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Diamond rings are a timeless symbol of love and commitment. They are the most treasured gemstones on earth and have been for centuries. With so much meaning behind them, it's no wonder that diamond has become so popular in jewellery making. Each of our rings is made from the highest quality diamond, perfect for both women and men at affordable prices. A diamond eternity ring is a popular choice for women who want to show their love for their partner.... Read more

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Diamond Ring FAQ's

  • Which Diamond is best for ring

    There’s no exact rule that states the best diamond for a ring. Choosing the best diamond actually involves the 4Cs, your fiancés preference, and your budget, while comparing each individual diamond to see which one offers the most brilliance and fire.

    However, in selecting a diamond, your main focus should be on the shape. The shape of your diamond is the starting point of your ring’s design, and no shape is better than the other. However, the most popular shape due to its fire, brilliance, and light performance are round diamonds, and they make up about three-quarters of all diamonds purchased; with over 75% of diamonds sold being round cut. They are available in different sizes and suit all hand sizes and shapes without overpowering the finger.

    Then, focus on the carat weight, keeping in mind your fiancés preference. If she has her heart set on a 1-carat diamond, even the most beautiful diamond with half a carat can seem like a disappointment. Opt for the highest quality diamond with the exact carat size of your choice and budget.

    Ultimately, the final decision is down to personal preference and budget. The most important factor to note is that the diamond ring suits your fiancés taste and style, as well as your budget. In order to get the best diamond for your ring at the best price, shop from our website where we offer outstanding value for your money, quality, and customer service.

  • How much is a 1 carat diamond ring?

    Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. 1 carat equals 200mg or 0.2g and is approximately 6.5mm in diameter. Basically, a 1-carat diamond weighs the same as a quarter of a raisin.

    The price of diamonds varies depending on the shape, clarity, cut quality, and color. Generally, 1-carat diamond costs between £1,800 and £12,000. However, cut quality is the most important aspect that impacts a diamond’s price irrespective of its carat. As such, you should focus on choosing a well-cut 1-carat diamond ring.

    However, the price solely depends on your budget, and the price isn’t all that matters when choosing a 1-carat diamond ring. When deciding on the price or carat weight, you’d want to ensure you’re getting what you‘re paying for without being scammed; as such, you’d need a certificate. A certificate (or certification) is the most important step when purchasing a ring that’s more than £1,000 on a diamond to ensure you have peace of mind that you’re getting what they claim. The GIA and AGS laboratories are the ones that provide the certificates.

  • How can you tell that a diamond ring is real?

    When determining if a diamond is real or fake, there are two ways to go about it. First, you can get an expert to perform a diamond test using professional equipment. Or, you can do a test at home. Although at-home methods aren’t always reliable, they’re surprisingly accurate.

    1. The Scratch Test: All you need is a plate glass and a loose diamond. Place the glass on a table and use your diamond to scratch the surface of the glass. If the diamond scratches the glass, the diamond is real. Please note that the scratch test could damage your diamond, so do this at your own risk.

    2. The Transparency Test: All you need is a newspaper and a clean, loose diamond. Spread your newspaper and, on a section of the text, place your diamond face down with the pavilion facing up. If the letters are blurry and you can’t read the text, it means your diamond is real but, if you can read the letters through the diamond, your diamond is fake.

    3. The Fire Test: Using a lighter, light the stone for approximately 30 seconds and then drop it in cold water. A real diamond will remain unharmed by the fire, while a fake diamond would shatter to pieces. This is because real diamonds were formed under intense heat and pressure making them able to withstand heat, while fake diamonds made of weaker materials are unable to withstand heat, which makes them expand and then contract.

    4. Use a Diamond Scale: If you don’t have a diamond scale at home, take your diamond to your local jeweller so they can weigh the diamond for you. A fake diamond would weigh more than a real diamond of the same size and shape. Why? Cubic zirconia, which is a synthesized material that weighs 55% more than an actual diamond. As such, if your diamond has a grading report or it is certified, you can match it to the weight of the diamond recorded. Please ensure the one you’re using to match the fake diamond is real and has the same shape and size.

  • What to know before buying a diamond ring?

    A lot goes into buying a diamond ring, whether it’s an engagement ring or just a gift. Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying a diamond ring.

    1. There’s No Right or Exact Amount to Spend: It's no secret that diamonds are more expensive than you’d expect. You might’ve heard the rule that states that there’s a certain amount to spend on a diamond ring; especially the 3-month salary range. The truth is, there’s no right or the exact amount you need to spend on a diamond ring. You should only spend what you’re comfortable with, whether it’s an engagement ring or not. Ignore the rules and think about your financial circumstances; spend within your budget: as little or as much as you want.

    2. Cut Quality: The most important of the Four Cs in a diamond is the cut quality, as it is the main factor that determines a diamond’s beauty. A well-cut diamond will make clarity and color imperfections look perfect and brighter, and it’ll make the ring appear larger than its carat size. Opt for an excellent cut diamond to ensure your stone offers more fire and brilliance. You can compromise a bit on stone size, but not on the cut quality.

    3. Always See What You’re Buying: When biting a diamond for the first time, the key is to be happy with your purchase when you receive it. Where you buy your diamond is important, because if you don’t see your diamond before buying, you won’t know if it’s a keeper or not. If you’re shopping in a physical store, you’ll have the chance to examine your diamond and see it closely under magnification in its setting, and from different angles. And if you’re buying online, you may be able to see it before you buy as most online stores offer videos of their diamonds and online magnification tools. You can shop from our website or visit our London showroom where we have a great selection of diamond rings and prices to fit your budget.

  • Does a real diamond sparkle rainbow?

    People have a common misconception that diamonds sparkle like a rainbow, but in reality, they don’t.

    All diamonds, however, reflect rainbows, this is known as fire and a sign of a well-cut stone. They reflect rainbow on surfaces if the lighting in the environment is right; which basically, anything that reflects light does. This means that diamonds reflect rainbows onto surfaces or objects. They do not sparkle rainbow in the stone itself. If your diamond sparkles a rainbow inside the stone, then it’s a fake diamond.

    Diamonds sparkle, but it’s a gray color, not rainbow. They also come in different shades, with the rarest ones being colorless. The color of a diamond is ranked on a scale of D, which is colorless and the most expensive, to Z, which a yellowish in color.

    Although recently, fancy colors are becoming more popular. Colors like yellow, chocolate, and pink, with the most saturated color being the most valuable. Nonetheless, despite colors being hard to detect once diamonds are set in a ring and placed in an environment that contains color, they do not sparkle rainbow in the stone.

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