Tanzanite Earrings

Browse for beautiful tanzanite earrings online and find the perfect accessory for any occasion. Tanzanite is a gemstone that’s become increasingly popular in recent years due to its unique and mesmerising beauty. Tanzanite, as its name suggests, is sourced from mines in Tanzania, making it a rare and unique gemstone in the UK. First discovered in 1967, the gemstone's striking blue-violet hue, coupled with its rarity and limited supply, makes it a highly sought-after gem. Tanzanite is often compared to sapphires in terms of its hardness and durability, making it a great choice for everyday wear in earrings and other jewellery. At Abelini, our tanzanite stud earrings are a timeless classic that can be worn with any outfit. The simple yet elegant design showcases the natural beauty of the gemstone. If you're looking for a special piece of jewellery that is both elegant and unique, our tanzanite earrings are a perfect choice.

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