The Abelini Guide to Necklaces – How To Choose The Right Necklace for You?

Posted by Abelini Team | 03 June 2019

The necklace has a long historical lineage. It has been the central part of jewellery design and a sign of cultural and social importance for eons, which can be seen in the way the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Romans all placed an emphasis on the necklace. With a rich heritage, spanning nearly 40,000 years, the necklace, therefore, is a central part of human jewellery experiences.

Choosing the right necklace, therefore, is an incredibly difficult responsibility. The conditionalities that make certain necklaces more suitable for different styles – based on face shape, body shape, necklace length and design style – all impact on the decision-making process that surrounds picking the right necklace for your own unique needs.

Choosing The Right Necklace for You

The necklace offers everyday utility whilst making a strong statement. The necklace provides a visual space for your neckline to make a statement about who you are and what you are about. Therefore, it is crucial that your necklace goes beyond matching your attire and instead focuses on how it ‘completes’ you as a person.

You, therefore, need to understand how the neckline of the necklace will impact on the neckline of your chosen attire and how it will help complete your overarching ‘look’. The harsh reality is that not all necklace lengths and styles will fit well with some types of necklines and attires. So, you really need some basic hints and tips on getting the right combination.

The Basics – Neckline Styles



          2.Boat Neck

          3.Scoop Neck

These are the main trio that makes up the entirety of necklace design – there are variations therein, but this trio is the core approach. So, what should you do?

Well, at Abelini we think that if your about to wear something that reveals your neck, then you should wear a neckline design that flatters it – i.e. a choker or collar-length style necklace. This will help your neck (and therein face) stand out. However, you need to take into account your ‘shape’ (i.e. hourglass figure, etc.) and how this could impact the overall aesthete of the necklace.

However, if showcasing your décolletage isn’t on the books, then something more conservative – like a polo neck jumper – requires something a little different. In this example, you would need a longer necklace (18 inches plus) to help elongate your neckline and your upper body. This helps to provide a shimmering frame for your silhouette.

Once you understand the basics of neckline shapes and understand how your body and attire interact with the necklace, you’ll be able to better understand what style you may want? Whether it is a round shape solitaire flower style diamond necklace or a popular princess shape diamond solitaire necklace, Abelini’s online the necklace web store has the right necklace to match your own unique style needs.

Abelini takes great pride in its necklace collection – our ensemble collection has a range of different styles, colors, metals and gemstones that can suit your own unique necklace desires. Why not call us today on 0203 805 1270 to book your no-pressure necklace viewing at our Hatton Garden jewellery store today?

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