Black Diamond Jewellery – A Complete Buying Guide

Posted byABELINI TEAM |24 April 2020
Black Diamond Jewellery – A Complete Buying Guide
There is little wonder black diamonds are one of the most coveted diamonds of color. Beautiful, different, and rare - while treated black diamond is sought after, there is still a lack of understanding which surrounds them. What are they? How much do they cost? And what are the different types? These are the kind of questions which we will tackle in this guide to buying black diamond jewellery.

What Is A Black Diamond?

Black diamonds generally come in two forms - natural, mined black diamonds, which are very rare and exhibit an intense color; and treated black diamonds, which start life as cloudy or gray diamonds and benefit from heat treatment which turns them into a resplendent black jewel.

Black and White Diamond rings

Are Black Diamonds - Synthetic Or Real?

Some people doubt the existence of black diamonds. It should be noted that whether you are talking about treated or natural black diamonds - they are both real!
Treated black diamond is not made in a lab. They are typically real natural diamonds that possess a high level of inclusions. They are then heat-treated to give them a uniform black color which is used in jewellery.

How Much Do Black Diamonds Cost?

You might be surprised just how budget-friendly treated black diamond can be. You can obtain black diamond jewellery with that uniform black look for a lower price than natural black diamonds, and they are both genuine diamonds. Thanks to the upsurge in treated black diamond popularity, there is now a wide range of items such as black diamond rings and black diamond bracelets on today's market.

How Much Should I Pay For A 1 Carat Black Diamond?

Market forces are a large factor in the value of a black diamond at any one time. You can expect prices to go up from around £250 per carat. This stacks up very well when compared to the prices of colorless diamonds, and that might be because black diamonds are still considered a somewhat alternative market.

One Carat Halo Black Diamond Ring

Black Diamond's Symbolism

For the same reasons that colorless diamonds are favored in engagement rings, black diamonds also represent an unflinching commitment to love but also carry a mysticism, intrigue, and glamour all of their own.

Black Diamonds Absorb, Not Reflect Light

You might be asking yourself if black diamonds sparkle in the same away as colorless diamonds and those in lighter colors. The answer is no because black diamonds don't reflect light - they absorb it.

The Difference Between White And Black Diamonds

As outlined above, both white or colorless and black diamonds are essentially the same - they are both genuine diamonds. Black diamonds - whether treated or natural - are set apart by the graphite inclusion which they possess, that comes from deposits in the surface of the Earth. The color of the treated black diamond can then be further enhanced by heat treatment to give it a uniform look.

You might be familiar with 'the 4 Cs' - that is, carat, clarity, color, and cut - which are used to assess the quality of a diamond. Some of these criteria are viewed a little differently when it comes to black diamonds, as we will explain here:

It should be noted that carat refers to weight, rather than size. Because black diamonds are naturally denser than other diamonds, a black diamond can look small than another diamond of the same carat.

Because black diamonds absorb, rather than reflect light, the assessment of clarity does not apply in the same way that it does for other types of diamonds. That's because black diamonds, whether treated or natural, cannot be expected to refract light in the same way.

Black diamonds don't vary in their tone, hue, or intensity - that's why they cannot be assessed for color in the same way as fancy colored diamonds. After all. this subtle, refined quality is one of the reasons why black diamonds are in demand.

Because of the inclusions contained within them, black diamonds can be tricky to cut. That serves to make the cut all the more important when it comes to assessing black diamonds. A higher-quality cut is certainly sought after and will add value to the diamond.

How Are Black Diamonds Best Used?

A black diamond is favored in a multitude of jewellery. They can really stand out as an alternative to white diamonds and are beautifully complemented by surrounding diamonds. Commonly used as the centerpiece in jewellery design - including black diamond engagement rings or a black diamond necklace - black diamonds are not sex-specific and can be incorporated into items intended for both women and men. 
True to the saying 'diamonds are forever' - black diamond is incredibly tough and long-lasting, making it ideal for keepsakes; jewellery items which can be worn for a lifetime. Black diamonds can be the focal point of jewellery given to loved ones on landmark events such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Black Diamond Jewellery Best Used

Are Black Diamonds Suitable For An Engagement Ring?

Absolutely. Historically, brides have chosen a range of different center stones for their engagement rings. Black diamonds can certainly make for an engagement ring with a difference, and for many brides, a black diamond will blend better with her own tastes than colorless or different color diamonds. After they have been worn by the bride, black diamond rings can be passed down from generation to generation, being cherished for their unique look and style.

Which Celebrities Wear Black Diamonds?

Could the most famous black diamond jewellery be the black diamond cufflinks which Angelina Jolie gave to her ex-husband Brad Pitt? Black diamonds have been worn by a host of celebrities, including; Jolie, Carmen Electra, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwenyth Paltrow, Kat Von D, and Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively, who has been spotted in a pair of black diamond earrings. Just so the men don't feel left out; baseball star Derek Jeter is another high profile star to wear a black diamond, in his necklace. In popular culture, you might remember the black diamond ring which Mr. Big gives Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Sex and the City.

Celebrities who have rocker tendencies, or favor a gothic look, can be the perfect match for pieces such as black diamond pendants, which fits in wonderfully with garments such as black leather jackets, and cosmetics like black nail varnish.

How Do You Look After A Black Diamond?

When it comes to caring for your black diamond, there is no magic trick - you maintain it like you would a colorless diamond. Don't try to clean it yourself, leave that to a trained jeweller. We have methods of cleaning jewellery using power steaming which is capable of lifting grime from black diamonds. If you must attempt to clean black diamond yourself - tread with caution! Try using a less harsh type of soap such as washing up liquid, and use a small brush to clean, before rinsing with warm water. Then you can give the black diamond a good polish with a cloth.

That concludes our guide to black diamond jewellery. Remember, if you are in the market for the best treated black diamond jewellery, London's Abelini Jewellery can present you with a superb collection.

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