Citrine Earrings

Citrine has a beautiful, warm colour that is thought to be a gift from the Sun. With yellow and amber tones, it is sure to radiate joy whenever it is worn. This variety of quartz minerals is also one of November’s birthstones, making it the perfect gift for someone with an Autumn birthday. Citrine is thought to have healing energy and symbolises joy, calmness and comfort. We recommend a pair of stunning citrine earrings for anyone who needs a boost of positivity, helping them to feel their happiest self each time they wear them. Citrine has long been a gemstone of value. Egyptians used citrine to create talismans, ancient Greeks used them in ornate carvings, and it was a famous jewel for eminent people in Roman society. More recently, Hollywood royalty has worn citrine and continues to be a popular choice for red-carpet jewellery today. Rating 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, citrine is a durable stone that will continue to radiate golden sunshine long after its first wear.

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