There is nothing more upsetting than losing a ring that holds sentimental value, whether it be a gift, diamond engagement ring, or heirloom. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you have a good idea of the correct ring size when buying one for yourself or someone else.

At ABELINI, we strive to make every ring choice special and personal to you and picking the right ring size is the start of that journey. Below is our guide for how to correctly measure your ring size, from finding the perfect size for yourself, to secretly finding your partner’s ring size to make sure your proposal is as flawless as our diamonds.

How Can I Measure My Ring Size Finger at Home?

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Step 3 Measure Your Finger for a Ring Step 3

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Although they can look daunting, ring sizers are the best way to measure your finger as they are designed to mimic a ring and have clear sizes around the band. Simply adjust the mechanism to find a size that is comfortable for you. You can order a free ring sizer to make sure any ring you buy from ABELINI fits flawlessly.

Alternatively, you can print off our ring size guide. With two options, you can either use the cut-out ring sizer or use an old ring and find which circle your ring most closely aligns with.

Try to avoid using materials such as rope or string as they can stretch or twist, which can give you an inaccurate measurement and lead to disappointment.

But, before you jump into finding your size, you need to make sure the conditions are right. It might sound silly, but there are several factors that can give you an inaccurate measurement.


Our body naturally changes to suit the surrounding temperature. Hot weather can often cause our fingers to swell up. When measuring your finger, it is important to measure it when you’re around your ‘normal’ temperature. Typically, in the morning, our fingers are more swollen after a night’s sleep, so measuring your finger later in the day is likely to give a more accurate result.

Similarly, too cold, and your fingers will ‘shrink’, meaning your ring size may be smaller than normal. Measuring your finger when you’re at your ‘normal’ temperature will give you the most comfortable size.

Ring Width

Surprisingly, ring bandwidth can also impact the fit of a ring. Typically, a thinner ring has a looser fit, whilst a wider ring is tighter. So, when measuring for a ring, consider what width of the ring you’re looking at, as you may need to adjust your ring size slightly to allow for a thinner or thicker band.

Finger Shape

It’s probably something you’ve never considered before, but the shape of your finger will impact the size of your ring. People with larger knuckles or bends in their fingers may need to opt for a slightly bigger ring to allow it to fit on their fingers properly.


Ultimately, you want a ring to feel comfortable. You want to look down at your hand and smile, not grimace as your ring is too tight, or conversely, look down and find your ring has disappeared.

A ring should fit securely on your finger without much movement when you move your hand. When putting on a ring, it should easily slip down your finger, with little resistance as it passes your knuckle. If you have to apply force when putting on a ring, it is too small for you. Similarly, if a ring just drops down your finger, it is too big.

Planning a Proposal or Buying a Ring as a Gift?

Finding your own ring size is easy, but when you’re buying a ring for someone else, things can get a little tricky. Particularly when it comes to engagement rings, you don’t want to give the game away before you’ve actually popped the question.

Planning a proposal is stressful enough; you want everything to be perfect. You want to dazzle your future fiancé with their perfect ring; not look sheepish when it doesn’t fit. However, there are still a few sneaky ways to find your partner's ring size without spoiling the surprise.

Yellow Gold Earring

Enlist Your Family or Friends

Whether they ask under the guise that they’re buying them a ring as a gift, try on the ring for comparison, or just ask out of curiosity, a family member or friend is much less likely to send alarm bells ringing.

However, be careful who you ask. We all know someone who is terrible with secrets!

Measure their Other Ring

Measure Their Other Rings

If you’re worried about giving the game away, there are other methods to try. If your partner has other rings, this can be a great indicator of their ring size. Using a ring sizer, you can compare their ring against the printed sizes to find which is the best fit.

However, take note of which finger the ring fits on. If they have a ring on their ring finger already, or on their opposite finger, this will give the most accurate size. For rings from other fingers, remember to adjust the size slightly based on how much bigger or smaller their ring finger is in comparison.

Try their Rings on

Try Their Rings On

If you’re still unsure, you can always try your partner rings on. Whilst they may not fit you, you can slide them on your finger until they fit well, whether this is above the knuckle or all the way down. Make a mark where the ring fits comfortably, and then measure this part of your finger to find the ring size. Again, you may need to adjust the size based on which finger the ring you used is worn on.

Ring Resizing

Ring Resizing

So, you think you’ve found their size, you get down on one knee, and disaster strikes, the ring doesn’t fit properly. Don’t worry. ABELINI offer free resizing on rings within the first 30 days, meaning that even if, after everything, the ring doesn’t fit, you’ll still be able to swap for the correct size.

We will either resize or replace the ring, provided it is in pristine condition, free of charge, however, full eternity and bespoke rings cannot be resized.

So, whether you’re buying a gift for someone, planning on popping that all-important question, or treating yourself to a sparkly diamond, it’s important to make sure you select the right ring size.

When it comes to finding the ring that you will fall in love with the moment you put it on your finger, size really is everything. Too tight and you’ll be too uncomfortable to appreciate the design in all its beauty, too loose and you risk losing it before you can introduce it to your friends and family. To make sure you find your dream match, take a look at our ring size guide today.

Time Matters

Did you know that at the end of the day or when you’re hot your hands will be bigger? This means that your fit will vary throughout the day. Look for something that is neither tight nor loses in the afternoon so that you can experience that amazing fit you have been looking for all day long.

Get It Simple

The world is full of extravagant techniques to help you find the perfect fit. At Abelini, we have been creating luxury pieces for 3 generations, so we’ve learned when to keep things simple. By printing off our paper measuring ruler you can get the only tool you need in seconds.

Ring Size Guide

Measure The Right Place

Wrap your ruler around your chosen finger, you don’t want it hanging loose, and you certainly don’t need to pull it as tight as you can. A snug fit close to your knuckle and below the joint of your finger is exactly what you’re looking for.

Ring Size Chart

Check The Chart

Use our measuring chart to determine your size. That’s all it takes to get the perfect fit when you fall back on expertise built up over 3 generations.

If you have any questions regarding how our simple approach to sizing works, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team here at Abelini today.

Explore our beautiful range of diamond rings and jewellery to treat that special person in your life with a gift from ABELINI.