asscher cut diamond necklace & pendants

Our stunning Asscher diamond pendants are intricately designed to exude good taste and luxury. This cut gets its name from the Asscher brothers who were the first to create this unique cut in diamonds. An Asscher pendant looks splendid because the proportions and angles create a beautiful portrayal of glitter and glamour. You can get your very own Asscher pendant in the different colours of gold or even in platinum Asscher pendants- choose the colour that compliments your skin colour the best. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a birthday, engagement, anniversary or just about any occasion in the life of your loved ones, Asscher diamond pendants necklaces will take their breath away. We have budget-friendly prices and great discounts so that genuine diamonds are not beyond your reach. If you feel you need guidance, do not worry- we have helpful professional staff to help you along the way. Read More >>

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