Engagement rings will always hold a special spot in the world of luxury jewellery, celebrated as delightful examples of symbols of the love a couple shares and will explore through life together.

Styles and trends in engagement rings have continued to evolve throughout the years – now, in 2024, we at Abelini take great pleasure in sharing with you our favourite 2024 engagement ring trends.

We cannot wait to hear what you think of our collection of trending engagement ring styles – and wonder which will end up on the finger of you or your loved one. As always, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly experts in-store or over the phone. Nothing excites us more than helping you end your search for the perfect engagement ring!

Now, join us as we dive into the…

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Where better place to start in our exploration of 2024’s most popular engagement ring trends than with bespoke engagement rings?

Custom-designed engagement rings are more popular than ever – and it’s clear to see why. Opting for a bespoke approach enables couples with exciting ways to celebrate the unique nature of their love, empowering them to explore a wide range of personal touches that would not be achievable when selecting a pre-made engagement ring.

In bespoke engagement ring approaches in 2024, the sky's the limit – we at Abelini love to see the creativity of our customers, with engagement rings featuring halo settings, coloured gemstones, sustainable elements, vintage and modern contrasting aesthetics and much more.

Whether you seek a classic style with custom touches or a wildly unconventional design that is truly unlike anything on the market, a bespoke engagement ring is the way to get it done!

Our skilled jewellers work intimately with you and your partner to ensure that everything from metal type, gemstone and setting to sentimental touches like birthstones and engravings are incorporated to your exact liking.

If you’d like to discuss creating a bespoke engagement ring with Abelini, just give us a call and we’ll help you represent your partnership in the most poignant manner.

Coloured Stones Engagement Rings

Coloured Stone

Next up, it’s no surprise that we see coloured gemstones featuring heavily in 2024’s major diamond engagement ring trends.

The allure of adding extra colour to your diamond engagement ring is an exciting prospect – from brilliant blue sapphires and rich red rubies to gorgeous green emeralds, coloured gemstones bring fantastic extra character to your already-exquisite diamond engagement ring.

The vibrancy of each stone contributes to the personality of the wearer and essence of their partnership alike – as well as adds the symbolic meaning held by each coloured gemstone you opt to add.

Loyal sapphires, passionate rubies or fertile emeralds are only the beginning – at Abelini, we feature a wide range of coloured gemstone engagement rings, one of which is sure to match the distinct character of you and your partner’s love for one another.

Whether incorporated in classic solitaire rings or extravagant halos or prongs, coloured gemstone engagement rings are trending big in 2024 – we can’t get enough of these stunning pieces and are sure you won’t be able to, either!

From 2024 to 2024

Whilst it’s currently 2024, it would be rude of us if we didn’t take a look back at 2024’s most popular engagement ring trends and see what has changed since then. After all, engagement rings, no matter their age, carry a timeless elegance that transcends trends themselves.

In 2024, the world of fine jewellery fell in love with the solitaire, halo and trilogy engagement ring designs – which together were easily the three most popular engagement ring styles celebrated by our customers.

Solitaire rings are simple and powerful in design, emphasising the elegance of a single dazzling diamond and letting the stone itself speak for the piece. Halo rings built upon this focal design with a central stone surrounded by a sparkling halo of smaller diamonds. Lastly, trilogy rings with their three-stone design were popular for symbolising the past, present and future of a relationship. Even now, each of these would make a magnificent, timeless choice!

In 2024, the solitaire, halo and trilogy ring continue to stand as popular, trending engagement ring choices – yet we see evolutions in their design as jewellers build upon their foundations with more innovative approaches.

Paramount amongst these are nature-inspired engagement rings adorned with organic motifs and fluid, natural shapes – and vintage-inspired rings, which are recognised for showcasing intricate detailing and conveying an arresting old-world charm.

With a wide range of solitaire, halo and trilogy engagement rings ranging from classic to progressive attributes, Abelini is sure to have something you’d love in stock.

Diamond Shape popularity

Traditionally in engagement ring shapes, we have seen round-cut diamonds as the consistent customer favourite. With their timeless, brilliant appearance, this is no surprise.

However, in 2024 we also see a celebration of more characterful cuts including princess, cushion and emerald cut diamonds. Featuring remarkably intricate details that whilst tiny speak volumes, we love the uniquely personal aesthetics that these shapes bring to your engagement ring.

In addition, engagement ring shapes such as marquise, oval and pear are also rising to the fore in 2024’s contemporary engagement ring styles. However, none of these shall threaten to replace the classic round-cut diamond – merely complement it as alternative options for those seeking alternative styles.

As time goes on, we will no doubt see additional engagement ring shapes rise to trending status. What’s important to remember is that no matter what engagement ring shape you opt for, it will continue to remain relevant as a timeless piece throughout fashions that come and go.

Metal Percentage

At Abelini, we continue to be fascinated by the changing winds in the worlds of metals for engagement rings.

Back in 2024, we observed white gold and platinum rise to the helm of the engagement metal ring trends – their stunning yet sultry, cool silver tones were an ideal metal to complement the brilliance of the diamonds and coloured gemstones that served as their set piece. However, in 2024, we see new metals on the rise.

This year, trending engagement ring metals take the form of rose gold, with its warm, vintage hue and soft, romantic air and yellow gold, recognised for its eternal charm.

Both rose gold and metal gold are the perfect platform for partners to explore the representation of their partnership that they wish to convey through their engagement ring choice.

And of course, you don’t need to settle for just one metal – combining metal types is an incredibly popular choice and makes for some stunning contrasts not achievable when opting for a single engagement ring metal. So don’t hold back in exploring your creativity!

Which engagement ring metal type will you choose? At Abelini, we have a delightful range of metals for you to select from.

Lab Grown Ring

Lab-Grown Engagement Rings

As modern society continues to address the growing need for the preservation of our planet, the rise of lab-grown jewellery continues in parallel. And it is no different when it comes to 2024’s trending engagement rings.

Lab-grown engagement rings are now one of the most popular styles of ring out there – welcoming couples who care about environmentalism to express their love in the confidence that their ring has been created sustainably and humanely.

Lab-grown diamonds are every bit as brilliant as their traditionally-made counterparts, as well as cheaper. There is no downside to a lab-grown diamond engagement ring – in fact, in 2024 they are the first choice of budget-conscious and affluent couples alike.

At Abelini, we take great pride in contributing to global sustainability efforts – and that includes stocking a beautiful selection of ethical lab-grown engagement rings just waiting to be placed on the finger of you or your partner.


Unique Engagement Rings

A continuation of the bespoke approach we discussed earlier, 2024’s engagement ring trends also reveals a growing popularity in unique engagement rings – those that go even further in their uniqueness.

From truly unconventional gemstones to extremely intricate designs and eclectic vintage sensibilities, unique engagement rings go beyond bespoke designs in breaking traditional form and process to achieve something undeniably one of a kind.

As celebrity couples continue to represent their engagements with unique rings, we see this trend filtering down to everyday couples who wish to stand out – and ensure their love stands out similarly.

Do you have a vision for a unique engagement ring that you want done right? Our team of custom ring experts are waiting to bring your vision to life…

Vintage-Style Engagement Rings


We love to celebrate the past – and nowhere is that more relevant than in the world of vintage jewellery.

In 2024, vintage-style engagement rings are proving to be incredibly popular – so why not embrace the past with your modern engagement ring choice?

Drawing inspiration from the innovative styles, cuts and auras of times past, vintage engagement rings are one of our favourite ways to incorporate history, prestige and class into your jewellery choices.

Consider vintage settings such as filigree, milgrain and engraving, and gemstones such as emerald and ruby in your engagement ring search. The result is a piece that rings with culture, elegance and sophistication.

We love to think of the past with a romanticised mind, so why not bring that same romantic essence to your representation of yours and your partner’s love?

We’re proud to hold a remarkable catalogue of vintage-inspired engagement rings so, if you and your loved one enjoy the sensibilities of times past, why not apply it in demonstrating your partnership to the world?

Engagement Ring Trends According to Social Media

Social Media Trend

In our digital age, it’s easy to find inspiration for trending engagement rings on social media, with visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest being a wonderful place to discover your ideal engagement ring – or uncover the ideas that will lead you right to it.

But what engagement ring trends do we see when looking online?

On Pinterest, we see emerald engagement rings standing as the most popular style – representing fertility and rebirth, life and abundance, emeralds are a great choice for those seeking a classy and compassionate coloured gemstone to stand as the centrepiece of their engagement ring.

And if we look to Instagram, we see radiant-cut lab-grown engagement rings as the most prominent trend right now – which is entirely on trend with our care for Planet Earth and appreciation for declarative diamonds that speak volumes.

Wherever you look, a wealth of inspiration will be discovered. Due to their timeless relevance and photogenic qualities, we see solitaire and halo engagement rings of various styles continue to exist at the top of trending images on social channels.

What social accounts do you believe has the most amazing inspiration when it comes to trending engagement rings? Let us know in the comments below!

Your Dream Engagement Ring Awaits…

Your Dream Ring

From coloured gemstones to a vintage revival, sustainably-grown lab diamonds to trilogy trifectas, the engagement ring scene in 2024 is more vibrant and evocative than ever.

Whether you opt for a classic bespoke design, outlandish unique creation or something entirely in-between, we’re confident that it will be cherished by you and your partner for the rest of time.

Each engagement ring tells a special love story – so ensure you tell yours just the way you want.

Thanks for stopping by – for any enquiries about stock or embarking on a bespoke design adventure with Abelini, reach out to our team today!