Posted by Abelini Jewellery | 12 July 2022

How Do I Get My Girlfriend's Ring Size without Her Knowing?

It's a question that we at Abelini Jewellery are commonly asked by people planning a marriage proposal. You might have ironed out all of the details of how and where you'll do it and found the perfect ring, but there's one big issue - making sure it actually fits.

There are various ways you can approach it. If your partner has a ring that fits the ring finger of their other hand, sneak a peek in their jewellery box and measure it when they're out or asleep. You could enlist the help of their friends - either to ask about sizing or to take them shopping and suggest trying on engagement rings as something fun to do.

Whichever method you choose, you'll not only want a ring that fits when you actually propose but one that you're sure will fit properly when they're wearing it day in, day out. Here's how.

How Should A Ring Fit A Woman?

You'll know that a ring is a perfect fit based both on the knuckle and the place where it sits.

A well-sized ring should slide over the knuckle with a little bit of friction - and there should be some resistance over the knuckle when you take it off.

When you're actually wearing the ring, it should sit snugly on your finger, but not so tightly that it leaves an indent or bulging skin. Remember, the size of our fingers does fluctuate, though, and they tend to be at their largest between lunch and dinner - bear this in mind when working out her ring size.

How Can You Know Your Ring Size?

The most accurate way of working out your ring size is to use a professional ring sizing tool. You can either buy one to use at home or go to a jeweller where they will be able to measure the ring size with greater accuracy.

Some people use other methods, such as measuring the diameter of a ring with a ruler or tracing around it on paper. This may not be as accurate as you'd want, though, for a piece of jewellery that is so meaningful, and that will be worn every single day.

What Is The Most Common Ring Size For A Woman?

In the UK, the most common engagement ring size for a woman is a size L, with M and N following closely behind.


Is It True That Your Ring Size Is The Same As Your Shoe Size?

In short, no. There are some cases where ring size matches shoe size perfectly - and you'll find plenty of forums and websites online where people state that this is the case. Any link between the two, though, is purely coincidental.

How Tight Should A Ring Be?

When putting a ring on, it should slide over the knuckles with a little resistance. When wearing the ring, the skin shouldn't bulge around it, and it shouldn't feel like you're cutting off your circulation.

As a test, push the ring up from the bottom while wearing it. If you can see a gap between your finger and your ring, there should be enough space.

When removing a ring, there should be a little friction on the knuckle - it's perfectly normal for it to take a few seconds to remove it.

Is It Better To Size A Ring Up Or Down?

Of course, getting your partner's ring size right the first time makes life much easier. However, if you're really not sure, size up rather than down. It's far easier to adjust a ring that's too large than a ring that's too small.

Do Rings Stretch Over Time?

At Abelini Jewellery, our rings won't stretch - but your fingers will fluctuate regularly in size. Fingers expand when hot and shrink when cold, and can also change in size as a result of the weather, weight loss or gain, pregnancy, ageing and other factors.

How Do I Know If A Ring Is Too Small?

Once it's over the knuckle, a ring should easily slide down to the base of the finger - if it doesn't, it's too tight. Watch out too for bulging skin around the ring, or your finger changing colour, which could mean that your ring is cutting off circulation to the finger. You should never need oil, soap or anything else just to be able to remove a ring.

How Do You Know If A Ring Is Too Loose?

If a ring slides over your knuckles with zero resistance, it's too loose. You can also check whether a ring is too loose by waving your hand around and carrying out everyday tasks to see if it stays in place.

What Happens When You're In Between Ring Sizes?

In this situation, we at Abelini Jewellery would always suggest sizing up. It makes it easier to adjust the ring if needed. In addition, a ring the size up can suit better if your fingers are prone to expanding with changes in temperature.

Does Resizing A Ring Ruin It?

Resizing a ring upwards requires the metal to be stretched, which can make it less durable. That's why we always recommend sizing up if you're not totally sure. A simple band should not be damaged when resized downwards by a reputable, experienced jeweller. However, resizing more elaborate rings can sometimes weaken the ring, due to the complexity of the work involved.

What Is The Smallest Ring Size For A Woman?

The smallest size you'll see on a jeweller's stick is a size A - however, this is around the size of an infant's finger. Realistically, a size F, with a diameter of 14mm, is classed as extra small for a woman.

Should A Ring Move On Your Finger?

You should be able to twist a ring around your finger, but this should take a little effort. If you find it's spinning around too easily, it may be a sign that your ring is too big.

What Rings Cannot Be Resized?

If a ring has diamonds or other stones set around the entire band, it's unlikely that it will be able to be resized, as there isn't enough exposed metal for a jeweller to work with. Similarly, rings made of materials like wood or resin aren't able to be resized, as the material can't be cut and shaped without causing damage.

Is It Expensive To Resize A Ring?

The cost of resizing can vary from very affordable to very expensive. It all depends on what the ring is made from, how intricate it is, and how much the size needs to change. If you're unsure, double check the rough cost of resizing your chosen ring before you buy it.

Is it better for a ring to be tight or loose?

Too tight, and a ring risks cutting off your circulation. Too loose, and there's a real chance that it could be lost. It's why finding the perfect size is so important when choosing an engagement ring.