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The perfect ring is the ultimate statement of love, culminating your unique proposal into the most memorable moment for both you and your partner. Let us help you make it everything you both wish for and deserve by helping you choose the ideal engagement ring. We have the most stunning collection of diamond engagement rings for you to select from, with a wonderful variety of band colours, precious stones, and diamonds for every style and taste.... Read more

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Engagement Ring FAQ's

  • How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

    Deciding on the exact amount to spend on an engagement ring is a tough question! The price depends on the size of the ring, the quality of the center stone, the details (if any; like stones set in the band), the type of metal, and the brand name. While there's no exact amount to spend on an engagement ring, some to-be-weds spend less, while others spend more. However, when deciding how much to spend, it's best to ignore the "rules" of budgeting; such rules that states you should spend 3 months' salary or 2 months' salary, claiming that it'll get you the best deal. The truth is, you should only spend depending on your financial situation, which is as much as you can afford and whatever you're comfortable with. You should also consider your partner's preferences. There's no set rule or amount of money you should spend on an engagement ring.

  • How many carats should an engagement ring be?

    Carat is the unit of measurement used to identify the weight of precious stones. The number of carats used varies based on age and location. According to the global market, the average carat weight of an engagement ring is between 1.00 to 1.09 carats. In the US, the average carat weight is between 1.00 and 1.2 carats, in the UK, it is about 0.6 carats, while countries like Japan and China have lower average carat weight. Determining how many carats the diamond in the engagement ring should depend solely on your budget and preference.

  • Should you pick an engagement ring together?

    Engagement ring shopping is a huge step in any relationship. Most couples go shopping together, while others don't. Determining whether to go shopping together comes down to you as a couple.

    For beginners, you should ask yourself if you can completely trust your significant other to find a ring that matches your taste and style. If you trust him to do so, then leave your partner to go ring shopping alone. But if you don't trust them enough, then it's a good idea to go ring shopping together.

    One of the pros of going ring shopping together is that it'll take the pressure off the groom if he doesn't have common ring knowledge, and the bride can have the dream engagement ring she has always wanted, with the size that fits to avoid resizing costs. Also, both couples can openly discuss the budget to avoid overspending or underspending, and freely explore all your ring options with a budget in mind.

  • Do you wear your engagement ring to bed?

    Wearing your engagement ring to bed a few times won't cause lots of damage to the ring; but over time, it will. Although it is made of precious metal which is non-allergenic and non-reactive, it is not recommended to wear it to bed.

    Sleeping with your engagement ring on can cause the following:

    1. It'll put unnecessary pressure on your ring, thus bending the prongs. If the prongs become loose, you are likely to lose the diamonds in your ring.

    2. The pressure can also bend the shank thus, making the ring not-so-circular. It is recommended to choose a ring with a shank smaller than 1.5mm, as rings with thin shanks are prone to bending.

    3. Your ring can get caught in your hair, damage your bedding, or scratch you or your partner, and this can make the stone become loose in the setting.

    4. It can leave red marks on your skin or cause your ring finger to swell.

    5. The ring can get cracked if it is used to hit the bed or nightstand in the process of turning/tossing; especially for wild sleepers.

    The only time you should wear your ring to bed is if you know it'll get missing if taken off, for example, if you're spending the night at a hotel. However, when you're home, it's best to create a specific spot/area like a dish on your bedside table to keep your ring whenever you take it off to avoid losing it.

  • What is a decent size engagement ring?

    A major factor people worry about when buying an engagement ring is the size, because you'd want a size that fits to avoid resizing costs. When determining the right ring size for your partner, you wouldn't want this single detail to stop you. According to research, the average size for most women is between size 5 and size 7.

    The average-sized woman in the US is about 5'4; so if she's shorter, you can go up a size or two but if she's taller, you can go a size down. Although this may not completely work in finding the right size, you can use these averages to determine your partner's ring size.

    If that doesn't work, you can:

    1. Opt for a larger size and resize it later.

    2. Use her other jewellery as a baseline or test with a costume ring to get her size while she sleeps.

    3. Ask others like her mom, her friend(s), or a jeweler for help.

    4. Playfully ask her.

    Bear in mind that everyone is different, and most women may not fit in with the average size, and while most women prefer a loose fit, others prefer tight-fitted rings. Always ensure wherever you buy your ring has an exchange policy in case it isn't the right fit. Although, size isn't everything when it comes to diamond engagement rings. Instead of focusing solely on the size of the ring, focus on other aspects of the engagement ring such as the clarity, the combination of cut, and the carat weight.


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