Ultimate Guide On How To Buy An Diamond Trilogy Ring

Ultimate Guide On How To Buy An Diamond Trilogy Ring

The diamond trilogy ring is a three-stone ring usually made of purely diamonds set next to each other, or two diamonds featuring a center gemstone. The center stone of a diamond trilogy ring may be slightly larger or higher than the two supporting stones; signifying the importance of the present. A trilogy ring may feature diamonds, one gemstone, a combination of stones, or other precious stones.

Trilogy rings are unique in their purpose. Diamond trilogy rings are suitable for several occasions as they can be used as an engagement ring, wedding band, promise ring, and friendship ring. They can as well be given as a gift for several occasions ranging from Valentines, anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, or any gift to show your affection towards your loved one.

There are, however, two different trilogy rings. One with three stones all having the same size and the other with a center stone that is bigger. People use the second trilogy ring with a bigger center stone for proposals and another one for different purposes. Most times, the stone of a trilogy ring may be made of gemstone to signify a deeper feeling or emotion (sapphire for truth and peace, emerald for faithfulness, and ruby for passion).

A trilogy ring represents the arrangement of three (3) stones set along with the band and sitting right next to each other.

There Are Two Distinct Variations of The Trilogy Ring:

Center Big

Centre Big: This design is where the stone at the centre is larger than the two adjacent stones on the shank. This is the most popular variation of Trilogy diamond rings. The theme of this usually follows the meaning of past, present, and future. The largest stone placed in the centre depicts the present and the fact that it’s bigger than the other stones mean the present is the most important time.

Equal Size

Equal Size: There are also designs where the 3 stones on the ring are all the same size. The three (3) stones may symbolize different things, for instance; your adoration of your spouse or/and children, a strong bond of family, love, or something else.

What Does a Trilogy Ring Mean or Symbolize?

Equal Size

Past, Present and Future

The most common theme most Trilogy rings follow is the idea of the past, present, future. In this context, the three stones represent the important periods of your life. The center stone is always the biggest in this pattern, representing the present - the most important time of our lives.

Love, devotion, and friendship.

Another popular theme is love, devotion, and friendship. The three stones placed on the band represent the three significant relations that you have in your life. This theme serves to ground the wearers, giving them a constant reminder of the three most important relations in life.


Trilogy rings could also depict a small-sized family. The spouse and two children are represented by the three encrusted stones. Sometimes it can stand for the parents and their only child, or when there are three children a stone can stand for each. The theme is versatile and can, of course, represent any number of things.

Love, Honour, and Cherish.

These three words denote faithfulness to a lot of people. When you speak your vows, you promise to love, cherish and honour your partner. A Trilogy ring serves as a reminder of those vows and a sincere dedication to living by them. This is a major reason why Trilogy rings are often stacked together with wedding bands.