Black Diamond Earrings

An elegant piece that looks good on everyone, these black diamond stud earrings are a lovely luxury. Earrings that won’t weigh you down, you might even forget that you’re wearing these beauties until the inevitable compliment comes. With a backing and prong setting featured in white gold, these styles are also available in 9 or 18 karat rose gold, yellow gold and platinum. Designs range from variations of the classic and minimal—round black diamonds with three prongs, four prongs and six prongs—to styles with a black diamond center and lotus-like diamond chip petals surrounding it. Choose a smaller carat diamond or make it a worth-it splurge with an incredible 2 full carats. For even more luxury, choose a  halo setting or one with additional smaller diamonds to increase the carat count—and the dreamy sparkle. Finish customisation by choosing the push back it comes with or an alternative offering.

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