Few jewellery purchases you ever make will be as meaningful as the engagement ring you pick out for your loved one. An eternal symbol of commitment, a gleaming promise of a fruitful future shared as one. But what if you cannot find the ring that speaks clearest to you?

At Abelini, we’ve had the pleasure of guiding countless couples to their perfect engagement rings – both off the shelf and entirely custom.

And in today’s Abelini Insights, we’ll take a look at the growing popularity of opting for a custom engagement ring over a ready-made engagement ring – what are the pros and cons of either path, and how can we expect our budget to be affected by our decision?

“Do I go for a custom or ready-made engagement ring?” is the question on the minds of almost every couple out there – and it’s easy to understand why. The potential to create something every bit as unique as the love a pair shares is a thrilling prospect!

So, let’s take a look at the comparative costs, qualities and processes to decide whether or not it’s a pathway you should wander down…

No matter which path you choose, our engagement ring experts have decades of experience and are ready and waiting to help you find the perfect engagement ring for your perfect partner.

Off-the-Shelf Engagement Rings

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First off, let’s start with ready-made engagement rings.

Now, keep in mind these should not ever be considered a shortcut compared to custom rings – the jewellers making these are master craftsmen who understand exactly what goes into a showstopping, lifelong symbol of love in jewelled form.

And at Abelini, our stock of ready-made engagement rings features the finest examples you can find.


Off-the-shelf engagement rings are predesigned items ready for purchase, as you can imagine. They need no customisation, though can of course be tweaked to suit your unique fit and visual needs.

Crafted to account for the latest trends or timeless styles, off-the-shelf engagement rings cover every core base that is popular amongst engagement ring demographics.

Styles & Materials

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When it comes to off-the-shelf engagement ring styles, we see shifts in trends just like any other aspect of jewellery. And this is one of their strong suits. If there is a specific trend of jewellery into which your ideal engagement ring falls, then you are likely to discover the perfect piece in your search.

From meticulous halo diamond engagement ring designs to simple, classic solitaire engagement rings, we at Abelini stock a fantastic range of engagement rings ready to make your partner the happiest person on Earth. And don’t think that ready-made means uninspired – we see an incredible range of uncommon design and material features that make ready-made engagement rings more contemporary and quirky than ever.

Platinum, titanium, brilliant blends of gemstones – the potential is endless… Designers know that couples want their rings to stand out – so ready-made engagement rings see a lot more experimental designs than you may think!

Pricing Factors

When it comes to pricing of off-the-shelf engagement rings, we see the numbers influenced by the primary factors of material choice, design complexity and jeweller reputation.

As you can imagine, platinum costs more than gold or silver. Likewise, more diamonds included in the design will up the cost similarly. Also, buying from a retailer like Abelini versus direct from a small-batch jeweller will see a disparity in cost similarly.

Average Price Ranges and Examples

The pricing for off-the-shelf engagement rings starts at just a few hundred pounds for simpler, more subtle designs. If you want to let your love do the talking, then there is no need to stress about saving up for a hugely expensive ring.

Then, as we see more elaborate designs, more decadent diamonds and more innovative materials and processes, we’re looking at mid-range ready-made engagement ring costs of £350-1500. Then, if you’re looking at flagship pieces by the top jewellery quarter creators, you may be expecting to shell out up to or even more than £10,000.

But when you shop with us, you get industry-leading designs at a fraction of the high street price. Here’s a couple of our current favourites in-store…

For those on a bit of a budget, this fabulous 4 Claw Set Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring is available for as little as just £572 with a natural diamond set! And there’s even more money to be saved if you use our comprehensive customisations.

If you’re looking to stun your loved one with a fantastically vibrant ready-made engagement ring than you simply have to check out this 4 Prong Setting Round Shape Exclusive Luxurious Halo Diamond Engagement Ring, costing just £2,308 as opposed to a high street price in excess of £5,000! Just look how mesmerising it is!

Or if you’re after something a little more decadent, how about this Channel Setting Round Diamond Eternity Ring, just £4,050 with a natural diamond of D-E colouration and VVS clarity? This ring would set you back almost £9,000 on the high street – so stick with us and let’s find you the best ring at the best price…

There’s thousands of ready-made engagement rings just waiting on our online store for you to go and check out – we can’t wait to hear which you like most and welcome you in-store to try them on.

Custom Engagement Rings

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And now, for something a little more bespoke… We love helping clients dream up and design their perfect custom engagement rings. So let’s see if it’s the right option for you!

Custom Ring Process

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Taking the steps to envision and create a custom engagement ring is a wonderfully personal adventure very much like marriage itself. Perhaps you’d like to think of it as a practice run ahead of the big day!

It all begins with a consultation between both or one of you and our skilled jewellery designers. During this time, you will chat about your preferences, stylistic wants, budgets and every other unique element that will inspire the initial designs presented to you. Materials, shapes, gemstones – the vision is in (or rather, on) your hands!

When our designer has all the inspiration they need, they’ll use advanced design software to draw up some concept art for your consideration. You will go through a harmonious and exciting sequence of feedback and revisions until you arrive on the ideal design for your bespoke engagement ring.

And then begins the process of making it real…

Cost Analysis

Just like ready-made options, custom engagement ring cost is influenced by a range of base factors. Choice of materials, design intricacy and gemstone quality are the three main elements as these influence time and focus of craftsmanship required.

But you may well be surprised to find out just how affordable the bespoke engagement ring process can be…

Comparison with Off-the-Shelf Ring Prices

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Of course, customisation comes with a premium. But with intelligent choices regarding materials, gemstones and simple, timeless, powerful designs, you can even save money in creating a custom engagement ring comparable to its off-the-shelf equivalent.

For example, a bespoke solitaire engagement ring could set you back around £700 when created throughout Abelini’s bespoke process. On the other hand, you could head to our store and for that price pick up a 4 Prong Round 9K White Gold Naturally Mined Diamond Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring with a 0.3ct stone, Sl1 clarity and I coloration for £709. As with many things in life, it’s all relative…

We see similarities in costing yet differences in the craftsmanship. Using the above example, you may expect to achieve a more simplistic design with the custom approach – yet it would appear every bit as brilliant, and would also be one of a kind. The materials would have been moulded to your specific vision, the gemstone of your choosing set to your exact standard. Just like the love you wish for it to celebrate, it would be entirely unique and all yours.

Sure, off-the-shelf engagement rings present instant, budget-friendly options – but custom rings welcome couples to express their love in the way they want to. And many couples are happy to spend slightly more if they have the time and resources to explore this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Benefits of Custom & Ready-Made Engagement Rings

Pros of Custom Rings

A Traditional Approach

Personalisation is the name of the game when it comes to custom rings. Your style, your vision – this is your chance to make it real. No matter the level of input you wish to have, the resultant piece is a direct creation of yours. And there’s not much more special than that.

The Eye-Catcher

Uniqueness is another key quality – you and your partner can go about your day in the knowledge that nobody on Planet Earth is wearing the same ring on their finger. When you spend time together appreciating the uniqueness of your partnership, that can become a very powerful realisation indeed.

Sentimental value is another key appeal in crafting a custom engagement ring. Each step in the process is a step similar to marriage – you walk through life together, you create items of beauty to represent your love together. Custom engagement rings often mean more to a couple…

Pros of Off-The-Shelf Rings

Convenience is key – not every couple has months and months to spare in pursuing the custom engagement ring process.

Availability is similarly important to some couples. Love is spontaneous – sometimes, we cannot afford to wait. In these cases, off-the-shelf is the only option.

Cost is also a potential plus here. Whilst we have covered the relatively similar costs, shop sales and special offers may render a once-unaffordable ready-made ring just within your budget range. And when an opportunity like that pops up, you literally cannot afford to miss it.

At the end of the day, either option results in you finding the perfect engagement ring for your perfect partner. But how do we decide which?

Tips on Choosing Between Custom and Off-The-Shelf Engagement Rings

Budget is key to your final choice. Can you afford to allocate the funds needed to achieve a fuel special engagement ring design process? Is there a lovely piece in the local store down the road that is available for half that price – and would those savings do wonders in funding your wedding or honeymoon?

Uniqueness is important but with so many brilliant mass-produced designs out there, it’s not impossible to find something special that’s ready and waiting to go.

Urgency is what dictates the final decision for most couples in this quandary. The custom engagement ring process can take months and months to complete. Even then, you can be hit with unforeseen delays or cost changes. If you’re concerned about urgency, your blood pressure may thank you for opting for off-the-shelf…

However, perhaps you don’t even need to pick… That’s right, we are proud to offer Hybrid Options in which you select a ready-made engagement ring and make bespoke customisations to fit, gemstone and more – enabling you to get a unique engagement ring at a more affordable cost and within a far tighter timeframe.

To find out more about our bespoke and hybrid engagement ring pathways, just give us a call today.


At the end of the day, each engagement ring pathway presents its own advantages and drawbacks. Planning a wedding is a busy challenge filled with cost and time considerations – so really it is up to each couple to weigh up how much they value the custom process.

Another thing to bear in mind is that many couples who embark initially upon the custom approach realise their creativity doesn’t lead them to anything much different than what was available off-the-shelf and at a far lower price…

Strike a balance between cost, value and personal significance to discover the ideal ring to represent your idyllic partnership.

And whatever pathway that involves, we at Abelini are here to help.