How To Find Great Jewellery To Compliment An Outfit

How To Find Great Jewellery To Compliment An Outfit How To Find Great Jewellery To Compliment An Outfit

Choosing the right jewellery to complement your outfit can be a tricky balancing act to pull off. You need to take all sorts of things into consideration when choosing accessories to match your clothing, including the occasion, the style of clothing, and the cut and the colour of your outfit. If you're not sure where to begin, here is our handy guide to choosing jewellery which will complement your outfit, whatever your style.

Considering Colour

The colours you choose to pair your clothing with may well depend on the sort of occasion you're dressing for. Start by choosing your outfit and work from there. For formal events, you probably want to tone down your colour coordination for an elegant and sophisticated look, which usually means choosing accessories with gems which are a similar shade to your clothing?

V Neck Diamond Necklace

Less formal events such as parties or after-work socials can really let you go to town in terms of colour, adding bright pops of contrasting shades to really help you stand out from a crowd. You might want to have a look at a colour wheel to work out which colours are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Complementary colours help create of bold look so you could try matching reds with greens or yellows with violets.

The occasion

Single Stone Diamond Necklace

Elegant Diamond Stud Earrings

Formal events such as weddings or christenings will probably call for more refined jewellery, but that doesn't mean you need to compromise on the fashion stakes. Single stone necklaces, elegant jewel studs or simple bracelets can look incredible with a slightly more formal dress code. Your outfit to a formal event will probably be a simple block colour rather than a pattern or print, so modest but elegantly designed accessories work best.

Diamond Drop Earrings

For more casual occasions you can really push the boat out and go for more statement accessories. Partywear is usually playful and vibrant, so opting for hooped earrings or fun drop earrings will be in keeping with your outfit choice. When it comes to necklaces, you could go for multi-stone accessories which will add a touch of sparkle and a burst of colour, while bangle style bracelets or charm bracelets are also a nice touch.

The cut off your outfit

Diamond Pendants

The design of your clothes will also play a part when it comes to choosing your jewellery. If you're wearing a high-collared blouse or turtle-necked top to the office, then a short-chain necklace probably isn't going to be seen and you'd be better of choosing a longer pendant necklace. Alternatively, if your top is relatively low cut then you could choose something shorter which will sit nicely near your clavicle.

Diamond Bracelet

The same goes for earrings. Drop or hoop earrings may catch on a higher collar or neckline, so studs are preferable here, but on the lower collar you can get away with just about any style of earring. When it comes to bracelets, shorter sleeves work well with bangle style bracelets or charm bracelets, while longer sleeves may work well with a cuff style bracelet which can be worn over the sleeve.

Overall, it's best to start with your clothing and build your look from there. Ultimately it comes down to your fashion preferences and the occasion you're dressing for.