Fair Price Guarantee

Fair Pricing

It's easy to lose sight of what value really means. If your opinion of value is like ours and is about getting more and paying less, then you're in the right place. By buying directly from manufacturers online, it can save half of high street jewellers. We don't do endless promotions and high- low pricing; we offer our lowest price permanently.

A Unique Approach

We pride ourselves on offering enduring quality at fair prices; shopping is just better that way, isn’t it?

After we piece together all these steps, you’re left with our unique approach to luxury jewellery: enduring quality at fair everyday prices that are up to 78% less than on the High St.

Abelini Fair Price Guarantee

You’ll notice that we buy directly from the manufacturer, and that is really the key to our unique combination of fair prices and exemplary quality. Here are just a few of the reasons why the Abelini approach is transforming the industry:

  • We can handpick all of our diamonds ourselves through our local buying offices. This not only removes the cost of the middlemen, it also allows us to stick to our exacting quality standards.
  • We have the experience and knowledge to buy in bulk in a strategic manner. This means that when we discover something worthy of our standards, we buy it in bulk and leverage our buying power to negotiate a substantial discount.
  • We develop personal relationships with all of our suppliers, just like we do with our customers. This allows us to get first refusal on new shipments and negotiate prices that are fair on our customers.
  • We know the importance of lean operating costs. There is no unnecessary purchase and outlays: exactly what we need to create beautiful pieces at a fair price, pieces you’ll treasure for a lifetime.