October Birthstone - Opal

As October's traditional birthstone, opal is believed to be a precious and powerful symbol of love, with the ability to promote romance, passion and hope. Both extremely valuable black and more common white opals have been seen as romantic and celebratory gifts worldwide for thousands of years, from Cleopatra to Queen Victoria. Alongside being a birthstone, opal is also a customary 14th wedding anniversary gift, further reflecting this stone's romantic history and precious nature.

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What does an opal symbolise?

Historically, the October birthstone has been given as a romantic gift, from elegant necklaces to unique engagement rings that symbolise lifelong commitment. Since Roman and Greek times, opals have been a powerful reflection of hope, passion, romance, purity and truth. Ancient Greeks even believed that opals could grant visions of the future, all the more reason for this stone to be a top choice for proposals and lifelong romantic partners.

Are opal rings in style?

The elegant style and unique nature of opal rings mean they are always in style. From highly traditional settings to modern, minimalist rings, the versatility of opal allows them to look stylish in just about any environment. The colourful nature of the opal has directly influenced many fashion trends, from iridescent clothing items to sophisticated jewellery and hair accessories.

Which finger should I wear an opal ring on?

The finger you wear your opal ring on depends on the ring's purpose. As a traditional engagement gift, many women and men choose to wear an opal ring on their wedding finger – the fourth finger on the left hand. This placement is closest to the heart, which lends itself well to this gem's romantic and passionate history.

What are the benefits of wearing opal?

Over the decades, there have been many beliefs surrounding opals. As a gem once known as a way to view the future, it's no surprise that one of the most significant benefits of opal covers the health and care of the eyes and vision. Other suggested benefits include aiding in blood purification, boosting memory, improving immunity and handling symptoms related to PMS and similar health concerns.

How do I care for my opal ring?

Opals are relatively soft stones and must be well cared for with monthly cleaning. A solid opal ring can be cleaned gently with a soft tool, such as a cloth or toothbrush, and swished in a solution of warm water and mild dish soap. You must clean opal separately from harder gems such as rubies or diamonds, as these can scratch your ring. Opal rings are porous, so you want to avoid leaving them in water for any longer than a couple of minutes to prevent damage.

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