Jewellery Trends 2024 - Gold vs Silver Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, the question on everyone’s lips is should I choose gold or silver? With 2024 on the horizon we are all looking ahead to the newest trends to see whether we should be staying gold or modernising our looks with silver. Gold is traditionally seen as the best choice, after all, who wouldn’t rather be in first place than a runner-up?

The good news is that style rules are becoming more relaxed. While the golden rule used to be less is more, our accessories are now one of the key ways we express our individuality and sense of style.

Below we will look at the emerging jewellery trends of 2024, how to pick jewellery that suits you best and whether you can mix different colour metals in the same outfit.

2024 Spring/Summer collections

The most famous runways in the world have been flooded with Spring/Summer collections for 2024 in the last few months. From the looks that have graced the catwalks, there has been a surge in the popularity of silver jewellery.

While gold is still a strong choice, more and more models have been accessorised with silver statement pieces. Most notably, oversized hoops that were a staple of ‘80s fashion are making a comeback. Another classic from the ‘80s was also seen in most collections. Bangles and cuffs graced the arms of models in floaty floral dresses.

As always with the return of warmer weather, florals reign supreme with necklaces and chandelier earrings featuring designs inspired by nature.

Can anyone wear silver?

Even with a collection of gold jewellery in your wardrobe, you can add silver and look great doing it. That being said, there are some skin tones that naturally look better with silver jewellery.

When you are matching jewellery to your skin, you need to identify your undertone. No matter the colour of your skin, your age or whether you have a tan, your undertone will likely stay the same. Silver naturally suits people with a cool undertone.

If you burn easily in the Sun and the veins on the inside of your wrist have a blue hue, you probably have a cool undertone. People with a warm undertone tend to tan better naturally and their veins have a stronger green hue. If your undertone is neutral then you have the best luck, because both gold and silver jewellery looks great on you.

Embracing silver style

If you are looking to add silver jewellery to your collection, it is useful to know the different types of metals used. Not all silver jewellery has the same tone and variations in colour will depend on the metal used to create the piece.

For people that like a matching, coherent look, mixing metals is not the best choice. However, mixing silver and white gold is possible if your aim is to create a harmonious colour palette. While the colours won’t match they will complement each other.

Most importantly you need to know which metals are the strongest. Pure silver is a soft metal and can change shape over time as well as being more susceptible to scratching. Sterling silver uses a copper alloy to strengthen the metal.

White gold is a durable metal, making it the perfect choice for items you will wear every day. It is worth bearing in mind that white gold jewellery will fade over time as its rhodium plating wears down, so you will have to take it to a jeweller for maintenance. Platinum is the most durable option but comes with a higher price tag.

Can you mix silver and gold jewellery?

Some of us like the best of both worlds and the good news is that it is totally acceptable to wear silver and gold pieces at the same time. For those with a modern style, mixing metals is a great way to express yourself and add a bit of diversity to your outfit.

If you’re feeling a bit hesitant, here are a few tips for mixing gold and silver jewellery:

Start small

The easiest place to start wearing gold and silver is on your ears. With ear cuffs, hoops, studs and climbers to choose from, you can easily take a small step towards mixing by using gold for some piercings and silver for others.

Matching style

Instead of focusing on colour, look at matching pieces with a similar style. For example, you could have gold earrings and a silver bracelet that both feature the same colour gemstones or a floral design.

Keep it even

When you are mixing different colour metals, you want to create a balance. Try to keep an even number of pieces with half of them in gold and half in silver.


Layering is key to building colour. You can use gold rings on some fingers and silver in between, or stack rings on one finger with the same idea. It is also easy to layer colours with necklaces. If you wear chain necklaces you could opt for a shorter silver chain and a longer gold one.