Diamond Cut Guide

The cut of the diamond refers to the skill of the craftsmanship that goes into creating its overall shape. The better the cut and the greater the expertise of the person working on it, the more reflective and dazzling the final stone will be.

There are a number of other aspects that determine the overall cut, and nothing is more important than the brilliance (how reflective the stone is) and the fire (how it disperses light inside the boundaries of the stone) of the stone. Besides this, there is the scintillation (a measure of how much the stone sparkles) of the stone.

The overall cut grade is comprised of a number of other factors, including the polish of the outer surfaces, as well as the symmetry and proportions of the stone. For this reason, it is important to consider the overall cut grade, rather than the factors that go into it, when considering the stone. This is because the overall grade will give the true picture of how all the properties are balanced and intertwined.

Diamond Cut

Size Matters: The cut will have the biggest influence on how much the stone sparkles when it weighs more than 0.50 ct. This means that the skill of the craftsman comes into its own when you consider heavier stones.

Shape Matters: Higher brilliance diamonds such as rounded cuts will require cut grades of excellent or very good quality to look their best, whilst square cuts can still look amazing with good grades.

As with everything related to diamonds, the choice is ultimately a very personal one that is determined by balancing a number of interwoven factors. At Abelini, we know that your journey is a personal one, so we provide everything you need to make the right choice.


According to psychologists, your preferred diamond cut can be indicative of a lot more about you, from your character to your demeanour and what you’re attracted to. Gifting a diamond ring often comes with a lifelong investment and commitment meaning it is important to make sure you pick the diamond cut that suits your sweetheart. Whether they have a favourite cut already or you want to select a diamond that best represents them, consult our guide on the meaning behind each cut of diamond, from emerald to princess.

Round Cut Diamond

For The Traditionalist

The most popular shape of a diamond, and with good reason, this diamond cut is perfect for adding a twinkle to your ring. The round cut offers optimum sparkle by allowing light to reflect throughout the ring, making sure it will catch anyone’s eye. It also provides a classic and timeless look that can be worn on any occasion.

A person who wearsa round-cut diamond is considered elegant, romantic, and traditional. It is suggested that the rounded shape of the diamond cut represents infinite and eternal love. It is no wonder then that a person attracted to this ring is considered honest and faithful, with this diamond symbolizing their commitment to their partner.

Princess-Cut Diamond

For The Attention Stealer

A popular engagement ring cut, the princess-cut diamond is for those who are attention-grabbing in every aspect of their life. Bringing with them excitement, the princess cut is often associated with someone who is a leader, not being afraid to step into the spotlight and lead the charge.

With a modern and contemporary cut, comprising clean edges and a square shape, the princess cut is for a woman ahead of her time, bringing excitement and romance wherever she goes. The fact this cut is called ‘Princess’ is all that Is needed to show that it is genuinely deserving of royal highness.

Emerald-Cut Diamond

For The Opulent

Oozing opulence and luxury, the emerald-cut diamond is the height of elegance. Displaying unmatched clarity, this diamond cut offers a clean and open style, creating stunning depth and character akin to the opening of a heart.

This ring is assertive yet refined for a person who has a strong sense of self. Not designed for flaunting or showing off, this ring is for someone who lives a luxurious lifestyle but doesn’t need the approval of others to confirm this; they have the subtle confidence to pull off such a beautiful diamond cut.

Asscher Cut Diamond

For The Unique

The Asscher cut diamond is thought to be unique, combining drama and vintage stylings to create a clear cut. Like the emerald cut, this square-shaped diamond allows for clarity whilst offering a unique look and understated elegance.

Reminiscent of rings from the roaring 20s, it is now wondering that this ring attracts those with a flair for the dramatic and the opulent. Those who look for a unique and vintage look in a ring often gravitate towards this cut.

Oval-Cut Diamond

For The Creative

Unlike the traditional round-cut diamond, this oval-shaped diamond offers a twinkle of creativity. With a larger carat, this ring is often compared to an egg, representing fertility and stability.

For the romantic and traditional, this ring is perfect. Whilst it may represent tradition, the oblong shape also represents creativity and individuality. The wearer isn’t afraid to step outside their comfort zone and try something new every once in a while - a great alternative to a classic round cut.

Pear-Cut Diamond

For The Daring

With its unique cut, combining modern and traditional elements, the pear-cut diamond is for daring and individualistic people. With a rounded edge and a point, this diamond commands attention, offering elegance and versatility.

A unique cut is perfect for a memorable and daring person, always looking for adventure and excitement. This ring is associated with drive and ambition, with those who choose it not being afraid to take risks.

Heart Cut Diamond

For The Romantic

The heart is the universal symbol of love, so it’s no surprise that a heart-cut diamond is associated with all things romance. This diamond perfectly displays the romantic symbolism behind a ring and catches light quickly to add extra sparkle.

For those who wear their heart on their sleeve and aren’t afraid to let their true feelings show, this ring is symbolic of those who are true romantics and are ready to fall head over heels in love for the right person.

Marquise-Cut Diamond

For The Larger Than Life

With its heritage descended from aristocratic origins, the marquise diamond cut is perfect for those looking for an opulent and classic diamond. In addition, this cut creates an optical illusion, making the diamond look more significant than its carat weight.

Its deceptively large appearance is associated with those who have a larger-than-life and opulent lifestyle. However, the cut means it has an elongated shape, complementing the wearer by making their finger look more slender.

Cushion Cut Diamond

For The Historic

Cushion-cut diamond has long been a favourite for diamond lovers. This diamond shows a softer side and descends from royalty with its softer edges and excellent clarity. When hit with light, the unique cut offers a kaleidoscope look that will create a beautiful and dazzling sight.

With its history etched into the fabric of aristocracy, this ring is associated with those who aren’t afraid to look back to the past when moving forward. Its historical roots also symbolize longevity for those who wear it.


Everyone is different, which can make choosing the perfect engagement ring difficult. However, with a wide range of diamond cuts all symbolizing and representing other things, no matter what type of person your soon-to-be fiancé is, there is diamond ring that can perfectly encapsulate their personality.

If you want the diamond on your engagement ring to look bigger without spending a fortune purchasing a giant diamond, you should avoid some cuts when looking to create the illusion of a bigger diamond regardless of the setting.

You’d want to avoid Princess-cut, Asscher-cut diamonds and round-cut diamonds as these cuts don’t have and can’t create the illusion of a bigger stone, and they‘re also one of the most expensive cuts. Instead, you should opt for cuts like marquise, emerald, pear, or oval-cut diamonds as they can create the illusion of a bigger diamond and are also affordable.

The round-cut diamond is the most popular and commonly sought-after diamond cut, and it tends to be the most expensive due to its high demand and the expertise required to craft it.

If you're looking for a diamond cut that offers good value for money, you should consider cuts like marquise, emerald, pear, or oval-cut diamonds. These cuts can create the illusion of a larger stone without the need for a larger carat weight, making them more affordable options.

The princess-cut and Asscher-cut diamonds have less sparkle compared to other cuts. They are known for their clean lines and geometric shapes but may not exhibit as much brilliance and sparkle as other cuts. If you're looking for a diamond with the most sparkle, you may wish to consider a round-cut brilliant diamond.

Yes, a better cut diamond can appear larger. When a diamond is cut with excellent craftsmanship, it can optimize the light reflection and dispersion within the stone, creating more sparkle and brilliance. This can give the illusion of a larger diamond.

A diamond that has been cut and polished is generally worth more than an uncut or rough diamond. The process of cutting and shaping a rough diamond requires skill and expertise, and the resulting cut diamond showcases its brilliance and fire. Cut diamonds are more desirable and valuable in the market compared to uncut diamonds.