citrine diamond rings

Citrine is a variety of quartz with a stunning golden colour. Its name, in fact, comes from the old French word meaning “lemon”. Since ancient times, citrine has remained a popular and beloved gemstone that also happens to resemble yellow topaz both citrine and topaz are also the birthstones of those born in November. Some of the most beautiful ones include citrine and diamond rings and citrine engagement rings. In terms of symbolism and associations, citrine is considered by many a healing stone - both comforting and soothing for example, the ancient Egyptians carried the gemstone as a talisman to protect against venom. It’s also said to attract prosperity and spark new beginnings and imagination. The stone is also believed to be closely linked to the pancreas, the spleen, and the eyes, helping digestion, circulation, and vision. Citrine is quite rare typically found in areas of Madagascar, Bolivia, Spain, Mexico, and Uruguay, so the gemstone is sometimes created by treating other quartz varieties with heat. This results in a smoky and pale stone that is usually pricier than its natural counterpart. Because citrine can come in large sizes, it’s commonly used for more statement jewellery pieces, including large pendants. If you’re looking for the perfect citrine ring (UK), here is our selection. Read More >>


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