What Your Wedding Ring Style Says About Your Personality

What Your Wedding Ring Style Says About Your Personality

Circular for the vow of eternity, and made of precious stones to symbolise wealth and good fortune, couples who are joining together in marriage have given each other rings for as long as anyone can remember. In 1477, the engagement ring was created back when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria gifted one to Mary of Burgundy, his bride-to-be. But wedding rings have been crafted since Ancient Egypt, when they were woven together using hemp and reeds.

With marriage becoming more accessible and commonplace, tons of gold is carved every year to make rings for lovestruck customers. This is why the market for wedding rings has continued to grow larger in the twentieth century, expanding out to encompass more styles and materials than ever seen before. From eternity bands to engravings, made of platinum or gold, there are thousands of customisable choices which are all uniquely indicative of the wearer’s personality.

So, what does your choice mean? If you plan to buy a wedding ring for your big day, then take a look at our guide for what your wedding ring choice says about your personality.


When you shop for your perfect wedding ring, there are plenty of options for the material you want it made out of. Despite being slightly different in colour, yellow, white and rose gold have the same percentage of pure gold, whilst platinum, titanium and tungsten are some of the strongest metals on the market.

It is thought that fans of yellow gold are lovers of the classics. They are warm, sentimental people who believe that traditional wedding rituals should be upheld. Plus, people with these rings are likely to believe in their own personality and standards, as well as their potential to give themselves to another.

Adding a dash of pink to a ring in the form of rose gold can suggest that the wearer is not only of the qualities outlined above, but highly romantic too. The alloy of copper and gold can show that they are creative and artistic, ready to try something new.

The most popular choice for women is currently white gold, with 70% of all brides choosing it. Matching directly with the purity of their wedding dress, wearers of these rings are stylish and sophisticated individuals with a taste for prestigious attributes within their life and their partner.

If gold is not your style, then do not fret. There are many people who choose to have rings made from other metals, which have equally important properties as gold. For example, someone who chooses platinum as their first choice is precise in their decisions and commits to them with solidarity. They are also full of confidence and willing to fight for what they believe in. It is one of the rarest, heaviest and most durable metals to wear and can be intricately engraved to produce the sharpest effect of all other materials.

Meanwhile, titanium is the hardest ring material in the world and indicates that the wearer is strong-willed – at the moment, around 18% choose this metal. They do not take commitment lightly, so expect your partner to receive a lifelong companionship full of affection and dedication.

Finally, a tungsten ring is great for those hard-working tech lovers as they are completely manmade. Whilst the metal can be found naturally in the environment, it is never in solid form, so has to be manufactured through many intricate procedures, such as spark plasma sintering, isostatic pressing and thermoplastic making. It all sounds very technical for a small ring, doesn’t it? The wearer will certainly have a story to tell!

Which material suits you? Once you have decided on the perfect one for you, it doesn't stop there. You have some more choices to make.

Shape and Style

Material is one aspect of customising your ring, but the style you pick can also show lots of aspects of your personality too. There are plenty on the market, so you'll want to pick wisely.

If you're a considerable risk taker but counterbalance this with your high levels of affection and outgoing nature, then you should buy an eternity band. These are often made from gold and are adorned with small diamonds or other precious gems all the way around the edge. They are a truly stunning sight to the eye and will catch all of your friends’ attention.

If you don't consider yourself one of these people, why not take a look at getting some coloured gemstones on your ring? These can be in any shape or layout, but often have a large feature stone which directs the gaze to the centre of the ring. Pear, marquise and oval shapes are just some of the premade cuttings you can pick, each one with its own symbolism and meaning to it. These are perfect for the artistic type who loves to make a statement.

Engravings can also be done on your ring if you prefer something even more customisable. You can have any pattern done on your piece if you go to a qualified engraver. From flowers and vintage swirls to a custom design you draw yourself, they make the perfect gift for your partner. There are plenty of options to emphasise your appreciation for the vintage aesthetic or your artistic ability.

We also think that twisted bands are great contenders for the hipsters out there. This woven metal design takes a literal twist on the classic design and looks beautiful on any quirky individual’s finger. If there is anyone who wants to be a little bit different, this is the ring for them!

The final word we have about rings is not to restrict yourself when purchasing. There is no such thing as too flashy or blingy, too many gems or unsuitability. Although many of the ring variations are tailored to specific genders, you should not fear choosing the 'wrong' one and instead pick the ring which resonates with your personality and makes you happy. Discuss the process with your partner to keep them involved in every step of your decision, and browse our range of rings at Abelini when you are ready. Choosing the perfect ring is an essential part of your wedding journey. Explore our Wedding Buying Guide for more insights on finding the right style to match your personality.