Diamond Earrings

A lovely pair of diamond earrings for women or men is a real treat and can be a wonderful gift for someone you care deeply about. For three generations, the team at Abelini has been creating the best earrings, blending a distinct talent for design with an inherent sense of elegance.... Read more

Diamond Earring FAQ's

  • Do diamond earrings hold their value?

    Due to scarcity, the value of diamonds may appreciate, or hold their value relatively well compared to other gemstones and precious metals. Interestingly, the cut can have an impact on how well diamond earrings hold their value. Round diamonds are generally considered to hold their value the best, making diamond earrings with a round stone a good choice.

  • How much are diamond earrings worth?

    The value of diamond earrings depends on several factors, often described as the 4Cs. The first C stands for carat – the size of a diamond. Small diamonds in our collection of studs start from 0.1 carats, which are very cost-effective compared to larger diamonds. The second C is clarity – all of our diamond earrings have a clarity rating. Flawless (FL) or very very slightly included (VVSI) diamonds are the most valuable, with more included diamonds being worth less. Colour also impacts value, as does the cut – although personal preference also plays a part in choosing which cut and colour of diamond are the best option for diamond earrings.

  • How to clean diamond earrings?

    There are several cleaning solutions available for diamond jewellery. However, a simple way to clean diamond earrings at home is the warm water method. Mix an unscented soap with warm water, and leave the diamond earrings to soak for half an hour. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove the residue, a toothbrush is perfect for this. Carefully dry the earring with a soft cloth, or just let them air dry.

  • Can you shower with diamond earrings?

    It is generally advisable to take off diamond earrings, or any other diamond jewellery before using the shower or bath. This is because, over time, exposure to the chemicals in soap, shampoo and shower gel can dull the diamond. A thin film can appear on the surface of the stone which reduces its sparkle.


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