So, What is a Promise Ring? Have you fallen in love? If you want to show that special someone that you’re committed to the relationship - but marriage isn’t yet on the horizon - a promise ring could be just the thing to demonstrate your devotion. Sometimes thought of as a precursor to an engagement ring, the giving of a promise ring sends a clear signal that a relationship is both serious and exclusive. If you’re in the market to buy one, this useful guide will answer some frequently asked questions about how to choose, present and wear a promise ring.

What Finger Does A Promise Ring Go On?

What Finger does a Promise Rings Go On
What Finger Promise Ring Go On

The most common place to wear a promise ring is on the ring finger of either hand. If the promise ring has been given as a pre-engagement ring, or to signify that marriage could be on the cards in the future, it will often be worn on the left hand where an engagement ring might later be placed. The same goes for promise rings worn by men and those in same sex relationships.

If an engagement follows, the promise ring may then be moved to the right hand. Alternatively, it could be worn on the left hand below the wedding ring and engagement ring. Many brides choose this option as it allows their ring finger to become a beautiful and lasting reminder of the different stages of their relationship.

Where Do You Wear A Promise Ring?

When and where you wear your promise ring is a matter of personal preference. If your ring is made from a precious metal with stones that rank highly on the mohs scale, there is no practical reason why it can’t be worn everyday. There will, however, be certain times or occasions when rings should always be removed to avoid damaging them or injuring yourself. These include:

● When working out in the gym or taking part in sport

● When cooking or baking

● When using cleaning products or working with harsh chemicals

● While gardening

● When swimming, particularly in cold or chlorinated water

When Is The Best Time To Give A Promise Ring?

If you've fallen in love with someone and know that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, it may be the perfect time to give the gift of a promise ring. As a promise ring’s significance comes from the meaning attached to it rather than the ring itself and there are no right or wrong options when it comes to its style. You will, however, always want to choose a ring from a reputable jeweller. At Abelini we pride ourselves on creating top-quality gold and silver promise rings using only materials that have been ethically-sourced.