tanzanite engagement rings

Tanzanite is a beautiful stone, comprising indigo, violet and blue shades that highlight its exotic origins. This unique stone can only be found near the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro and is supposed to bring wisdom, truth and spiritual realisation. Tanzanite makes a beautiful and affordable choice for anyone who wants to treat their future spouse to a beautifully coloured stone that will illuminate in every light. If you’re looking to truly spoil your spouse, look no further than to our Gemstone Ring with oval-shaped tanzanite and diamonds. With three beautiful tanzanite stones set within small and delicate diamonds, this tanzanite engagement ring is a show-stopper and is sure to wow your future spouse. If your partner prefers an understated ring, consider a pear-shaped tanzanite ring which is set in diamonds. All of our tanzanite engagement rings at Abelini can be completely customised and you can choose from silver, gold rose gold and platinum. Read More >>


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