Black Diamond

The Enigmatic Beauty of Black Diamonds: A Gemstone Guide by Abelini

Welcome back to Abelini Insights, where this time we’re treating you with a closer look into the fantastic black diamonds we have in stock and ready to enjoy.

Black diamonds stand to become one of the jewellery world’s most exciting modern trends – a still-rare style that captivates jewellery lovers with its mystery and allure. Defined by their opaque black hue, these stunning black diamonds stand out as powerful symbols of sophistication and style.

Emerging as a premium choice amongst connoisseurs of jewellery seeking a slice of the unconventional, many modern jewellery designs opt to feature black diamonds due to the brilliant blend of drama and refinement that they offer. We here at Abelini cannot get enough of black diamonds – and neither can our customers!

So join us as we wander through the wonderful world of black diamonds and explore their origins, characteristics and enigmatic appeal…

Origin of Black Diamonds

Before we take a look at the state of black diamonds across our industry and in terms of Abelini stock specifically – let’s briefly cover how diamonds, and as an extension black diamonds, are created.

Deep in the Earth's mantle, the intense heat and pressure sometimes reach the exact chemical balances required for the creation of diamonds. Yet, what else must occur for a diamond to be formed with a black colour?

An even rarer set of geological conditions is needed for the creation of black diamonds – a magical mystery that makes them all the more special to everyone from collectors to everyday jewellery lovers.

Traditional white diamonds are formed when specific heat and pressure levels are applied to carbon crystals. However, this reaction sometimes occurs in the presence of graphite and other minerals – or these extra elements become trapped within the crystalline structure of a white diamond as they are pushed up to the surface of the Earth for us to find.

And, when this occurs, black diamonds are created.

The conditions for regular white diamonds are specific in themselves so, as you can imagine, black diamonds are exponentially rarer and more valuable. However, some jewellers such as Abelini believe that these black beauties shouldn’t be reserved only for enjoyment by collectors of raw crystals and the ultra-rich…

Black Diamonds by Abelini

That is why here at Abelini we use a leading treatment process to apply an even black colouration to our real diamonds, resulting in our range of stunning black diamond jewellery that can be enjoyed at far more accessible price points.

When you buy from Abelini, you do so with the confidence that every black diamond we stock has been professionally treated to the highest of industry standards.

We use a bespoke blend of irradiation and high-pressure and high-temperature (HPHT) processes so you can enjoy the same incredible beauty of the world’s rarest diamonds at a fraction of the price!

Just remember to watch out for untreated black diamonds that may lose their sheen or even worse…

Characteristics & Qualities

As you may already know, diamonds are graded according to the 4Cs – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. For a full guide on this industry assessment standard, check out our ultimate Abelini Diamond Jewellery Buying Guide.

However, black diamonds then feature an additional evaluation…

Black Diamonds: Beyond the 4Cs

Beyond Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat, the black diamond assessment looks into the unique dimensions that these inimitable gems feature.

Intensity of Colour

In white diamonds, colourlessness is prized – yet the quality of a black diamond’s colour is determined by the richness of its black hue.

On a spectrum ranging from light grey to absolute black, intensity and uniformity of colour plays a pivotal role in determining black diamond value and desirability. The deeper the black, the better!

Surface Texture

Black diamonds feature a surface texture unlike white diamonds due to their natural inclusions and irregularities. Whereas white diamonds are prized for flawless clarity, black diamonds are cherished for the unique charm and character of their surfaces.

The presence of these natural features adds to the authenticity of black diamonds, with lustre known as adamantine describing the ways that black diamonds play with light and shadow.

Origin & Treatment History

Natural black diamonds formed deep within the Earth over millions of years demand a premium due to their rarity. To collectors, understanding their origin and treatment history is vital.

Treated black diamonds – like those we offer here at Abelini – are white diamonds that undergo enhancements to achieve their black colouration via irradiation and HPHT processes. With much lower quality, untreated black diamonds on offer elsewhere in the market, origin and treatment transparency is also essential for ensuring you purchase nothing but the finest treated black diamonds.

Black Diamonds Strength and Durability

Now, let’s take a look at some of the key qualities exhibited by black diamonds.


Black diamonds are renowned for their exceptional hardness, a quality that is rated using the Mohs scale. Black diamonds score a full 10 on this scale.

They are incredibly resistant to scratches and abrasions, featuring an inherent durability that ensures they keep their lustrous sheen even after years of wear. This renders them ideal choices for everyday jewellery pieces that must withstand the test of time.


Black diamonds also boast unique reflective properties that single them out from their transparent white diamond counterparts.

Traditional white diamonds refract and disperse light in dazzling displays of brilliance, whilst black diamonds play with light in an entirely different manner. Their intense reflections engage the imagination with absorbing light and shadow play that defines their timeless mystery.

Styling Black Diamonds

Thanks to their intriguing depth and hypnotic allure, black diamonds offer endless possibilities when it comes to crafting exquisite jewellery that exudes sophistication and style.

Classic to contemporary, affordable to extravagant – black diamonds bring a spectacular presence to any ensemble. Let’s take a look at how black diamonds can be incorporated effortlessly into popular jewellery types…

Black Diamond Ring

A black diamond ring makes a bold and stylish statement, perfect for expressing individuality with a little (or a lot of) flair. Set in sleek white gold or luxurious platinum, the deep hue of black diamonds adds new levels to any ring.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

For a modern twist on traditional engagement rings, some couples consider a striking black diamond solitaire engagement ring or halo setting encircled by sparkling white diamonds. An unconventional yet powerful choice for couples who dare to be different.

Black Diamond Earrings

Elevate your look with a pair of stunning black diamond earrings – from classic studs to glamorous drops, the contrast between brilliant black diamonds and accompanying bright gemstones or metals makes for a truly mesmerising effect.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Exchange vows in supreme style with a pair of matching black diamond wedding rings – the depth of the gemstones symbolising the depth of the bond you share. From sleek metal bands to intricate pave settings, black diamond wedding rings resonate with eternal strength and commitment.

Black Diamond Bracelet

A luxurious black diamond bracelet adds powerful opulence to any ensemble. Whether worn alone as a statement piece or layered alongside other bracelets for a touch of bohemian chic, black diamond bracelets are an exciting option for those looking to accentuate their wrist.

Black Diamond Ear Studs

Embrace an air of understated elegance with a pair of black diamond ear studs – perfect for everyday wear and special occasions alike. Subtle yet striking in their beauty, black diamond ear studs are a versatile, glamorous addition to your jewellery collection.

Black Diamond Eternity Ring

Why not symbolise your eternal love with a breathtaking black diamond eternity ring? Continuous bands of exquisite black diamond make for timeless pieces perfect for celebrating the unbreakable bond shared between two souls.

Black Diamond Necklace

Nothing makes a statement like a show-stopping black diamond necklace featuring a stunning pendant adorned with these shimmering stones. Worn alone or layered, a black diamond necklace adds incredible sophistication to any neckline.

Black Diamond Ring for Men

Black diamonds provide a marvellous masculine elegance, so it’s no surprise they’re incredibly popular with our male customers. A sleek black diamond ring for men exudes strength and confidence – as well as adds a touch of sophistication unlike any other.

No matter what piece of jewellery you have in mind, a black diamond piece is surely a fantastic choice. And here at Abelini, we have many to pick from…

Abelini’s Signature Black Diamond Collection

We’re incredibly proud of our ever-expanding Signature Black Diamond collection, with pieces crafted by our master jewellers and featuring our wonderful treated black diamond gemstones.

Want to declare your love a little differently? This 4-prong round 18K White Gold Black Diamond Side Stone Engagement Ring is a fantastic option for lovers who wish to stand out from the crowd – available with an 18k white gold band for just £667.

In the market for a new pair of earrings? Then consider these Marquise Star Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings, which make for powerful looks especially when set upon an 18k rose gold backing. Available now with an exclusive gift for just £344…

Or does a new black diamond necklace inspire your dreams? If so, this Bezel Setting Round Shape Solitaire Pendant may be the ideal choice for your neckline. Available today with 950 platinum metal for just £889.

Every Abelini piece can be customised to feature the backing metal and quality of your choosing – enabling you to adorn yourself in the beauty of black diamonds at the price point that suits your unique needs.

Take your time to explore our site and the myriad options of black diamond jewellery we have to offer – and don’t forget, our friendly staff are just a phone call or shop visit away from providing the bespoke help you need to find your next forever piece of black diamond jewellery…

Black Diamond Buying Guide

Selecting the perfect black diamond jewellery for you is first about defining your unique style, needs and price point.

Then, it’s time to consider key factors like colour intensity, surface texture and treatment history to ensure authenticity and quality.

And of course, once you have the piece in your hands, you’ll need to practise proper care to upkeep the brilliant beauty of your piece for years to come.

Learn about all this and more by checking out Abelini's Black Diamond Rings Buying Guide.

The Enigmatic Beauty of Black Diamonds

So there you have it – everything you need to know before setting off on your exploration into the incredible, enigmatic beauty of black diamond jewellery.

Unique in their allure, deep hue and captivating brilliance, black diamonds are ideal for jewellery lovers who want to make real statements with the pieces they make. Full of symbolism of strength, perseverance and individuality, black diamonds are great for individual pieces or those that represent a love unlike any other.

Now, we invite you to explore Abelini's exclusive collection of black diamond jewellery, so you may discover the perfect way to express your identity amongst our range of black diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more – all meticulously crafted to captivate and inspire.

Until next time, the team at Abelini wishes you the best in your jewellery journey…