Spring is almost in the air, the time when the flowers and trees start blooming, the air gets warmer, the birds start singing, and of course, when love flourishes! While we all get excited about the future during this season, it is also the perfect time to propose to your partner and start a new beginning. Popping the big question is an important step, and one of the biggest moments of your life. You’d want to ensure the moment is beyond magical and unforgettable, especially if there’ll be lots of proposals this season.

You may be unsure of how to go about popping the question during this season. Luckily, we’re here to help you out by giving you the perfect spring proposal idea to enable you to pop the question during this magical season. The first step, getting the ring.

Diamond Engagement Ring for Spring Proposal.

The most important thing is the engagement ring because you can’t pop the big question without a ring. The ring represents the promise, love, and commitment you are making to each other, and the start of the new life-long journey you are both beginnings together. So you need the perfect ring. Here are some ring ideas to help you out:

1. Diamond Solitaire Rings:

Spring Diamond Solitaire Diamond Rings

If you prefer something classic that’ll make a statement, but still look stunning, diamond solitaire rings may be the perfect option. The best thing about diamond solitaire rings is that there are so many options for you to choose from, in terms of diamond quality, choices of metal, and diamond-cut; to ensure your ring choice is unique as she is. However, the most popular diamond solitaire rings are shaped in princess cut, marquise, and round brilliant; and you can opt for the ring in popular metals like romantic rose gold, cool white gold, luxurious platinum, and lustrous yellow gold.

2. Bridal Sets:

White Gold Earring

Looking to spend less by getting an engagement ring and a wedding ring that is the perfect match? You can easily accomplish this by buying a bridal set. Most brands provide this type of ring set in different varieties by pairing a diamond engagement ring with a magnificent, well-crafted wedding ring; such that the two rings are nestled perfectly together. This allows you to wear the rings individually or together.

Pear Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

3. Pear Shape Whirling Halo:

This unique type of engagement ring is sure to stand out from the crowd and attract lots of compliments. It comprises an exquisite whirling halo made up of angled pear-shaped diamonds; with the shank shaped to follow the line of the halo. Is there anything prettier? The best part, you can customize this engagement ring with your choice of the center diamond, and you can choose from a variety of metals like rose gold, white, or yellow.

Pave Trilogy Diamond Engagement Rings

4. Classic Three-Stone Pave:

If you’re looking for a large, eye-catching engagement ring that’ll have everyone talking, this is a perfect choice. This classic, yet stunning engagement ring is made of two round side stone diamonds combined together, with a classic pavé setting. The perfect ring for your fiancé-to-be! You can also choose from a variety of metals like yellow gold, white gold, and platinum; in 14 karats!

Some Unique Ways to Propose this Spring.

How can you pop the big question in a unique way that’ll make the occasion unique and unforgettable?

Dinner Engagement Proposal

1. Dinner:

You can never go wrong with dinner because a lot of couples have dinner, and your significant other won’t expect a proposal out of the blue; plus, this proposal is easy. If you want an outdoor proposal, plan a lovely dinner date at your partner’s favorite restaurant. Beforehand, you’d want to call the restaurant, to arrange something special like a flowery dinner or dessert. If you want something indoor, cook a lovely meal, set candles, and flowers, and set the table outside as the temperature outside would make it a perfect outdoor dinner.

Short Trip spring Proposal

2. Take a Short Trip:

There are so many trips you can take together; it doesn’t even have to be to a really far place. You can find a ferry in your city and go on a springtime day trip with your partner, then pop the question on the boat. It’ll be so romantic proposing this way. The fun part, many ferries serve food and drinks but make sure to take yours with you. You can also go camping with your partner and propose when she least expects it.

Field of Flower Spring

3. Field of Flowers:

Everything blooms in spring, and what better place to propose than in a field filled with flowers? The beauty and sweet scent of blooming flowers in the field are romantic enough; whether it’s tulips, lavender, or daisies; and the best part, the flowers will provide you with a beautiful backdrop.

What is the Most Romantic Way to Propose?

1. Photoshoot Proposal:

One of the biggest moments of your and your partner's life is when you ask them to marry you, and you’d want to capture each moment and detail. You can turn your proposal into a photoshoot; making it a surprise photoshoot proposal! You can hire a photographer and tell your partner it’s a photoshoot then, pop the question and capture the magical moment with the surprised look on her face. I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful and romantic than that!

2. Create A “Memory” Movie/Video:

Is there anything more beautiful than watching past, beautiful memories of your relationship with your partner and being proposed to at the end of the video? I think not! Create a video of all your special moments with your partner, and plan a casual movie night at home with them, then surprise them with a ring at the end of the video. Talk about a romantic, happy ending! If you want to share the moment with your loved ones, you can play the video in front of family and friends at a dinner or gathering, and propose in the end.

3. Proposal With Friends And Family:

If you or your partner are close to their family, you may want to consider involving them in the special moment. You can incorporate closed friends and families into the proposal by having them hold signs and messages for your partner as she walks in, while you wait to propose. It’ll be magical!

Do Couples look at Engagement Rings Together?

Most couples actually go engagement ring shopping together, before the proposal actually happens. It could be window-shopping in jewellery stores or checking rings online. Most times, you may have to decide if you want to do the engagement ring shopping with your girlfriend or not; except she specifically asks to do engagement ring shopping together. How do you ask your girlfriend to go engagement ring shopping with you? You could tell her you’d like to see what kind of ring she has in mind or would like. This would ensure she’ll love the ring she intends to wear for the rest of her life, and you also get the perfect ring size. However, this would take the surprise out of the proposal when it’s time, so it’s something you should be able to do on your own. In the end, it’s a personal choice. If going engagement ring together is a good option for you and your partner, then go for it! Just ensure you enjoy the shopping process and don’t be in a hurry to buy the first ring she likes until she tries on several rings and compares them and is really sure of the ring.

Will Ring Shopping Together Take Away the Magic from the Proposal?

Engagement ring shopping together is a romantic adventure. Your girlfriend will be surprised and thrilled by the idea of going ring shopping together, and she’ll be aware of the upcoming proposal. While it does take away part of the surprise from the proposal as she’ll be expecting it, we don’t believe engagement ring shopping together has to ruin the entire surprise of the proposal as you can still make it a surprise for her. The reality is if you and your girlfriend have been dating for a while, and you both have talked about getting married at some point, your girlfriend is already expecting the proposal; she just doesn’t know when, where, or how. And you can still keep it that way even if you both go ring shopping together. This brings us to, how do you propose when she has picked the ring and is aware of the proposal?

How do you Propose if She’s Expecting it?

In the case where your girlfriend already knows you intend to propose, but you still want to make it a surprise, you’d want to make sure she doesn’t know when or how you want to propose. How then can you do it?

1. Focus on the Surprise:

Even though it may not be a surprise that you want to propose, you still have to make sure it’s a surprise either with the way you do it or when you do it. Don’t get too hung up on the fact that she knows it’s coming, find a way to make it a surprise; let her anticipate it.

2. Use her Knowledge to Your Advantage:

To continue the first point, use her knowing that that the proposal is coming to your advantage, and then make it a surprise. But how can you do it? Simple! Plan a lot of romantic events like trips, dinner, movies, etc around the time you intend to propose, but don’t do it then. This will keep her wondering. How? When you take her on a beautiful boat cruise, or to a lovely restaurant, and there’s no grand proposal, she’ll relax a bit because she doesn’t know when the proposal will happen. When you eventually pop the question, it’ll be unforgettable and special!