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Posted by |26 March 2020
As the world's hardest natural material, and the world's most popular gemstone, diamond is valuable in more ways than one. It's impossible to ignore the beauty of a sparkling cut diamond, potentially formed over billions of years on this planet.
Posted by Abelini Team |01 November 2018
Graduation Day is one of the most important days in the life of a person. A graduate is on the threshold of new beginnings. It is a day to be remembered and it is a day when you can show them how proud you are of them. Gifting jewellery to young women on their graduation day is no longer unreasonable. Here are a few reasons why:
Posted by Abelini Team |03 October 2018
She had never been to an opera before… He loved operas so much so that operas had probably become ‘part of his soul’. Vivian, played by Julia Roberts, is quickly taken up by the opera as can be seen by the tears in her eyes. In fact, she seems quite shaken. Well, it was the opera La Traviata, which is about a prostitute who falls in love with a wealthy man. It is no wonder then that it affected Vivian so much. She was falling in love with Edward, played by Richard Gere.
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There’s no better feeling than giving the one you love something amazing on Christmas Day is there? To give you plenty of food for thought we’re going to take a look at the must-have and must-give gift this year: Stud Earrings, and see what makes them so special.
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When you want to turn on the style in any setting and look your best it’s a case of getting the balance right between style and functionality. You want shoes that showcase your figure but that you can wear all day long. You want an outfit that let’s you standout for all the right reasons no matter what you’re doing. And you want your jewellery to add that final flourish and finishing touch you can wear with pride no matter where life takes you.
Posted by Abelini Team |02 November 2018
Luxury means different things to different people. To some, it means a show of extravagance that dazzles everyone from afar. To others, it is a gentle and subtle manifestation of something intricate and understated that sits in the background for the most discerning of eyes to locate it. No matter how you view luxury, Diamond Solitaire Pendants have unquestionably carved out their own unique part in our culture. They’re elegant, striking, and the perfect blend of taste and style.
Posted by ABELINI TEAM |02 November 2018
As the old saying goes: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” A beautifully crafted pair of diamond stud earrings are the perfect way to finish any outfit and give you the confidence and touch of luxury style that you have always dreamed of. When it comes to an item that has endured for centuries the diamond stud is set apart from the rest, so what makes them so special in the eye of the beholder?