Diamonds are one of the most valuable stones in the world; they are also the hardest substance on Earth, meaning they are not fragile. Although, this does not mean diamond jewellery cannot be damaged as certain factors can make them lose or reduce its shimmer. They can also get missing. From falling down drainpipes to getting lost in the sand, jewellery can get lost at every turn. How then can you keep your diamond jewellery safe and secure from damage?

All our Jewellery is fit and proper for everyday wear and tear. Metals used in jewellery-making are soft and malleable to be crafted to the precision required. They need regular care to ensure that they last a lifetime. Please read the standard necessary care to protect your Jewellery.

    1. Remove Jewellery before showering or washing. Soap can cause a film to form on Jewellery which can leave it looking dull.
    2. There are a number of commercial cleaning products available in your local supermarket to clean jewellery available.
    3. A soft chamois cloth is an effective and inexpensive way to keep jewellery clean and polished.
    4. Do not ever use toothpaste to clean jewellery.
    5. Be careful of chlorine. Especially at high temperatures it can permanently damage and discolour jewellery.
    6. Do not wear gold while using chlorine bleach.
    7. Do not wear gold while in a swimming pool or hot tub.
    8. You can remove everyday buildups of tarnish with jewellery cleaner. After brushing simply rinse with lukewarm water and leave to dry.
    9. Always clean earring hooks with an alcohol swab before wearing new earrings.
    10. Apply make-up, hair spray and perfume before putting on jewellery. The chemicals in these products will damage the finish of the precious metal and could also damage the gemstones.

How To Preserve Diamond Jewellery?

Several daily and natural factors can damage and put unnecessary strain on your jewellery; from wearing them while cooking to cleaning household items or even watching tv. There is a need to take off your jewellery when completing tasks. Here is how you can preserve your jewellery.

1. Avoid Contact with Water:

Whether swimming, at the ocean, in the hot tub, washing dishes, washing your hair, or doing anything that involves water and chemicals, consider taking off your jewellery. For example, saltwater from the ocean, chlorine from the pool, and chemicals from soap and shampoo can damage your jewellery, especially metals (gold and platinum), pearls, and gems. “How?” You may wonder. Pearls soften when soaked in water while chlorine damages and discolours metals, and deteriorates the polish of gemstones. Water also causes your fingers to shrink, which makes it easy for jewellery to slip off and get lost.

2. Before Applying Lotions and Perfume:

Lotions and perfumes contain various ingredients such as chemicals that can react with metal alloys, damage gems beyond repair, and get into crevices of jewellery like chains and rings, making them dull and dingy. This happens when you put on your jewellery before applying lotions or spraying perfume and hairspray. Generally, your jewellery should be the last thing you put on when using cosmetic products.

3. Avoid Direct Sunlight:

The sun is strong enough to tan the skin, the same way it is strong enough to bleach and damage delicate jewellery. For example, silver tarnishes when exposed to direct sunlight; topaz, opals, and amethyst can fade or change colour when exposed to heat from the sun. This happens when you wear jewellery by the poolside or at the beach. If you want to accessorize while sunbathing by the beach or poolside, opt for cheaper jewellery instead.

4. When Gardening or Playing in The Sand:

Most people love to garden or play in the sand when at the beach, but it is necessary to take off your jewellery when doing so because dirt and small rocks from sand can permanently damage your jewellery if they are not cleaned immediately.