Why are Diamond Necklaces a ‘must-have’?

Posted by Abelini Team | 02 November 2018

The one thing about diamonds is that they can add a touch of elegance to just about any outfit. Try it out. Wear a plain party dress and look into the mirror. There you are- looking quite simple and maybe a little under-dressed? Now wear a solitaire diamond necklace. Check yourself out in the mirror again. Voila! You have suddenly gone from looking ordinary to looking classy. That is the power that diamonds have.

A simple diamond solitaire necklace can be worn with every type of everyday clothing- it will soon become a part of who you are. But what necklaces suit the different necklines of clothes? Here are a few tips on necklines and necklaces:

  • For open necklines, it is best to choose necklaces that match the neckline of the top. So if you are wearing a V-neck top, wear a necklace that sits within the V-shape range. With a square neck, go for angular pendants.
  • A long necklace compliments a wide neckline. Interestingly, longer necklaces go well with turtle necks too.
  • Short pendants can be worn on strapless tops.
  • A simple pendants resting above the closed buttons can be worn with collared tops as there isn’t much space available to adorn.
  • Wear diamond earrings instead, if you feel that the necklace doesn’t add anything to your outfit.

Bear in mind that the shape of your face also plays a role in determining the type of necklace to wear and not just the neckline.

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