The modern man’s wardrobe is no longer limited to shirts, ties and black shoes. The tastes of today’s man are evolving daily – they embrace fashion, and that extends to accessories including jewellery essentials for men.

That’s right – the latest and most exciting jewellery trends are no longer reserved for women. And each day, Abelini’s male clientele grows in number.

To celebrate the passion with which men continue to explore their personal style through jewellery, the Abelini team welcomes you today to join us on a voyage through the jewellery essentials that every man should own today.

From subtle stud earrings to classy engagement rings and distinguished necklaces, we’ll cover the best jewellery for men featured in our leading range of quality jewellery.

If you’re a fashionable young man who’s been thinking about adding a piece of jewellery to your wardrobe but wonder, “what rings do guys wear?” then this article is for you! Join us as we explore the latest men’s jewellery trends and see which of our spectacular pieces calls out to you.

What jewellery are men wearing right now? Well, let’s dive in and take a look…

Defining Personal Style

Engagement Proposal

For men’s jewellery accessories, defining personal style is often a game of subtleties. The selection of a discreet ring can add volumes to a formal outfit, whilst also bringing a touch of class to some trendy casual wear. Jewellery for men is no longer reserved for special occasions – it is integrated deeply into the daily wardrobe choices of the modern man.

The classic wedding band is the jewellery item that remains most popular with men. A symbol of your love for a significant other, the traditional plain style of wedding bands for men – perhaps enhanced by unique metals and gemstone touches – stands as a fantastic gateway accessory for those seeking to explore male jewellery more deeply.

On the other hand, many men are starting to explore the vibrant world of more extravagant diamond rings. Diamond rings for men can be worn alone or stacked for a deeper exploration of personal style. They can retain a classic air or draw on additional gemstones for extra pops of colour and character.

Defining your personal style is all about accentuating or contrasting your other style elements. A classic gold ring to offset your monochromatic outfits, perhaps? Or how about a raw titanium ring that echoes your love for the outdoors, and has the durability to withstand the knocks and scrapes your hobbies feature?

From classic wedding bands that ring true with tradition to more colourful and contemporary ring options, Abelini is the perfect place for you to begin exploring the wonderful world of rings for stylish men.

Daily Distinctions

White Gold Earring

When it comes to jewellery for men, a daily wearer that fits every possible combination of event and outfit is an essential feature. In this area, we at Abelini are noticing bracelets becoming increasingly popular as the choice of daily distinction for discerning male accessories.

Bracelets of the modern day are far more than the occasional ornaments for which they are traditionally known. Bracelets for men are uncontested in their ability to add layers of character to an outfit and raise the levels of your looks from mediocre to mesmerising.

From elegant metal chains to rugged leather bands, a simple bracelet makes a big difference when combined tastefully with your outfit. Heading out for dinner with old friends you’ve not seen in years? A classy white gold bracelet with polished elements will surely become the talking point of the night.

Or are you a passionate explorer who loves nothing more than being out in nature and at the mercy of the elements? Embark on adventures in style with a rugged leather band – perhaps with stainless steel details – that resonates with your outgoing character yet is equally at home when characterising your jaunts through the urban jungle.

WMen’s bracelets are a fantastic arena for customisation – often, men have a vision in mind that cannot be found anywhere else. When that is the case, they turn to Abelini to engage our bespoke bracelet service. Engage with our jewellery customisation experts to bring life to your dreams and craft a bracelet that will deliver daily distinctions like no other product can.

Adding layers to your personality on a daily basis with bracelets for men by Abelini is easy – we’re ready when you are!

Commanding Presence in Formal Settings

Unique Proposal

Men’s jewellery is a fantastic way to make a statement without having to utter a single word – nowhere is this more true than in formal settings. From black-tie events to business meetings, special occasions are the perfect place for men to let their accessories do the talking.

To command presence in formal instances, the modern man looks beyond a watch and cufflinks. Whilst both of these items continue to play key roles, today’s man is often seen adding a regal pendant to their suit or tuxedo – and we at Abelini have a fantastic range of pendants for men looking to achieve this same gravitas.

A pendant for men can be worn discreetly beneath a shirt, glimpsed by onlookers through the gaps of their shirt buttons – or proudly upon the top of their shirt, where it is framed majestically by the neck of their jacket.

The pendant itself can be minimalist and subtle or feature brighter metals and gemstones that create a powerful focal point. Incredibly popular amongst our male customers are iconic cross designs – either bare metal or featuring tasteful gemstone additions. Other popular pendants feature an artistic metal, painted or natural emblem that celebrates the personality.

Whichever pendant you choose, those you meet will be unable to look away as they feel the power of your presence!

Of course, the magic of these pendants is that they are not restricted to formal events. Versatility is a key element of their charm, making pendants for men make a fantastic complementary or contrasting addition to any outfit and occasion.

To discuss our full range of pendants for men, give us a call today and let’s make sure you’re the centre of attention at your next event.

Breaking the Mold

Unique Proposal

Now, for one of the most exciting everyday men’s jewellery trends here at Abelini…

More and more, we see modern men embracing earrings. Whilst piercings have always been popular with certain men, they are now gaining momentum with a far wider spectrum of men open to breaking the mold of traditional gender accessories. And we can’t get enough of it!

From minimalist stud earrings that offer a flexible accessory for all outfits to bold and brilliant hoop, drop and cluster earring designs sure to draw the eye of fellow attendees at parties and special events, Abelini boasts a fantastic range of earrings perfect for men seeking to elevate their style.

The modern man thrives off self-expression – and earrings are a great way to do that. Instantly noticeable by all who pass you by, well-selected earrings for men accentuate the facial features and top outfits with a flair relative to the extravagance of the earrings selected.

You may opt to wear a pair or just a single earring on the side of the face opposite to a defining feature in your outfit – there is no limit when it comes to your creativity.

Abelini is a strong supporter of men breaking the mold of tradition and reforming the state of men’s fashion – and exquisite earrings are one of the most compelling ways to do that. If you are ready to express yourself by adding a pair of quality earrings to your wardrobe, we’re here to make it happen.

Abelini Pieces Every Man Should Own

Now that we’ve covered the most exciting and progressive trends in men’s jewellery, it’s time to share 10 of the most popular options available in our store or online.

How many will you select?

Classic Wedding Band

Classic Wedding Band

Our Men’s Diamond Flush Setting Wind Band has all the makings of a classic with its single diamond detail and brilliant 9K white gold metal.

If pave settings are what please you, consider our incredibly popular Pave Setting Single Diamond Flush Wedding Ring, which features a single diamond framed in an elegant band of white, yellow and rose gold or platinum.

Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

This Channel Setting Round Shape Diamond Men’s Ring is one of our most-purchased diamond rings by men making bold statements thanks to its wide band of channel-set diamonds.

Love channel setting yet want less shine? Our Channel Set Single Diamond Mens Diamond Rings may be the perfect pairing for your ever-evolving wardrobe.

Diamond Pendant

Diamond Pendant

Our 4 Prong Round Classic Popular Diamond Cross Necklace is incredibly popular amongst our male customers, adding to the iconic cross of Christian heritage with its vivid diamond array.

Metal Pendant

Metal Pendant

For those who love the style of a cross pendant yet don’t want to add diamonds to the mix, consider our Plain Cross Pendant Necklace – available in gold or platinum.

Stud Earring

Stud Earrings

Abelini’s Princess Diamond Stud Earrings may have been initially crafted for women but they are one of our most popular choices for our male customers.

For those seeking alternative stud earring styles, our Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings provide an enclosed design framing the focal diamond in no less than seven gold or platinum metal options.

And if you want an even more discreet option, our Small Diamond Stud Earrings are flying off the shelves fast. Available in gold or platinum, they’re great for wearing singularly or as a pair.

Something Entirely

Something Entirely New…

Keen to explore men’s jewellery yet can’t find the piece for you? No fear!

From exquisite wedding bands and diamond rings to classy pendants, subtle or brilliant earrings, our bespoke jewellery team is ready and waiting to take your vision and bring it to life.

With Abelini, you are the master of your own style.

The Time for Men’s Jewellery is NOW

Thank you for joining us on this exploration into the thrilling realm of men’s jewellery. Each day, we’re inspired by male customers ready to push the boundaries of tradition and make a statement with their jewellery choices.

With decades of heritage behind us, Abelini’s proudly British jewellery store is excited to support the current explosion of popularity in men’s jewellery essentials with our vast range of competitively priced, endlessly trendy and finely crafted pieces.

To the modern man, jewellery is no longer just an afterthought. It is a daily feature in the outfits of all men ready to explore and exhibit their style and character.

If you’re ready to join them, then Abelini is ready to help you do it in style.