How To Buy Diamond Pendant – A Short Guide from Abelini

Posted byABELINI TEAM |20 June 2019
How To Buy Diamond Pendant – A Short Guide from Abelini

Pendants offer a unique jewellery experience for men and women alike. At Abelini we understand that our unique pendant collection is eclectic and diverse. Therefore, we have made a simple guide with everything you need to know about buying a diamond pendant from us.

Diamond pendants are an incredibly unique and evocative gift for any special occasion – from Christmas to birthdays, the diamond pendant can help you express your love for your partner with gravitas. Does your loved one need some extra sparkle in their lives?

Always make sure you buy your diamond pendants from a trusted source. Abelini has seriously outstanding reviews from Google and Trust Pilot. We have a full refund and guarantee policy. We are a trusted bricks and mortar London jewellers with a global website! So, you can rest assured that your transaction and personal information is safe with us!

What Is A Diamond Pendant – The Basics

A pendant, with a diamond or not, is a necklace that has a central focal point, it could be anything but in this case, it is a diamond pendant. So, it’s a diamond that’s attached to a small clasp and loop which is attached to a necklace. The word itself comes from the Latin word ‘pedere’ which means to ‘hang down’. The diamond pendant is the ultimate symbolic gift for eternal love!

One of the most popular diamond pendants is the Solitaire Pendant. For the sake of illustration, Abelini has a beautiful example – The Round Diamond Solitaire Diamond Necklace in Platinum

from only £2,999 for a full 1-carat diamond experience.

Abelini can help make sure the diamond is of the highest quality and that it is correctly certified and processed. We can help make sure your experience of purchasing diamond pendants is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Our Top 3 Diamond Pendants

The 4 Prong Setting Round Solitaire Diamond Pendant – This beautiful the pronged solitaire diamond pendant sits beautifully on 18k white gold. The sparkles from the round solitaire flicker in any lighting which means it helps you shimmer in the right attire; meaning it befits a suitably sparkly outfit!

Classic Popular Style Princess Shape Solitaire Diamond Necklace – This classic pendant design really inspires passion and joy. It is available in yellow, white, rose gold and platinum. You can customize the diamond carat as well. The princess shape provides a beautiful focal point that can really accentuate your neckline – so make sure you wear an alluring low-neckline outfit to maximize its impact!

The Look-A-Like Illusion Set Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Pendant Necklace – This is a beautifully conservative pendant that cries out classy and sharp. It has a beautiful princess cut diamond and it is presented in a stunning chain link. It is a graceful piece that allows for serious reflection on your own style. A serious piece of jewellery for a serious connoisseur.

Why not visit Abelini’s web store to find your loved one the perfect diamond solitaire pendant necklace today? Our classy and eclectic collection of diamond solitaire pendant necklaces means we will always have the right pendant at the right price for any budget. Why not call us today to visit our London showroom for a non-pressure viewing? Call us on 0203 805 1270 to discuss your own unique diamond solitaire pendant necklace needs further? 

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