Diamond necklaces and pendants continue to stand as an essential feature in the collection of any jewellery enthusiast. Their timeless allure, luxury and beauty are undeniable, possessing the power to complement any outfit and occasion with sophistication, charm and character.

Though whilst diamond necklaces and pendants are traditional must-haves, they continue to evolve each year as innovative new designs and creative approaches arise.

2024’s trending diamond necklace and pendants are an excellent example of this, displaying how these iconic pieces continue to shift with the tastes of modern society. The re-emergence of classic styles and rising popularity of more contemporary necklace and pendant approaches blend pop culture and artisan craftsmanship with exciting results.

Join Abelini today as we dive into the most exciting diamond necklace and pendant trends in 2024, and marvel at the ever-changing presence of these classic pieces of jewellery.

Collars and Chokers

Classic Tennis Bracelet: A Timeless Investment

In 2024, we see diamond collars and chokers becoming one of the most popular choices for those seeking a new diamond necklace to grace their neckline.

Collars and chokers are trending in 2024 due to the incredible breadth of styles they encompass and complement. Dainty collars featuring a single, delicate sequence of brilliant diamonds are a brilliant choice for those seeking a minimalist design that brings a refined allure to casual and formal occasion alike – hugging the neck and adding a subtle shimmer that grows in brilliance the more it is observed.

On the other hand, bold statements can be made with far thicker diamond chokers, which hug the neck similarly yet take up more real estate. Striking designs featuring diamonds only, as well as blends with other gemstones and precious metals provide a host of looks for those seeking to be noticed in their diamond necklace choices. An ideal focal point for special events, diamond chokers provide a vast canvas for designers to explore their creativity – and as you can imagine, the results are simply stunning.

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Tennis Necklace

Diamond Tennis Necklace: 2024's Top Jewellery Trend

If one diamond necklace or pendant has stolen the spotlight as 2024’s most exciting trend, it may well be the iconic diamond tennis necklace. Much like the bracelet that shares its name, the tennis necklace features a continuous line of individually set diamonds – resulting in mesmerising, confidently sparkling presentations.

Revered for their classic elegance, tennis necklaces elevate any outfit with ease, and their versatility means they’re just at home on the neckline whether at a formal gala or brunch with friends.

For those considering which style of diamond necklace to invest in, the tennis necklace remains a clear favourite – no matter how trends develop each year, the tennis necklace is never far from the front of our minds.

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Chain Link Necklace

Chain Link Necklaces: The Resurgent Darling

Chain link necklaces are also displaying a b resurgence in 2024, capturing the hearts of many with their stylishly bold yet intricate designs. Diamond chain link necklaces are named due to the interlocking chains of which they consist, with stunning interplays of diamond, other gemstones and precious metal allowing for extravagant styles.

In 2024, we see the arrival of more modern, edgy looks as jewellers craft chain link necklaces with chunkier, more striking links and splashes of colour by other gemstones such as emerald, sapphire and ruby.

Incredibly versatile, diamond chain link necklaces can be worn individually for those seeking minimalist aesthetics, or layered to produce the boldest looks for which you could hope. We’re extremely excited by the way that jewellers are bringing contemporary flair to this classic style – and bet you will be, too.

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Memorable Lockets

Memorable Lockets: Picture Perfect

Diamond lockets have always been a popular pendant for those seeking a way to carry with them a memento of whatever they hold dearest to their heart.

Characterised by their hinged compartment within which photographs or mementos can be placed, diamond lockets offer an incredible opportunity for designers to create intricate, complex diamond-encrusted designs – as well as let individual diamonds sing upon a backdrop of the locket’s precious metal body, which may feature a delightful filigree or delicate engraving.

Endlessly personal pieces explored in classic and contemporary form alike, diamond lockets are making a huge comeback as a trending diamond pendant in 2024 – though we bet they will never remain far from the eye (and neckline) of the discerning jewellery aficionado. After all, those we love are the most precious pieces of all.

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Celestial Statements: Interstellar Charm

Celestial statement necklaces are inspired by the stunning wonders of the night sky, and have risen to incredible popularity as one of 2024’s top trending diamond necklaces.

Necklaces of this kind can be recognised by their motifs of stars, moons, constellations and more, representing the wonders of the sky above through remarkable settings of shimmering diamonds. Mankind has always gazed to the sky at night, marvelling at its mystery and beauty – so it’s no surprise that in 2024 we are gazing at celestial statement necklaces with equal wonder.

And just as the night sky stretches endlessly, so do the potential designs of this diamond necklace type. From subtle pieces featuring a few sparkling stars to grand pieces that evoke the majesty of entire galaxies, celestial statements are one of our favourite rising styles of diamond necklace.

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Charming Accents

Charming Accents: Eclectic Elegance

Another trending diamond pendant in 2024 are charming accent necklaces, which take their name for the characterful charms that hang from their necklace chain.

From hearts, flowers and animals to symbols as vast as your imagination can stretch, charming accents provide wearers with the desirable chance to represent their unique character in the form of unique diamond pendants.

Worn individually for discreet, understated looks or layered with multiple charms and chains for more evocative appearances, charming accent pendants continue to be one of 2024’s most popular diamond necklace trends.

Quaint, cute and extremely personal, charming accents welcome wearers to adorn their necklines with emblems of their character – what could be more charming than that? View our collection of charming accents.


Personalised Initial Necklaces: Notable Nameplates

Continuing from lockets and charms, personalisation continues to be a theme in 2024’s trending diamond pendants with personalised initial necklaces.

Whether your own initials, those of your partner or children, or any other meaningful term, personalised initial necklaces have become rather sought after in 2024’s diamond neckwear world.

The letters themselves provide a great canvas for designers to play with the brilliance that only diamonds can deliver, while their relative conservativeness make them a perfect choice for those seeking diamond pendants that can be worn for absolutely any event.

The perfect gift for any special person, personalised initial necklaces are here to stay – and the Abelini team could not be more delighted by that. View our collection.

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant Necklaces: Elegance Suspended

In 2024, pendant necklaces continue to trend as one of the most popular choices in diamond neckwear. Versatile and elegant, classic yet contemporary – pendant necklaces remain one of the most adaptable choices for enthusiasts of diamond jewellery.

Some trending diamond pendants feature a single diamond hanging from a precious metal chain, whereas others make stunning showpieces with incredible clusters of diamonds and other gemstones suspended against the wearer’s chest. From classic solitaire diamonds to elaborate, modern arrangements, diamond pendant necklaces are a firm favourite with designers for the freedom they offer.

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And there we have it – eight of the most thrilling diamond necklace and pendant trends in 2024. But we’re not done…

Gemstone Necklaces

Pops of Colour: Diamond & Gemstone Necklaces

Another of 2024’s exciting trends in diamond neckwear is the combining of diamonds and colourful gemstones, which contrast the brilliance and clarity of the classic diamond with vivid, colourful gemstones that open the doors to new creativity and celebrations of personality.

From single, eye-catching gemstones framed by diamonds to clusters of diamonds that highlight stunning gemstone examples, the potential for captivating contrasts is simply remarkable.

Birthstone necklaces are one fantastic example of the emergence of this new trend – whereas in years past necklaces would have featured only the relevant birthstone, they now are accompanied by diamonds that frame and draw extra attention to the birthstone whilst shining brilliantly in their own right.

Another approach is the blending of complementary colours, such as diamonds paired with blue-shaded sapphires or deep red rubies to create vivid designs with depth and character. The potential is endless, with citrine yellows, amethyst purples and emerald greens incorporated into diamond necklace designs to create truly stunning pops of colour.

Energetic and playful, colourful diamond necklaces trending in 2024 confirms our new desires for self-expression. Popular with jewellery wearers of all ages and backgrounds, diamond and gemstone necklaces offer a new playground in personalised style – and we cannot get enough of it.

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Layering Necklaces

Layering Necklaces: Bigger is Better

In 2024, we also see layering necklaces becoming a significant trend in diamond necklaces and pendants.

The layering trend invites individuals to embrace creativity and showcase their style through the artful arrangement of necklaces in addition to the design of the necklaces themselves.

Wearers have endless freedom to mix delicate pieces, blend delicate with bold to accentuate the appearance of each piece, or go wild with layers of bold diamond necklaces. The potential interplay is remarkable, with each necklace featuring contrasting precious metals, additional gemstones, charms and more.

There is no better way to add depth to your look than filling your neckline with blends of the diamond necklaces you possess. Some may choose to layer necklaces that complement each other in their appearance, while bolder individuals will choose intentionally contrasting pieces so that they play off and single out one another.

Layered necklaces make it easier and more evocative than ever to to tell your story through a sequence of necklaces – brilliance has never been so brilliant!

Selecting Metals for Diamond Neckwear in 2024

While gold remains a firm favourite as the precious metal for diamond necklaces, we are seeing a rise in alternatives as 2024 unfolds.

Silver is coming to the fore as the second most popular precious metal for diamond neckwear – its chromatic brightness is the perfect accompaniment for the diamonds themselves, continuing the brilliance of the necklace’s focal point throughout the chain itself. You can never have too much sparkle!

Metal Mixes are also growing in prominence, with combinations of gold, silver, and rose gold allowing for endless possibilities. This trend is most seen in necklace designs featuring a lot of precious metal, such as chain link necklaces and lockets. Here, the contrast between the various precious metals can play just as captivating a part in the overall piece as the gemstones themselves.

Necklace Lenght

Moving on from necklace designs themselves, 2024 also heralds new focus on the length and shape of necklaces themselves, with trending designs inspiring new waves of style across the world.

Choker Length diamond necklaces are making a b comeback, accentuating necklines with trending, tight designs that sit snug around the base of the neck, and leave a fantastic space for longer necklaces to be worn in tandem.

Princess Length diamond necklaces typically measure 17-19 inches in length, and are revered for how they flatter the collarbones. From that resting point, they frame the face wonderfully and bring real grace to any ensemble. Princess length diamond necklaces range from delicate pendants to intricate clusters, making them a versatile choice whether you seek minimal or bold brilliance.

Matinee Length diamond necklaces range from 20-24 inches, a longer length that permits a more dramatic look. Falling just above the bust, matinee length diamond necklaces are ideal for adding glamour to evening gowns as well as completing classy daytime outfits.

Opera Length diamond necklaces are gaining real popularity this year – and at 28-36 inches in length, they are incredibly long. Opera length necklaces make for striking looks that hang down below the bust, playing into the trend for layered necklaces with their inviting space for shorter length necklaces to hang above.

Lariat and Y-Shape diamond necklaces have become truly trendy necklace shape choices for those seeking contemporary, fashion-forward looks in 2024. Featuring a long chain with a pendant or drop that creates a V or Y shape, Lariat and Y-shaped diamond necklaces instil elegance and dynamism in the neckline while standing as real statement pieces.


Geometric Shape diamond necklaces are another highly popular design choice for diamond necklaces for 2024. From clean lines and angular forms to intricate patterns, these necklaces bring modern, artistic touches to your outfit. From triangles and squares to hexagons, geometric diamond necklaces add a pleasing, provocative modern flair to classic diamond jewellery.

Influencer and Celebrity Trends in Diamond Necklace Styles for 2024

We all love to stay updated on what celebrities and influencers are wearing – and that is just as true when it comes to their diamond necklace and pendant choices.

In 2024, we have seen known and loved figures embrace each of the eight trending necklace and pendant designs we just covered. Now, let’s take a closer look at how they did it, and draw a little inspiration from them along the way.

Diamond Collars and Chokers: Emma Watson

Renowned actress and activist Emma Watson has been embracing the diamond collars and chokers trend in 2024. Known for her elegance and conservative style, Watson selects dainty diamond collars that show off her neck and bring sophistication to her outfits. Whether on the red carpet or around town, she is often wearing these minimalistic, trending pieces.

Diamond Tennis Necklace: Chiara Ferragni

One of the world’s most influential fashion bloggers and entrepreneurs, Chiara Ferragni has been seen sporting the trending diamond tennis necklace this year – and who can blame her? Known for her bold style, Ferragni seems to choose exquisite diamond tennis necklaces that contrast and draw attention to her remarkable wardrobe.

Chain Link Necklaces: Rihanna

When you think edgy and fashion-forward, singer and entrepreneur Rihanna is somewhat of a notable figure. In 2024, she has been seen rocking a range of chain link necklaces that push the boundaries of conventional diamond neckwear. The pieces she wears often step forward as the focal point of her outfit, managing to add even more attitude to her already striking looks.

Memorable Lockets: Leandra Medine

Known for her uniquely eclectic style, fashion influencer Leandra Medine has been seen incorporating memorable lockets into her jewellery collection in 2024. And with her flair for vintage, this is no surprise! Medine embraces diamond lockets personalised with intricate engravings or containing cherished mementos, demonstrating how this sentimental neckwear style can channel storytelling through one’s jewellery choices.

Celestial Statements: Zendaya

One of the world’s most famous figures right now, the talented actress and fashion icon, Zendaya has been photographed wearing celestial statement necklaces throughout this year. Known for her bold fashion choices, Zendaya chooses these ethereal and whimsical pieces to add a hypnotic air of enchantment and intrigue to her outfits – and we can’t get enough of it!

Charming Accents: Blair Eadie

Blair Eadie, the popular fashion influencer and creator, has been embracing the charming accent trend in 2024. They are the perfect pairing for her feminine, playful style, adding whimsy and personality to her iconic looks. Edie exemplifies how charming accents create delightfully eye-catching statements!

Notable Nameplates: Meghan Markle

Iconic figure and member of the British royal family, Meghan Markle has influenced many fashion trends with her elegant and refined style. In 2024, she has been wearing notable nameplate necklaces, particularly personalised initial necklaces. Markle showcases how these necklaces can be a beautiful and meaningful way to showcase one's identity whilst adding a personalised touch to any ensemble.

Pendant Necklaces: Camila Coelho

Renowned fashion influencer and all-around beauty, Camila Coelho has become synonymous with pendant necklaces in 2024. With her effortlessly chic style, Coelho showcases delicate diamond pendant necklaces and the elegant sophistication that they bring to her looks. Nobody is better at demonstrating how these timeless, versatile pieces elevate any outfit and suit any occasion.

2024: A Wonderful Year for Diamond Neckwear Trends

This year, the world of diamond necklaces and pendants has witnessed a wonderful array of new and resurgent styles to suit all styles.

From the revival of diamond collars and chokers to the rise of contemporary favourites like chain link necklaces and celestial statements, we at Abelini have been consistently impressed by the creativity of diamond necklace and pendant designers worldwide.

Personalisation continues to be a key trend – and who could forget the trend of incorporating colourful gemstones alongside diamonds? And judging by the prominence of these trending diamond necklaces and pendants around the necks of our favourite celebrities and influencers, it isn’t just us who’s been taking notice!

There have never been more exciting opportunities for those seeking to add a new diamond necklace or pendant to their jewellery collection. The selection of classic and contemporary styles is greater than ever – and we at Abelini are delighted to stock many of the most stunning examples of each kind.

We hope you have enjoyed this exploration into 2024’s trending diamond necklaces and pendants – all that’s left is to browse Abelini’s [vast online store] and see what speaks to you!