opal diamond earrings

Opal earrings are popular women's jewellery, prized for their unique and captivating beauty with opal gemstones as the central feature. They come in various styles. For example, simple and elegant opal stud earrings with rounded, polished opals without facets are set in a variety of metal settings. Or opal drop earrings, which showcase opal gemstones that dangle from the earlobe and are often accented with additional gemstones like diamonds or pearls. Of course, you can also find opal hoop earrings (adorned with opal gemstones and offering a contemporary and trendy look) and opal cluster earrings (which feature multiple small opal stones arranged closely together and create a dazzling display of colours and sparkle). Add to that the choice of metal for the setting (silver, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum) and you can further enhance the overall aesthetic. Explore our opal earrings below. Read More >>

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