The sapphire has been a coveted gemstone for many centuries, and it is not difficult to see why. They exude class and elegance in their exquisite appearance - sapphire rings have long been associated with royalty. There are various settings for sapphire rings, and the stones themselves come in many cuts and shapes. The rings can be made from a range of different precious metals to create the right effect.

Sapphires are actually considerably rarer than diamonds, hence the reason why royalty tends to choose sapphire engagement rings over diamond ones. Read on to learn all you need to know about sapphires and how to buy a sapphire ring that will be loved for a lifetime and beyond.

How To Wear A Sapphire Ring?

Wearing a sapphire ring is about much more than simply putting it on your finger. They possess a rich blue colour and are certain to draw the gaze of onlookers with their stunning appearance no matter the size or cut. Sapphires pair well with other gemstones like diamonds, so they can produce a unique variation on the traditional engagement ring or be worn as part of an ensemble of jewellery.

The real key to wearing a sapphire ring is to match it both in terms of colour and grandeur with the rest of what you are wearing. Naturally, blue is the order of the day, but if the ring is also made from platinum or white gold, for example, the door is open for you to wear lighter colours with blue highlights throughout. You will also want to think about how you wear your hair, remembering elegance is the order of the day.

Sapphires are synonymous with elegance, so they should generally be reserved for special occasions. However, when it comes to sapphire engagement rings, you will be wearing them more frequently, so you should be prepared to consistently dress to match when out and about. From an astrological perspective, sapphires are believed to yield benefits when worn by the right person at the right time, thanks to their perceived connection to Saturn.

What Finger Does A Sapphire Ring Go On?

Again, the answer to this question depends on which school of thought you are coming from. In the aforementioned astrological belief system, a sapphire ring should be worn on the middle finger of either hand in order to reap the gemstone's positive effects. It is said that maximum benefit comes from wearing it on your dominant hand.

Of course, you can also wear sapphire rings on any finger you choose. The ring finger is the most common choice, and for engagement rings you would typically choose the left hand. Wearing a sapphire ring on the index finger is thought to symbolise ambition and leadership, while it represents intelligence and intuition when worn on the pinky finger. These are spiritual interpretations, but in reality you can choose the finger you think it looks best on.

If tradition and elegance are your main priorities, stick with the ring finger.

Are Sapphire Rings Worth It?

Sapphire rings are so coveted as the gemstone for engagement rings because they are believed to symbolise promise and faithfulness, as well as truth and wisdom. Some cultures even believe in their connection to divinity, and they have a rich history with royalty dating back centuries.

Sapphire possesses undeniable beauty and elegance and makes a fine addition to any jewellery collection. Whether you want sapphire rings to make a statement or as the centrepiece for an engagement ring, there are many benefits to the wearer of such a fine gemstone in their ring. Spiritual growth, beauty, wisdom - the shine of that sapphire will be a constant reminder of everything it represents, so it makes a wonderful gift.

As they are so sought-after, few people would deny that sapphire rings are a worthy gift. You will be tapping into a rich and celebrated culture, whether you subscribe to the appreciation of the stone's beauty, its spiritual power or both.

You can buy sapphire rings from most reputable jewellers. They should be able to offer you a high-quality cut of the stone and a range of beautiful settings in precious metals of true beauty. Take your time to find the right combination of these features for your sapphire ring.