mens plain wedding rings & bands

Unlike engagement rings, which usually have a dominant gemstone, wedding rings tend to be quite plain. For example, a metal band or, in some cases, an eternity band encrusted with diamonds. Read More Men’s wedding rings, in particular, benefit from several interesting styles, including comforter-fit, two-tone, patterned, wood inlay, and gemstone rings. Some popular choices for men’s plain wedding rings are D-profiles, court profiles, bevelled edges, and Paris grooves. However, there are some other interesting options that, while remaining simple, bring a little extra to the table. For instance, alphabet plain rings and personalised wedding bands. In fact, it’s quite common to add a personal engraving or distinctive element that holds a special meaning for the couple to your wedding ring. All in all, plain wedding rings for men are a classic and timeless choice that is also easy to clean and maintain as these bands have no delicate prongs to worry about. What’s more, a simpler design places more emphasis on the symbolic nature of the piece: A constant, unbroken circle that represents eternal love and commitment. If you’re looking for plain wedding rings for men, this section should give you quite a few ideas.

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