marquise cut diamond bracelets

While browsing through our extensive collection of marquise bracelets, you will notice that we have a beautiful vintage collection that you will adore. Incorporating the marquise shape into our sizable collection of jewelry has enhanced our reputation of creating unique pieces. A marquise cut diamond has an elliptical shape with pointed ends that highlights 58 facets. The cut is also called boat-shaped or eye-shaped cut. In the past, courtiers wore marquise cut diamonds to show off their rank. We, at Abelini, have included the marquise bracelets into our collection of bracelets to symbolize the harmony between the past and the present. When you wear one of our marquise bracelets, you will undoubtedly look classy and highly sophisticated. In case you feel the need for assistance in choosing from our collection of elegant marquise bracelets, we request you to engage with us so that our professional staff can help you out.

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