When you are finally ready to get settled in life with someone, the only thing that’s left to do is to ask. But a proposal is neither simple nor easy. Getting to the point where you enounce those few words is a long way, and the moments dwindling. So, you have to pick an Abelini engagement ring and a time, and both have to be perfect for it's your only shot. The pumping heart, the flutters in the stomach, the rising anticipation, everything only makes it harder.But if you have a gem of an idea to work with, the way gets clearer, and the journey easier. So, let’s look at 10 most unique ways in which you can propose to the woman of your dreams.

1.Holiday Fervor:

Holiday Fervor

The holiday season is upon us. Here is your chance to make the proposal a perfect surprise. Hang your ring box on the Christmas tree with other ornaments and wait for it to be found.

2.Inside a Nestling Doll:

If you are unsure what to pick for a Christmas gift this time for the damsel in your life, pick a Matryoshka doll. Put the ring inside the last box and get the cameras ready for a breathless yelp of joy.

3.A Treasure Hunt:

if she is a fan of scavenger’s hunt, gamify your proposal by putting together treasure hunt pro difficulty level. just before finds the ring, pop out, go down on one knee complete proposal.

4.A Surprise Message:

Put together you're the proposal in a message using refrigerator magnets, puzzle pieces or anything of your choice that does not involve texting.

5.At the End of a Flower Trail:

Holiday Fervor

Create a flower path in your garden on a sunny day or indoor on a romantic evening that ends with the message written in petals with a ring at its center.

6.A Proposal Puzzle:

HProposal Puzzle

If your girl is a puzzle person, make her a proposal puzzle that she will remember.

7.Heart Omelets:

Make her a hearty breakfast on a Sunday morning, with her choice of muffins, pancakes, and a pair of heart-shaped omelets with a sparkling ring on the side.

8.Write a Song for Her:

Song For Her

Let your creative genius take over as you write her a song asking her to marry you. Play it on your instrument before presenting the ring after the last line.

9.Scribbled in Snow:

Write out your proposal message in the snow using colored water and let it freeze overnight. Take her out in the morning and get down on one knee to make the proposal before the message.

10.Written in Sand:

Write in Sand

For this, you need to take a quick vacation to a beach. In a secluded side of the beach, scribble your proposal in the sand, away from the water. When you take her on a walk, let her find your proposal on the sand. Keep the ring handy to complete the act.