Posted by Abelini Jewellery | 16 May 2022

How To Choose The Best Engagement Ring In 2022?

An engagement ring is something that should be treasured for a lifetime and is one of the most long-lasting decisions you will make. There are many factors to consider when buying a ring, including how durable it is and how easy it is to wear – after all, this is something that will be worn every day! This blog will answer the most important questions to help you make the decision of a lifetime.

What Is The Most Popular Engagement Ring Shape In 2022?

So, what is the best diamond shape for engagement ring? Although a good engagement ring will be timeless in style, it’s good to know what trends are fashionable so you can choose something that your significant other is likely to appreciate.

The most popular engagement ring shape in 2022 is the ‘Toi et Moi’ style. It means ‘You and Me’ in French, and incorporates two stones, often facing each other across a gap in the band. This romantic style also has a practical side in that the sizing of the ring is less critical. The gap in the band allows for a small amount of flexibility in the ring, helping to ensure a perfect fit. This does mean that the band should have enough thickness to not bend too easily, especially if the ring is made in a softer metal, such as gold (in 18ct or 22ct) or silver.

What Is The Most Common Engagement Ring Size?

So, what is the best carat size for an engagement ring? The most common engagement ring size for women is size L, though it's important to try to get the right size ring if possible. Click here for our guide on measuring ring size:

What Is Too Little To Spend On An Engagement Ring?

The traditional rule that you should spend at least 2 months’ salary on an engagement ring is generally considered to be rather out of date. There are many factors to consider when making this investment, such as your current financial situation and your lifestyle. It’s also important to bear your future plans in mind. For example, whether or not you want the ring to be handed down to future generations. It also has to be a timeless style and durable enough to be worn every day.

What Diamond Cut Is Popular Now?

There are many different diamond shapes, and they all sparkle and shine in different ways. Below, we will go through what is the best diamond cut for engagement ring by listing the more common cuts:

● Round – this classic shape is the most popular cut, as it suits any shape finger and offers the most sparkle.

● Princess – this diamond has just as much sparkle as a round-cut, but is a more contemporary square shape when seen from above.

● Cushion – this shape has a more vintage feel as it's based on an old-fashioned cut. It's basically a square cut with rounded corners, rather like a cushion (hence the name).

● Emerald – this shape is rectangular, and although it doesn’t have as much sparkle, it's more transparent and may suit brides with longer fingers.

● Asscher – these echo the emerald shape but have more facets for greater sparkle.

● Unusual Cuts – that may make fingers look longer are the oval, pear and marquise shapes; or you may like the triangular trillion shape or the ultra-romantic heart shape.


Do Couples Pick Engagement Rings Together?

Engagement ring shopping is a huge step in any relationship. Most couples go shopping together, while others don't. Determining whether to go shopping together comes down to you as a couple.

Although it's traditional for the groom to choose the ring on his own, there's a growing trend for couples to pick the ring together. Around 60% of couples now choose the ring together, eschewing the surprise of the groom going down on one knee and presenting the ring. Choosing the ring together provides peace of mind that the bride will be able to pick something she loves.

For beginners, you should ask yourself if you can completely trust your significant other to find a ring that matches your taste and style. If you trust him to do so, then leave your partner to go ring shopping alone. But if you don't trust them enough, then it's a good idea to go ring shopping together.

One of the pros of going ring shopping together is that it'll take the pressure off the groom if he doesn't have common ring knowledge, and the bride can have the dream engagement ring she has always wanted, with the size that fits to avoid resizing costs. Also, both couples can openly discuss the budget to avoid overspending or underspending, and freely explore all your ring options with a budget in mind.

Is It Ok To Have A Small Engagement Ring?

Whether an engagement ring is small, large, traditional or modern, what is important is that the bride loves it, and it matches her personal style. Some brides may prefer a simple band of baguette-cut diamonds, and leave out a central stone altogether. Others may adore stacking rings, which offer flexibility and will have tiny stones.

How Many Carats Should An Engagement Ring Be?

Carat is the unit of measurement used to identify the weight of precious stones. The average size of the central stone is usually around 0.6 carats, however, the size isn’t the most important consideration. Other considerations to take into account include the clarity, colour and cut of the stone(s), as these will determine the quality and the sparkle. A high-quality smaller stone can be far more expensive than a larger stone with poor quality. Different cuts will also affect the apparent size of the stone – for example, a round cut stone will be slightly wider than a princess cut stone, even though they are the same weight.

A good tip is to buy just under the popular carat weight. For example, a 0.90 carat stone will cost less than one which is a full carat, but the difference is almost indistinguishable. Determining how many carats the diamond in the engagement ring should depend solely on your budget and preference.

What Is A Decent Size Engagement Ring?

A major factor people worry about when buying an engagement ring is the size, because you'd want a size that fits to avoid resizing costs. When determining the right ring size for your partner, you wouldn't want this single detail to stop you. According to research, the average size for most women is between size 5 and size 7.

The average-sized woman in the US is about 5'4; so, if she's shorter, you can go up a size or two but if she's taller, you can go a size down. Although this may not completely work in finding the right size, you can use these averages to determine your partner's ring size.

If that doesn't work, you can:

  1. Opt for a larger size and resize it later.
  2. Use her other jewellery as a baseline or test with a costume ring to get her size while she sleeps.
  3. Ask others like her mom, her friend(s), or a jeweller for help.
  4. Playfully ask her.

Bear in mind that everyone is different, and most women may not fit in with the average size, and while most women prefer a loose fit, others prefer tight-fitted rings. Always ensure wherever you buy your ring has an exchange policy in case it isn't the right fit. Although, size isn't everything when it comes to diamond engagement rings. Instead of focusing solely on the size of the ring, focus on other aspects of the engagement ring such as the clarity, the combination of cut, and the carat weight.