s inclusions (internal flaws) and blemishes (external flaws). Diamond clarity ranges from FL (flawless) to I3 (included), with FL-rated diamonds featuring perfect finishes and a greater value.

Click on clarity grades to view sample images of different diamond clarity grades.



Diamonds have numerous inclusions that can easily be seen. Diamonds of this clarity represent incredible value compared with higher clarity grades. These diamonds are perfect for people not sensitive to the presence of inclusions, but want a larger size (or weight) of diamond.

A diamond’s Colour is graded D (colourless) to Z (yellow or brown) – the less colour a diamond features, the higher its grade and subsequent value.

Click on clarity grades to view sample images of different diamond colour grades.


I-color diamond is scintillating and considered a white diamond that does not distract from the diamond’s sparkle. Noticeable color may be detectable to the untrained eye. It looks best in yellow gold settings.

Cut refers to proportions, symmetry and polish – it is the most important factor in determining a diamond's overall beauty and value. Graded Excellent to Poor, a well-cut diamond reflects light strongly with a stunning sparkle while a badly-cut diamond appears dull and plain.

Diamond Cut

Finally,Carat refers to a diamond’s weight and size. One carat equals 0.2 grams, with diamonds ranging from less than 0.01 carats to one or even several carats. The more carats featured, the higher the value.

Carat Education

Other Wedding Ring Gemstones

As well as diamond, popular wedding ring gemstones include sapphire, emerald, ruby and moissanite.

Sapphires come in many colours, though the wedding ring colour of choice is a deep blue. Filled with elegance and sophistication, sapphires have for centuries been associated with nobility, wisdom and royalty. Almost as durable as diamond, sapphires range greatly in cost depending on their 4 Cs.

Emeralds are renowned for their lush green colour that represents beauty, nature and rebirth. Emerald wedding rings carry a regal, traditional charm – just as they have done for thousands of years since the times of Ancient Greece and Egypt. Much softer than sapphire or diamond, emerald wedding rings must be cared for to avoid scratches. Pricing depends on the deepness of an emarald’s colour and natural inclusions, termed “jardin”.

Rubies are instantly recognisable by their vibrant red colour, which symbolises passion, love and strength – and brings a sense of boldness to a wedding ring design. Long-associated with royalty, rubies are extremely durable and vary in price depending on the depth of their intense red hue.

Moissanite is an artificially-created gemstone with a brilliant sparkle that resembles diamond and makes it an appealing wedding ring gemstone choice for those who seek stunningly bright wedding rings at a lower budget. First-discovered in a meteorite crater by Henri Moissan in 1893, moissanite is now man-made in laboratories – rendering it a popular choice with couples who support ethical causes.

If you’d like some personalised guidance on selecting the right gemstone for your wedding ring then Abelini’s team of experts are ready and waiting for your call!

5. Wedding Ring Sizing and Fit

Choosing the right fit for any piece of jewellery is important – yet it becomes even more vital when selecting a wedding ring that you or your loved one may well wear every day for the rest of your lives!

A properly sized wedding ring ensures year-round comfort and reliable security – too tight and it will be uncomfortable, too big and it will always be in danger of slipping off.

Measuring ring size can be easily done at home using a ring sizer or measuring tape then comparing it to a size chart – just like Abelini’s

Different wedding ring fits can also make a big difference to overall comfort during daily wear. Comfort fit wedding rings feature a slightly rounded interior known to provide added comfort, while standard fit wedding rings feature a flat interior that is also enjoyed by many wearers for its uniform feel.

For a second opinion, come down to an Abelini store for a professional wedding ring sizing in order to gain the most accurate measurement.

6. Discover Different Diamond Cuts & Shapes

We have classic round solitaires, marquise, pear, oval, rectangle, square and heart shaped diamonds that all shine with decadence. As well as the diamond's shape, its cutting style can make a difference to its appearance and is how the facets are arranged. A brilliant-cut engagement ring has multiple facets and makes an attention-grabbing choice, designed to sparkle in the light for ultimate shine. Step cuts have long, sleek lines giving a refined and elegant silhouette, while emerald cut gems are square or rectangular in shape with parallel facets and bevelled corners for art-deco glam.

7. Wedding Ring Warranties and Insurance

Any substantial investment deserves a reliable warranty and insurance – and few investments in life are as important as a wedding ring.

Look for a comprehensive warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship, as well as a reliable insurance provider that covers loss, theft or damage.

All Abelini wedding rings feature a bulletproof warranty – and we can introduce you to our official collective of vetted insurance partners for when it comes to keeping your wedding rings safe.

Caring for Your Wedding Ring

Any piece of jewellery needs to be properly cared for to remain at its full lustrousness for many years to come – and with no item should that matter more than a wedding ring. By following these tips, you can ensure that your wedding ring shines as brightly as your love for the rest of your lives.

Clean regularly to remove dirt, oil and other debris that can accumulate over time on your wedding rings. For confident home cleaning, we recommend the use of a soft-bristled brush and mild soap to gently scrub the ring. When cleaning is complete, rinse the ring with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Avoid harsh chemicals such as bleach and chlorine, which are likely to damage the metal and gemstones featured by your wedding ring. Many couples who swim choose to remove their wedding rings before swimming to avoid gradual chlorine damage – just don’t forget where you put them!

Proper storage when not wearing your wedding ring means keeping it in a safe, dry place such as a jewellery box or dedicated soft cloth pouch. By separating your wedding ring from other pieces of jewellery, you prevent it from being scratched or damaged.

Regular maintenance is an essential part of keeping your wedding ring shining as brightly as it did the day you were given it. At Abelini, we provide a professional inspection and service that includes checking setting, polishing metal and replacing any loose or missing stones.

Remove when necessary – sometimes it is wise to remove your wedding ring to prevent damage or loss e.g. when heavy lifting, playing sports, swimming or engaging in outdoor activities during which your wedding ring may get caught, scratched or lost.

With these simple tips for wedding ring care in mind, you will do everything in your power to protect the longevity and beauty of your wedding ring.

Your Wonderful Wedding Ring Awaits…

Finding the perfect wedding ring is an important step in the lead-up to what may well be the most memorable day of your life – so we hope our expertise has been useful in your search!

As always, don’t forget that our passionate team of expert jewellers are just a call away – and ready and waiting to provide all the wedding ring help you need.

At Abelini, we stock a [wonderful range of wedding rings] – as well as provide custom engraving options – so just stop by for a chat and see what’s possible