Selecting the next exquisite piece of jewellery to add to your collection all starts with understanding your skin tone and selecting the jewellery base metal that best suits your complexion.

In today’s edition of Abelini Insights, we consider the importance of skin tone in selecting jewellery metal. You will fall into the category of having a warm, cool or neutral skin tone – and this will determine the relative presentation of various jewellery metals upon your skin.

With this priceless knowledge in mind, you will then be able to intelligently choose jewellery pieces that recognise and accentuate your skin tone and natural style, with the two elements playing off one another to maximise the impact of your stunning new jewellery item.

We at Abelini understand that jewellery metal selection is an art unto itself. That is why we ensure our stock features a full range of base metals – from the timeless extravagance of white gold to platinum’s subdued cool and the many metals between – ready for our customers of all skin tones and stylistic desires.

So grab a cup of tea, sit back and let our passionate experts take you on a journey into understanding skin tones and identifying your ideal jewellery metal matches…

Jewellery Metals Offered by Abelini

From glorious gold (available in white, yellow and rose) and stunning silver to brilliant brass and poignant platinum, we at Abelini proudly stock a comprehensive range of popular jewellery metals to suit every customer’s unique skin tone and personal style!

To learn more about our range of metals, you can visit our comprehensive Metal Guide. It’s an enlightening read that will leave you far more educated about the metals that provide the base of the Abelini jewellery you love!

Once you’re done there, return here and let’s dive deeper into understanding how we define skin tones and undertones…

Understanding Skin Tones and Undertones

So, we know what wonderful metals are out there waiting for us to choose – but how do we determine the skin tones and undertones we possess?

All skin tones generally fall into three categories: warm, cool and neutral – with each tone playing a key role in enhancing our overall aesthetic via astute jewellery metal choices.

How do I know my skin’s undertones?

1. Check Your Wrist Veins

The simplest way to define your skin’s undertones is to take a close look at the veins on the inside of your wrist – a tried and tested approach that has been used to select jewellery for many years.

A Traditional Approach

Warm Undertones: Wrist veins with a greenish tint suggest you have skin with warm undertones. Such individuals often explore the richness of gold jewellery – from the traditional essence of yellow gold to the romantic, contemporary glow of rose gold.

The Eye-Catcher

Cool Undertones: Do your wrist veins have more of a blue or purple appearance? If so, you may well have cool skin undertones. For such jewellery aficionados, white gold and silver are excellent choices for accentuating your complexion’s cool elegance.

Naturally Beautiful

Neutral Undertones: If your veins appear to offer a mix of blue and green colour – or appear altogether colourless – then you likely have neutral skin undertones. This skin tone offers the greatest flexibility in metal matching, empowering you to explore more eclectic metal choices such as black gold, brass, platinum and titanium.

2. Tan and Sunburn

Beyond assessing your wrists’ veins, a good indicator of your skin tone is to consider your reaction to strong sunlight. Use the following as a general guide on your skin undertone in relation to how your skin tans or burns when on holiday or during summer.

Warm Undertones: Your skin tans consistently and you aren’t subject to easy burning. And when you reach for a suntan lotion, it is not necessarily for the strongest available SPF factor. You are comfortable out in the sun and achieve a strong tan with ease.

Cool Undertones: Your skin burns easily under strong sunlight. You will be quick to apply the strongest SPF sun lotion available as soon as you step out into the light – or even before you head out in order to avoid burning.

Neutral Undertones: Your skin expresses a moderate response to exposure to sunlight.

Skin Tone Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions when it comes to determining skin tone. After all, we humans are each unique – even though we use three main skin tone categories, there are of course exceptions to the rule.

Let’s consider some of the common questions and misconceptions we hear here at Abelini!

1. What jewellery metal colours look bad on pale skin?

Whilst fair skin is a common reality for many of those with cool undertones, it is by no means a strict rule. In fact, fair-skinned individuals may have warm or neutral undertones.

This is why it is so important to consider your wrist veins and sun reaction closely – checking your state at multiple times of day, times of year and places around the world.

2. What jewellery metal colours suit dark skin best?

Likewise, having dark skin doesn’t necessarily mean that you have warm undertones. Darker skin tones may possess cool or neutral undertones – such is the beauty of human diversity.

Closely evaluating your vein colour under a range of lights and conditions will help those with dark skin determine more accurately their skin tone and ideal jewellery metal matches.

3. Can I wear gold if I’m pale?

Certain metal types will match certain skin types more closely, yet you shouldn’t ignore a piece you love just because of a skin tone mismatch. There is a range of interpretations when it comes to skin tone and metal matches – it’s all about finding the best metal within certain spectrums to complement or contrast your skin tone.

4. I can’t wear gemstones that don’t match my skin.

Whilst there is some truth to this, the reality is that you can wear anything that makes you feel confident – after all, jewellery is merely a way for an individual to enhance their natural presentation!

A reliable baseline view is that cool undertones best match cool gemstones – think pinks, blues and purples. On the other hand, warm skin tones are brought most to life when paired with richer colours such as greens, blacks and reds.

Now that you have the knowledge at hand to determine your skin tone, let’s take a closer look at selecting the best examples from Abelini’s expansive range to suit your unique complexion and style!

Selecting the Best Metals for Your Skin Tone

At Abelini, we’re committed to helping you discover the jewellery metals that match your complexion perfectly. Achieving this understanding paves the way for exploring the jewellery metal options that pair best – or contrast most strikingly – with your skin and style.

Let’s consider each of the main metals that we stock, along with a fine example from Abelini of each…

A Traditional Approach

Platinum: Cool and Neutral Undertones

The cool, silvery hues of platinum are a wonderful match for wearers of cool undertones. Its sleek, modern appearance is also of great appeal to those with neutral undertones, providing an elegant and timeless look.

Those considering the finest platinum bracelet to adorn their wrist should look no further than our 4 Prong Round 950 Platinum Naturally Mined Tennis Diamond Bracelet, which features a stunning range of natural diamonds in a signature tennis design across a brilliant platinum base.

The Eye-Catcher

Silver: Cool Undertones

The classic gleam of silver makes it an ideal choice for those with cool undertones. The fantastic versatility of this classic metal allows for a wide range of design compatibility – from minimalist, chic pieces to intricate, extravagant and polished pieces.

Searching for a stunning silver ring to complement your cool undertones? Take a look at our immensely popular 4 Prong Round 950 Platinum Naturally Mined Three Stone Diamond Rings, which feature a trio of immaculate diamonds set seamlessly upon our Sterling silver base metal.

Naturally Beautiful

White Gold: Cool and Neutral Undertones

The crisp, clean appearance of white gold renders it a perfect consideration for those with cool or neutral undertones. White gold is traditionally known for its neutral palette, making it a wonderfully versatile choice for those seeking jewellery that offers the widest range of daily applications.

Modern and sophisticated, our 4 Prong Princess 18K White Gold Naturally Mined Stud Diamond Earrings are a great starting point for your white gold jewellery search.

Antique Inspired

Yellow Gold: Warm and Neutral Undertones

The warm, rich and inviting tones of yellow gold are a beautiful enhancement for the natural warmth given off by those with warm skin undertones. The timeless appeal of yellow gold makes it a classic choice for those with neutral undertones, too.

Extravagant in the best ways, our Two Diamond Designer Round Shape Designer Pendant is an essential option for those seeking a yellow gold pendant sure to stun all who encounter them.

The Romantic

Rose Gold: Warm and Neutral Undertones

Last but not least, we have rose gold. Its rosy, romantic hues stand out brilliantly on all skin types, yet none so much as those with warm or neutral undertones. It’s no surprise to us that rose gold pieces continue to rise significantly in popularity – they present jewellery lovers with the perfect balance between intimacy and sophistication.

Seeking an eternity ring that uses rose gold to shine at its brightest? If so, our Channel Set Baguette Shape Full Eternity Diamond Eternity Ring is a wonderful option, featuring a 360-degree presentation of brilliant diamonds set in baguette style within an enamouring rose gold base.

At Abelini, we provide our leading-quality jewellery pieces in a wide range of base metals, so it’s easy for you to find your dream design and then have it created according to the ideal base metal for your skin tone and style.

Our friendly experts are ready and waiting to make this dream your reality – just stop by in-store or give us a call and we’ll begin defining your ideal piece today.

Jewellery Metal Styling Tips and Trends

So, you’ve acquired some amazing new jewellery pieces with base metals that make your skin tone shine. But how do you get creative with them?

A Traditional Approach

Mixing Metals

Welcome contrasts into your life by blending together different metals. Achieve modern, chic looks by pairing cool tones like silver or white gold with brilliantly warm yellow or rose gold.

You can do this by layering necklaces, stacking bracelets or wearing multiple rings, each of which will bring new depths to your looks.

Consider layering a platinum necklace and rose gold pendant, or stacking silver and yellow gold bracelets for an eclectic, personalised touch. Or, if coordination appeals more than contrast, create cohesive ensembles by pairing metals with gemstones that enhance one another. For example, pairing a white gold necklace with sapphire earrings for a coordinated, sophisticated look.

Just remember – mixing metals is not a rule, it is an open art. Experiment as much as you dare!

The Romantic

Neutral Undertones: Amethyst, aquamarine and pearls

Neutral undertones present real flexibility in experimenting with a wide variety of gemstone colours. Amethyst and aquamarine add subtle touches of colour, whilst pearls provide elegant, ever-relevant options that complement any metal choice.

Of course, your outfit can also dictate the pieces you opt for – don’t let anything hold you back when it comes to your personal creativity in expression!

Remember to tag us in your social posts – we check out all our tags and cannot wait to see how you get on with exploring your ideal skin tone jewellery metal matches!

Our friendly experts are ready and waiting to make this dream your reality – just stop by in-store or give us a call and we’ll begin defining your ideal piece today.

The Romantic

Warm Undertones: Emeralds, turquoise and citrine

The irresistible warmth of yellow and rose gold pairs beautifully with the rich greens seen in emeralds and earthy hues of turquoise and citrine. These gemstone and metal combos are sure to create harmonious and balanced combinations that ring true with your ideal style.

Antique Inspired

Cool Undertones: Diamonds, sapphires and rubies

Cool undertones synchronise dreamily with the icy brilliance of diamonds, while sapphires and rubies add vibrant colour pops. These gemstones also pair fantastically with the composed elegance of silver, white gold and platinum.

Gemstone Pairings

Whilst there is no limitation to your personal choice when it comes to gemstone and skin tone matching, the following is a useful first step in considering what gemstone pairings may work best for your skin tone.

Seasonal Trends

Each season that arrives brings new opportunities for experimenting with jewellery and base metal colouration.

In the summer, you may lean towards the glow of warmer metals such as yellow and rose gold – a perfect pairing for your sun-kissed skin whilst on holiday or out in the sun all hours of the day. Choose simple pieces – whether understated or bold – that stand out vividly and pair well with the minimalist outfits that hot weather demands of you!

Then, when winter sets in, sit back and achieve a state of chilly elegance by exploring the phenomenal possibilities of white gold, silver and platinum. Choose statement pieces with intricate details for a classic, timeless look in festive times!


For some, the quest to discover the perfect jewellery metal for their unique skin tone is a lifelong quest. However, that is not the case for our lucky Abelini Insights readers!

Whether you seek to match your skin tone perfectly or curate inspiring contrasts that go against tradition, the above knowledge is all you need.

Now, you can head out and find the jewellery pieces that complement your fashion and individuality – as well as your skin tone. Because, at the end of the day, it’s a highly subjective matter.

And don’t forget, you’re never alone in your jewellery journey with Abelini. Our passionate experts are ready and waiting to add to your existing research or guide you from the first step in finding the jewellery metal and subsequent styles that suit your one-of-a-kind style best.