Abelini – Necklace & Pendant Buying Advice in 2024

Abelini – Necklace & Pendant Buying Advice in 2024

For countless generations, diamond necklaces and pendants have charmed jewellery lovers with their timeless elegance and universal appeal.

They are more than fashion accessories, holding deep significance as personal symbols of love, status and spirituality – adding grace and sophistication to any outfit and occasion.

But with so many styles of necklace and pendant to choose from – how do you go about starting your search for the perfect piece to grace your neck?

In this buying advice by Abelini’s team of expert jewellers, we’ll consider factors such as design, material, gemstones and craftsmanship and how these each play key roles in deciding your purchase of a diamond necklace or pendant in 2024.

So, join us as we explore the wonderful world of diamond necklaces and pendants together, and observe the new styles and resurgent classics that have been gracing the necks of our clients in 2024 – and may soon become your lifelong cherished neckwear.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Necklace or Pendant in 2024

There are many specifics to consider when searching for the perfect pendants to purchase. Use this guide to consider every potential feature of your ideal pendants, so you can narrow down your search and focus on selecting the most brilliant example for your unique needs.

1. Understanding Types of Necklace & Pendant

The Wonderful Realm of Necklaces

There is no shortage of necklace styles available, with each design choice creating a unique charm that resonates with its wearer and accents their neckline in a uniquely suited manner. Today, we’ll look at some of those styles that are most popular with our clients here at Abelini.

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Chain Necklaces are timeless, versatile and, to many, the epitome of elegance. Whether a classic cable chain, chic snake chain, intricate rope chain, hypnotic Byzantine chain or one of the many other popular 2024 necklace chain styles, chain necklaces offer a delicate, subtle look plus fantastic layering potential.

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Chokers are reaching new heights of popularity in 2024, empowering wearers to make bold fashion statements with their neck-hugging designs that draw attention to the collarbone and neck. Modern and sophisticated, choker necklaces come in many styles – each one more striking than the last.

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Lariats channel grace and flexibility with their no-clasp design, instead featuring innovative loops or ties that enable a wide range of wearing styles. With their adjustable length and range of looks, it’s not surprising that lariats are one of 2024’s most popular diamond necklaces.

And of course, we have Pendant Necklaces, which we shall also consider in detail throughout this edition of Abelini’s buying advice.

he Enchanting World of Pendants

Pendant necklaces truly allow you to represent your individuality and showcase your personality in the selecting the decorative element that will hang from your neck. But what are some of the most popular decorative elements for pendants in 2024 that we have seen?

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Lockets remain a sentimental favourite, enabling you to keep that which you love close to heart at all times. These hinged pendants – whether precious metal or adorned with diamonds and other gemstones – may be filled with photographs, locks of hair or anything else that of symbolic relevance. They may be passed down through generations or contemporary pieces that explore new locket pendant styles in 2024.

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Charm Pendants are fantastically playful, welcoming new heights of expression as you customise your pendant necklace with all manner of meaningful charms. Charm pendants let you tell the stories that represent your life experience – a popular choice in 2024 for those wishing to define their identity through the pendant they wear.

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Diamond Pendants radiate brilliance, adding deep luxury and class to the neckline of the wearer. From intricate and delicate studded diamond pendants to bold, stunning solitaire pendants, diamond pendants are ever-popular in 2024 for the extravagant, confident declarations of presence that their designs make.

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Birthstone Pendants are another trending 2024 pendant style thanks to the deep significance they represent for the wearer’s birthday. Each gemstone is associated with a birth month, bringing protection, luck and positivity to the wearer – not to mention fantastic style.

At Abelini, we take pride in offering our clients a stunning collection of necklace and pendant designs. From classic examples to progressive, contemporary pieces, we are sure to have the ideal neckwear for your character.

2. Choosing the Right Material for Your Necklace and Pendant

Popular Necklace and Pendant Materials

The material you select for your necklace and pendant not only impacts the piece’s overall aesthetics but also influences its value and durability. Let's take a closer look at some of Abelini’s most popular 2024 necklace and pendant materials – and see which is just right for you.

Yellow Gold is a classic choice for pendants construction. Resistant to the knocks and drops of daily wear – as well as against corrosion – it’s no surprise why yellow gold pendants are so popular.

Gold will forever be relevant as a necklace and pendant metal choice. Available in yellow, white and rose styles, gold brings luxury and class to any neckline it graces. Whatever style of necklace or pendant you choose, gold provides a reliable, radiant base for the design to shine..

Silver is similarly renowned for its brilliance yet offers a more affordable price point – making it very popular with our necklace and pendant shoppers. Silver complements a wide range of styles as well as gemstones, letting the stones themselves sing.

Platinum is an increasingly popular choice for those who seek a blend of elegance and rarity in their necklace or pendant metal choice. Platinum is extremely durable, hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin, and its natural white colouration provides a fantastic backdrop for diamonds and other gemstones to take centre stage.

Stainless Steel offers a contemporary, strong necklace and pendant choice, and is gaining significant popularity in 2024 thanks to the modern neckwear designs it supports. With brilliant scratch-resistance, it’s also ideal for those who love to pursue active, outdoor lifestyles.

Pendants & Their Gemstones

Gemstones provide the beating heart of many pendant designs, bringing glitter or colour depending on what stone you select. Abelini's collection showcases an exquisite range of gemstones, each with unique beauty and personal meaning.

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Diamonds remain the king of all gemstones, symbolising eternal love and strength through their brilliant sparkle. A popular choice for pendants – especially on special occasions such as engagements or anniversaries – that are often more affordable than one may think.

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Sapphires are treasured for the deep blue hues of wise elegance that they bring to any gemstone pendant. In 2024, we see sapphire pendants as a popular choice – and of course, this magnificent gemstone can also be sourced in pink, yellow and green shades.

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Emeralds radiate with lush, green hues, symbolising vitality, renewal and new life. For those who wish for a touch of the traditional in their gemstone pendant, emeralds remain a popular consideration in 2024. And with many progressive designs featuring emeralds, we see a fascinating array of subtle and bold emerald gemstone pendants being enjoyed.

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Birthstones offer wearers a colourful opportunity to celebrate their birth month and all the cosmic meaning that comes with it – from January’s fiery red garnet and June’s luxurious pearl to November’s peace-inducing topaz, birthstone pendants allow for mesmerising pendants that also hold great personal significance.

Information on Material Durability and Care

To maintain your necklace or pendant’s beauty, you should take proper care of the piece. Here’s a few tips to ensure your neckwear remains at its most brilliant for generations to come.

Avoid exposing your necklace or pendant to chemicals, perfumes or cosmetics that may discolour or weaken the metal and gemstones of your neckwear.

Store your jewellery in a soft, fabric-lined pouch or box to protect your necklace or pendant from becoming scratched or tangled up.

Regularly clean your necklace or pendant using nothing but mild soap and warm water solution – then gently polish using with a soft cloth to keep them shining at their brightest.

By selecting a metal and gemstone combination that can withstand your personal lifestyle, you can ensure that your cherished necklace or pendant remains in perfect condition for the rest of time. And remember – soft metals such as silver will requite more attention than more durable metals like platinum and stainless steel.

3. Identifying Necklace & Pendant Quality

Distinguishing High-Quality Necklaces and Pendants:

Clasp Types

Investing in quality necklaces and pendants will result in a lifelong treasure that keeps you satisfied – rather than concerned about your piece’s quality.

At Abelini, we recommend you consider the following when distinguishing if a necklace or pendant is of suitably high quality.

Material Purity can be defined in gold and silver jewellery via hallmarks on the pieces themselves. A higher carat or fineness value will signify a higher purity and metal value. With platinum jewellery, you may see a hallmark of "Pt" or "950" – meaning 95% pure platinum.

Craftsmanship and Finishing can be determined by closely examining a necklace or pendant for smoothed edges, seamless soldering points and meticulous finishing. Lower-quality pieces may feature visible defects, rough surfaces and other imperfections to avoid.

Clasps and Joints of necklaces or pendants should be well-made, secure and comfortably tight without being troublesome to close. A sturdy clasp and joints will ensure that your pendant stays safely attached, and that your necklace remains intact even when flexed or worn whilst active. Poor workmanship here may result in your neckwear falling off without you even noticing!

Chain Strength can be tested by gently pulling the necklace using two fingers. A quality chain should feel substantial – a lesser quality chain may feel as though it could easily bend or break.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality necklace or pendant. At Abelini, we welcome these tests on our collection of leading-quality necklaces and pendants.

Common Hallmarks and Certifications

Hallmarks and certifications are valuable indicators of necklace and pendant authenticity and quality. Here are some common classifications to consider.

Assay Hallmarks are stamps usually found on precious metal jewellery to indicate the metal's purity. For example, 14K or 585 denotes 14-carat gold (58.5% pure gold) whilst 925 indicates sterling silver (92.5% pure silver). And as we mentioned, "Pt" or "950" means 95% pure platinum.

GIA Certificates are presented by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) on all quality diamond jewellery, certifying the quality and origin of diamonds featured. And of course, jewellery featuring GIA certificates possess much higher resale value.

Gemstone Certifications are issued by recognised laboratories such as the London Diamond Bourse (LDB), Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) and World Gemological Institute (WGI) – as well as the aforementioned GIA. They confirm the a gemstone’s quality and authenticity, and maximise resale value.

Signs of Well-Made and Well-Set Stones

A well-made, well-set gemstone will bring greater beauty and value to your pendant. Consider the following:

Prong-Set Stones should be held snugly in place, with zero wobbling when touched and no gaps between the prongs and the gemstone. Poor prong setting may result in the stone falling out and needing to be reset or, in the worst case, lost entirely.

Even Alignment is another sign of quality setting, showing the stone as symmetrically placed with no tilting. Off-centre positioning is a sign of lesser quality.

Secure, Smooth Edges demonstrates quality setting, reducing the chances of the gemstone becoming damaged by its own housing or the neckwear itself catching on your clothing.

Consistent Colour is a vital indicator of stone quality – and is especially relevant when considering neckwear with multiple gemstones. They should be well-matched in hue and brilliance, demonstrating quality design and thoughtful creation.

By paying attention to these indicators of quality, you can ensure that you select well-made, well-set necklaces and pendants that will stand the test of time in terms of durability and brilliance.

4. Choosing the Right Necklace Length and Size

Guide to Choosing the Correct Necklace Length

Selecting your ideal necklace length will significantly impact how a pendant complements your neckline and style.

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Choker Length necklaces are often 14-16 inches in length, sitting tight around the neck in their iconic design. Choker length necklaces pair excellently with open-neck tops and V-neck dresses, bringing elegance and modernity to the outfit.

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Matinee Length necklaces fall below the collarbone at 20-24 inches in length. They resonate with sophistication, are popular at events and nights out, and pair well with high-neck tops or dresses.

Princess Length necklaces are a classic, versatile length of around 18 inches, making for a necklace that sits just below the collarbone. Princess length necklaces are ideal for everyday wear and suit most necklines and neckwear styles.

Opera Length necklaces make for dramatic looks thanks to their 28-36 inch length, which sees them hang down to the mid-chest. Of course, certain designs may be suited for wrapping twice around the neck – and they offer fantastic layering potential with additional necklaces or pendants.

Rope Length necklaces come in at over 36 inches in length – offering as many styling options as you can imagine. From simple, single strands to intricate knots, rope length necklaces are great for layering and popular with those who like to bring a bohemian vibe.

How Pendant Size Relates to Necklace Length and Style

Generally speaking, the size of your pendant should be proportionate to necklace length and body type in achieving a balanced, flattering look.

Short Necklaces like choker and princess length necklaces pair best with smaller, more delicate pendants that complement yet never overpower the neckline. Consider solitaires or petite charms.

Medium-Length Necklaces like matinee and opera necklaces welcome greater creativity in ideal pendant pairing. Opt for larger pendants or diamond accents that bring statement elements to your neckwear without unbalancing the presentation.

Long Necklaces like rope necklaces can accommodate the largest, most elaborate pendants, as well as offer opportunities to showcase intricate designs with multiple charms if you wish to curate a truly dynamic, eye-catching ensemble.

Of course, there are no clear-cut rules when it comes to matching pendant and necklace – you are free to throw traditionalism out the window and go with intentionally contrasting, beautifully bold combinations!

For further ideas on your ideal pairing, check out Abelini’s Guide to Necklace Length.

5. Chain Types

Chain Types

When choosing your new necklace or pendant, chain style plays a vital role. Each chain type brings unique aesthetic qualities, so it’s essential you understand the various designs before making your decision. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular chain types in 2024.

Cable Chains are classic, straightforward chain types featuring interlocking oval or round links. One of the most popular, versatile chain styles, cable chains suit a wide range of pendant sizes, necklace lengths, and both formal and casual occasions.

Box Chains – also known as Venetian Chains – consist of square-shaped links that form smooth and sleek designs. Their geometric appearance is a great match for those seeking a touch of modernity, whilst its design makes for great strength and durability in supporting heavier pendants and more active lifestyles.

Snake Chains are made of small rings woven tightly together to create a fluid and flexible chain type. The smooth surface of snake chains is great for reflecting light to bring even more allure to a necklace or pendant. Ideal for lightweight, delicate pendants, the ribbed style of the snake chains ensure they remain centred on the neckline.

Rope Chains feature complex, intertwined links that result in the appearance of twisted rope. This chain type conjures up an intricate, luxury vibe – one which is perfect for statement pieces and larger pendants thanks to the great range of rope chain thicknesses available.

Singapore Chains consist of delicate, diamond-cut links that create lightweight chains with a stunning glittering effect. These thin chains are perfect for smaller pendants and layering with other necklaces.

Wheat Chains feature textured, intricate links that resemble strands of wheat. These chains offer a popular balance of durability and elegance, supporting neckwear designs that are suitable for casual and formal occasions alike. Wheat chains are so visually arresting that they can also be worn on their own for a real statement look.

If you’re having trouble pairing pendant and chain style, our friendly team of experts are just a phone call away – and cannot wait to share their decades of industry experience with you.

6. Clasp Types

Clasp Types

Hook Clasps feature a simple and reliable design that does not need any fastening. With its recognisable “S” shape hook and “O” shape receiving end, hook clasps are enjoyed by many for their effortless clasping qualities.

Lobster Necklace Clasps are named for their resemblance of a lobster claw. Featuring a delicate lever that is drawn back to allow one side of the necklace to attach to the other, lobster necklace clasps are popular for their simplicity and security.

Spring Ring Necklace Clasps feature an “O” shaped ring with a small lever running along its edge. The lever draws back, opening up a portion of the “O” ring and allowing the other end of the necklace to be attached. Slightly more delicate than the lobster clasp yet just as secure, spring ring necklace clasps are ideal for those with precise hands.

Slide Necklace Clasps are popular features in multi-strand necklaces, consisting of two bars on each end of the piece that slide and lock together. Secure and simple, the strength of this clasp type is made evident by its use in heavier, more extravagant necklaces.

T-Bar Necklace Clasps see a circular ring on one end of the necklace and a T-shaped piece on the other. The T-shaped piece is inserted into the circular ring, securing the necklace. Popular in more delicate designs, this clasp style may be less secure than the lobster and spring ring clasp types discussed above.

Magnetic Necklace Clasps are an excitingly functional design that stand as the most efficient, least awkward way to secure your neckwear. Simple and seamless, a pair of quality magnets connects instantly and provides all the security required during everyday wear.

7. Your Face Shape

The proportions of your visage are equally important when it comes to selecting the ideal necklace or pendant for you. Whether you have an oval, round, square or heart-shaped face, we’re here to help you consider the styles that will best-complement you..

Oval Face Shapes are considered the most versatile of all, enabling the widest range of neckwear to be pulled off with confidence. These evenly proportioned features welcome experimentation with different pendant lengths and designs – chokers, princess length, matinee and long necklaces all suit you. Consider highlighting your natural symmetry with geometric diamond pendants and angular designs.

Round Face Shapes are paired best with necklaces or pendants that elongate and add definition to the face area. Those with round faces may wish to create the illusion of length by using longer necklaces like opera length or rope necklaces, which work beautifully in drawing the eyes downward. On the other hand, avoid chokers or short necklaces that will add more roundness to your face. In terms of pendants, select those with angular shapes and vertical lines for a visibly lengthening effect.

Square Face Shapes are characterised by strong jawlines and angular features – so the aim should be to soften those angles with neckwear that features soft curves and gentle lines. Princess or matinee necklaces work well for you, whereas square or geometric pendants should be avoided as they will only add to the sharpness of the jawline.

Heart-Shaped Faces are commonly wider at the forehead then taper down to a pointed chin. Complementing heart-shaped faces is all about balance forehead width whilst accentuating a delicate chin. With this in mind, choker necklaces are great at bringing attention downward. Pendants featuring teardrop or heart-shaped designs are also popular with this face shape as they resonate with your natural visage.

Remember, there’s no rules when it comes to pairing neckwear to face shape. Everyone is different, and everyone suits different necklaces and pendants – that is the magic of jewellery. And regardless of your face shape, the beauty of a diamond necklace or pendant will resonate with all!

If you need pairing help, give us a call anytime.

8. Your Budget

Purchasing any piece of jewellery is dictated primarily by your budget – after all, you want to be able to afford going out and showing off your new neckwear!

Generally, silver is the most affordable yet least durable metal. Then comes gold, which features a range of carat options to suit all budgets. Finally, you have platinum – the most expensive of the metals, yet also the strongest.

Likewise, the gemstones that appeal to you will each come in varying levels of quality. The higher the quality, the higher the cost – yet also, the higher the long-term value of the piece as an investment.

When it comes to diamonds, we recommend that all clients consider the 4 Cs: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat – commonly used to gain an overall view of a diamond’s quality and value.

Cut refers to proportions, symmetry and polish – it is the most important factor in determining a diamond's overall beauty and value. Graded Excellent to Poor, a well-cut diamond reflects light strongly with a stunning sparkle while a badly-cut diamond appears dull and plain.

Clarity assesses a diamond’s inclusions (internal flaws) and blemishes (external flaws). Diamond clarity ranges from FL (flawless) to I3 (included), with FL-rated diamonds featuring perfect finishes and a greater value.

A diamond’s Colour is graded D (colourless) to Z (yellow or brown) – the less colour a diamond features, the higher its grade and subsequent value.

Finally, Carat refers to a diamond’s weight and size. One carat equals 0.2 grams, with diamonds ranging from less than 0.01 carats to one or even several carats. The more carats featured, the higher the value.

Ultimately, budgeting for your new necklace or pendant is all about defining how much you are comfortable to spend without overextending yourself and putting yourself in financial uncertainty.

At Abelini, we offer a fantastic range of long-term payment options that are flexible to suit the finances of every individual – just call us to chat about them.

Necklace and Pendant Care

To ensure your new necklace or pendant remains every bit as beautiful as the day you first purchased it, consider the following.

Basic Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

When not wearing your necklaces and pendants, store them individually in a soft fabric-lined jewellery box or pouch. This prevents tangling, scratching and potential damage to delicate chains or gemstones.

Avoid exposing jewellery to harsh chemicals, cosmetics and perfumes that may dull metal and affect gemstone brilliance. Remove your necklace or pendant before swimming or participating in physical activities to avoid water damage or loss.

Over time, dirt, oils, and residue from lotions can accumulate on your jewellery and dull its shine. Clean your necklace or pendant using a soft brush, mild soap and lukewarm water. Then, gently scrub the jewellery to remove any debris, rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Some gemstones – like pearl and opal-- are extremely soft and require extra care. Likewise, silver is a less durable metal that can easily be damaged in daily wear. Avoid erratic, direct handling and never expose them to extreme heat or sunlight for long periods.

Professional Cleaning and Inspection Recommendations

While regular home cleaning helps, we recommend having your necklaces and pendants professionally cleaned and inspected by a reputable jeweller at regular intervals.

Deep Cleaning is achieved using special tools and solutions unavailable to everyday jewellery enthusiasts. The smallest crevices can be totally cleaned, making for the longest lifespan of your new necklace or pendant.

Stone Tightening can be performed to hold gemstones in place that have become loose over time – preventing the nightmare of returning home after a day out only to discover that one or more of your neckwear’s precious gemstones have fallen out and become lost forever.

Metal Polishing is offered by professional jewellers in expertly shining your necklaces and pendants to return to their original lustre. It also removes minor scratches and blemishes that can build up over time to dull your piece.

Damage Inspection covers weak links, worn clasps, damaged settings and more – a professional jeweller can define and remedy these issues, ensuring any damage is fixed before it grows in severity and threatens the integrity of your necklace or pendant.

We offer a comprehensive cleaning and inspection service here at Abelini and would be delighted to ensure your jewellery remains at its most stunning for years to come.

Your New Necklace or Pendant Awaits…

We hope you have enjoyed this exploration into purchasing your next necklace or pendant.

In 2024, we see more exciting options than ever – making for many tough choices when shopping yet unparalleled joy when you discover the neckwear that sings to your soul.

From classic, subtle chain necklaces to bold and brilliant birthstone pendants, there’s a sea of choice out there just waiting for you to dive in.

And do stop by our store anytime to check out our vast range of leading-quality necklaces and pendants – we can’t wait to help you on your journey.