What Does Your Engagement Ring Say About Your Personality

Posted by Abelini Jewellery | 28 November 2022

What Does Your Engagement Ring Say About You?

There are so many styles and designs of engagement rings to choose from. An engagement ring is a representation of love and admiration. For many also, an engagement ring is a representation of their personality and their personal taste. In this guide, we discuss what your engagement ring says about your personality, and share a few details about each style of engagement ring.

What Does Your Engagement Ring Say About Your Personality?

Round Cut

A round-cut engagement ring is traditional, classic and endlessly elegant. The shape is one of the most popular diamond styles and it never goes out of fashion. The 56 facets of a round-cut engagement ring ensure that it has an eye-catching sparkle like no other. Those who choose a round-cut engagement ring have a timeless and classic style and like to prioritise traditions. Your personality isn't focused on standing out from the crowd, but instead, on making a positive and lasting impression. You care deeply about your family and close friends, and you're looking forward to a traditional, romantic marriage with your partner.

Cushion Cut

A cushion-cut engagement ring has a much softer style compared to a princess cut and a round cut shape. A cushion cut has a rectangular shape with softly rounded sides. An old-fashioned design that has been for over 300 years, a cushion-cut engagement ring is ideal for those wanting to have personal gemstones included and a vintage touch to their ring. If you love this engagement ring style, you're likely to be very feminine. Your personality appreciates antiquity and vintage items and is very sensible and humble. Choosing a cushion cut engagement ring shows that you are very loyal and kind, especially towards your loved ones, and you're not focused on being the centre of attention.

Oval Cut

Similar to the round cut, the oval cut engagement ring has the same number of facets, meaning it's sure to sparkle. However, the oval cut has a more distinctive, elongated shape. Becoming an increasingly popular choice since the 1960s, the oval cut engagement ring is becoming a firm classic. Oval-cut engagement rings offer many benefits to the wearer, such as slimming the appearance of your fingers, increasing the appearance of the diamond and being just as sparkly and beautiful as a round cut. Choosing an oval-cut engagement ring shows that you like to keep up with contemporary trends. This sophisticated, fashionable design is sure to draw attention and you like to be noticed. You appreciate tradition and core values surrounding family and love, but you like to add modern twists here and there.

Emerald Cut

An emerald-cut engagement ring is typically the alternate choice to a round-cut ring. This understated yet elegant design brings a touch of modern fashion to the wearer and works to elongate the fingers and showcase the diamond to onlookers. Choosing this style of engagement ring suggests that you are introverted yet edgy, with an enjoyment of simple statements and a touch of fancy. This cut tells us that you love to feel elegant and classy, but you're not afraid of modern touches. Forget wanting to be the centre of attention, this style tells us you're all about focusing on and prioritising yourself.

Princess Cut

For many, a princess-cut engagement ring is a must-have style. With over 50 facets, a princess-cut engagement ring is sure to shine and sparkle. Perfect for hiding imperfections, you can opt between a rectangular or a square stone for a princess cut ring. The ideal option for those who love to be spoilt and treated like a princess, this cut is dainty and delicate. Choosing a princess cut shows that you're confident and driven, always working towards what you want. You like to stay on trend and let your extroverted personality dominate every room you walk into.

Marquise Cut

A less traditional style, the marquise cut engagement ring has a lot of personality. The pointed edges of this cut make a bold statement and this cut doesn't sacrifice the sparkle. This engagement ring is perfect for brides who enjoy drama and always try to make an eye-catching entrance. You have overwhelming confidence and like to daydream about the future. This engagement ring style is as unique as you are, and its individuality is sure to make an equally strong impression on everyone you meet.

Pear Cut

One of the rarer engagement ring shapes, the pear cut is eye-catching and remarkable. The unique shape means it catches the light in beautiful and intensifying ways. This style offers the bride-to-be two wearing options as you can decide whether you'd like the sharp point facing upwards or downwards. Either way, this ring has a distinctive and memorable look. Those who opt for a pear-cut engagement ring are very opinionated and consider themselves quite the fashionista. Oozing with creativity and confidence, those who choose a pear-cut engagement ring want to be far from tradition and expectation. You love expressing yourself through fashion and style, with this engagement ring style doing just that.


Choosing a gemstone engagement ring over a diamond engagement ring can sometimes be the more personal choice to make. The most popular gemstones that are chosen as an alternative to a diamond ring are rubies, emeralds, pearls and sapphires. Gemstone engagement rings are a great way to reflect your personality in your ring, marking your birthday and celebrating you. Those who choose a gemstone engagement ring over a diamond engagement ring want to stand out from the crowd and feel unique. You don't focus on trends or the prices, instead, you'd rather have something much more personal and intimate.


Vintage engagement rings are also becoming increasingly popular again. Whether it's a family heirloom or has an unknown history, vintage engagement rings are coming straight back into fashion. Vintage engagement rings are often one-of-a-kind and it's hard to put a price on that. If you choose to have a vintage engagement ring, you either have strong family ties to choose a family heirloom or you love a good mystery. You respect history and the time that's come before you, and you appreciate eternal values. You're big on preservation and enjoy sticking to tradition.

No matter which engagement ring style you choose in the end, remember that it reflects the treasure of marriage and is a constant reminder of your love for your partner. To browse our extensive collection of beautiful engagement rings, visit our website or contact a member of our team today to find your perfect engagement ring.