asscher cut diamond earrings

Earrings are the most important accessories worn by women- they play quite a major role in enhancing their beauty. Women love perfection when it comes to choosing their earrings. Abelini's Asscher diamond earrings will definitely satisfy this desire for perfection. The Asscher cut was created by Joseph Asscher who modified certain criteria to further magnify the beauty found in rough diamonds- this typical cut is named after him. The Asscher cut earrings are square in shape making it different from the rectangular emerald cut earrings. Our expert craftsmen have managed to skillfully master the art of bringing out the brightness in the Asscher cut earrings by increasing the size of the steps of the facet and giving it a higher crown. You can buy your Asscher cut earrings from our online collection; we offer free delivery to customers within the UK and a minimal charge for deliveries outside the UK.

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