Purchasing a new pair of diamond earrings is a precious and significant financial investment. For this reason, you need to make sure that you're getting the best diamond earrings possible that both suit your tastes and align with your budget. The world of diamond earrings is vast and it can be hard to know which pair will suit you the best. In our latest blog post, we dive into everything you need to know about diamond earrings to help you decide which option is best for you or the loved one you are gifting.

The Popularity Of Diamond Earrings

The elegance and glamour of a pair of diamond earrings are undeniable. They are the pinnacle of class and the sought-after investment accessory for millions. Having boomed in popularity since the late 1970s, diamond earrings and the hold they have over the jewellery industry seem to be going nowhere fast. Whether you want to invest in a treat for yourself or are looking to gift that special person in your life, diamond earrings are always a good way to go. With so many different cuts, colours and clarities, choosing your new pair of diamond earrings may feel overwhelming. Read on below for a guide to the best quality diamond earring for your next purchase.

The Best Cut For Diamond Earrings

One of the most important factors you need to consider when buying a brand new pair of diamond earrings is the cut. The shape of the diamond stones in your earrings dictates the overall appearance and style. While you can find countless cuts of diamond earrings, there are a few more popular than others. Find out more about these below:

Round Cut Earrings

Round Brilliant Cut

One of the most sought-after cuts for diamond earrings is the round brilliant cut. This classic and opulent cut of a diamond is perfect for studs and allows for maximum sparkle and shine to show off your new earrings.

Princess Cut Earrings

Princess Cut

A princess cut of a diamond is more square in shape, and once again a great option for stud earrings. The princess cut undeniably has a sophisticated appearance that is perfect for special and important occasions, while allowing a huge amount of shine and dazzle.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Diamond Earrings

Besides the cut of your diamonds, there are many other factors to consider when sourcing the best diamond earrings. Find out more about these below:


The colour that is reflected from the diamonds in your earrings will completely depend on the metal they are set in. Colour can also be affected by a person's skin tone or hair colour, meaning diamond colours can vary and are very individual for each person. This means that when buying a colourless diamond, you don't have to necessarily spend excessively. However, you can also buy specifically coloured diamonds like pink or yellow. Consider your own personal tastes and how versatile you want the earrings to be when making this kind of investment purchase.


When talking about clarity in diamonds, this refers to the purity and rarity of your particular stone. This can be dictated by small blemishes on the diamond that can't be seen by the naked eye, but are present when analysed under a magnifier. The more "pure" your diamond the higher graded it will be, and therefore more expensive. It is important to consider how important clarity is to you, and if you want to pay more for this with your diamond earrings.


When talking about weight with diamonds we aren't talking about physical mass, but instead carat weight. It's a good idea to always source diamond earrings with at least 0.5 carats. You shouldn't let yourself get too caught up in carat weight however, it is important to factor in cut and clarity etc.

The Best Diamond Earrings Settings

While your first thought may not be to consider the setting of your diamond earrings, in some ways it is as important as the precious stone itself. Not only do you need a secure setting that ensures your diamonds don't fall out, but they also need to show off the gems and make your earrings look the best they can. Find out more about the best settings for diamond earrings below:

Settings That Show Off The Size And Sparkle

When making a new diamond purchase, you will undoubtedly want to show them off. When looking to get the most sparkle and shine from your new diamonds, look for earrings with as smaller a setting as possible. This covers the stones less to allow their sparkle to shine through. A three or four-prong setting would work perfectly if this is the look you are after with your earrings.

Settings That Keep The Diamond Secure

No matter what kind of diamonds you purchase, it's always going to be a big investment. This means you want to ensure your earrings are secure with no chance of the stones falling out at any point. To make sure your earrings are secure, you could look to purchase earrings with a bezel setting. This involves a thin strip of metal being pushed around the diamonds to secure them into place. Though this can cover some of the diamond's surface areas, it does mean they are ultimately safer and secure giving you peace of mind that you are less likely to lose the precious stones in your earrings.

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