Loved for their simplicity and elegance, solitaire pendants are a classic jewellery staple. Glowing by day and shining by night, the solitaire diamond is an enduring symbol of love. Offering you understated luxury and a minimalist but mesmerising aesthetic, when it comes to solitaire diamond pendants, light will always sparkle across the facets of the stone. Wondering exactly what a solitaire pendant is? Dive into our solitaire pendant buying guide and discover why this striking design transcends trends to give you a subtle dose of eternal style. For day and night style that’s plush and polished, make one of our diamond solitaire pendants the centrepiece of your jewellery collection.

What Is A Solitaire Pendant?

Solitaire pendants are defined by their single gemstone. The word solitaire derives from the Latin word ‘solitarius’ which means ‘isolated.’ It also has roots in the French word ‘solitaire’, which means ‘alone’ or ‘lonely.’ So what does solitaire mean in jewellery? As the name implies, it refers to a piece of jewellery that features a single gemstone. The solitaire pendant showcases a single gem suspended from a chain, emphasising the quality, cut and clarity of the diamond.

What Is Solitaire Jewellery?

Now that you know what a solitaire is, you may be wondering what does solitaire mean in jewellery? The first thing to know is that the solitaire is not limited to the pendant. The term ‘solitaire jewellery’ describes necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings that feature a stunning single stone. You may also be curious to know what shape the solitaire is. Again, the solitaire is not restricted to one cut. At Abelini, you’ll find a magnificent selection of diamond solitaire pendants in shapes including the round diamond, the heart shape, the princess cut and the teardrop shape. Your solitaire pendant can be in a crown-style setting, a bezel setting or a channel setting and even feature a solo dancing diamond that appears to float in the air. The key characteristic of solitaire pendants is that they are always distinguished by the sparkling diamond or gemstone set in the centre of the prong.

What Is The Significance Of Solitaire?

Worn close to the heart, the solitaire pendant is a symbol of enduring love. Between friends, a diamond solitaire necklace represents everlasting solidarity, whilst between lovers it signifies eternal intimacy. The versatility of a diamond solitaire is what gives it its significance. Solitaire diamond pendants are a popular choice for sweet sixteens, 21st birthdays and graduation days, and they work just as beautifully for Mother’s Day gifts and wedding day presents.

What Is The Difference Between Solitaire And Diamond?

Are you inspired by the solitaire but confused as to whether it is a diamond or not? As we now know, the word solitaire simply refers to any piece of jewellery set with a single gemstone. So, is a solitaire a diamond? Yes, it certainly can be! But it can also be a sapphire, peridot or emerald. Many customers ask, is a solitaire a real diamond? Again, it absolutely can be. But its iterations are plentiful. A solitaire can also be a lab-grown diamond or cubic zirconia. The takeaway is that the word solitaire simply means a single gemstone suspended from a chain, set into a ring, dropping from the ear or encased in a bracelet.

Which Is More Expensive Diamond Or Solitaire?

Because of its greater weight and rarity, a solitaire diamond pendant will be more expensive than a pendant featuring a cluster of smaller diamonds. A solitaire's cut, clarity and colour will have higher values due to its size and the singular nature of its design. At Abelini, we want everyone to enjoy the timeless beauty of solitaire pendants. That's why we offer a customised experience where you can choose the cut, clarity, colour, and carat of your diamond pendant. We feature a dazzling array of both purse-friendly diamond pendants and extravagant diamond solitaires.

Is A Solitaire Better Than A Diamond?

We hear from many customers that ask, is a solitaire better than a diamond necklace set with a cluster of smaller gems? And the answer is really down to preference. It may be that you prefer a diamond solitaire to act as a show-stopping centrepiece that highlights your décolletage. Or perhaps you’re drawn to the thoroughly modern pear shape solitaire pendant or the classic luxury of a round diamond pendant. Alternatively, you may like the look of our scene-stealing trilogy diamond necklaces or our diamonds in motifs such as delicate bows or lucky horseshoes.

How Do You Wear A Solitaire Pendant?

The pure elegance of solitaire diamond pendants will elevate daytime outfits and add a touch of decadent but refined evening sparkle to nighttime looks. As a rule of thumb, if your skin tone is warm, a solitaire pendant in gold will suit your colouring whilst cooler skin tones look fabulous in silver.

Solitaire Pendants Daytime Style

Want to look understated but polished for the 9-5? Pair a classic round shape diamond pendant with a slim-fitting shirt and tailored trousers. Fancy a touch of dazzle on the weekend? Reach for one of our solitaire dancing pendants and style it the chic way with a v-neck cashmere jumper. The key to wearing the daytime solitaire pendant is to keep your clothes simple and streamlined and let the diamond do the talking.

Solitaire Pendants Evening Style

Step out in style at cocktail hour with a glistening solitaire pendant. Ramp up the glam factor come dusk and team a sparkling diamond pendant with a v-neck, boat neck or off-the-shoulder dress. Go edgier by pairing a tuxedo jacket with a shimmering marquise shape solitaire diamond pendant or keep it classic and cool with a little black dress that will make a solo white diamond pendant pop.

Our solitaire diamond pendants highlight just why single stones are so sensational. From the brilliance of the marquise solitaire to the effortless luxury of the round diamond, there's no question that diamond pendants are as much a special treat for yourself as they are a sentimental gift for all those big occasions.