opal engagement ring

If you are looking for an engagement ring with a unique sense of charm and beauty then an opal engagement ring is just the thing. Though they do vary in colour, most opals are milky-white and shimmery, adding a touch of glitz without making the ring look overstated. There is a simple elegance to opal rings that means they look great on any individual’s hand and stand out from other jewellery. Even better, opals have historically been regarded as a lucky stone, with modern connotations of faithfulness and happiness, so an opal engagement ring is a perfect representative of the love and commitment that you wish to continue sharing with your partner. A 34th wedding anniversary is opal, so giving your partner an opal engagement ring is also a great way to look ahead to years and years of precious memories. At Abelini, we have a range of beautiful opal engagement rings to choose from. Our opals come in different shapes and carat sizes to allow you to pick the perfect ring for your partner. Each ring has its own unique design, with sparkling accents and diamonds providing all the glamour that an engagement ring demands. You can choose between bands of silver, gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum to customise your perfect ring. It isn’t difficult to make an opal look classy in a ring, but we’ve put in plenty of work to make our range of rings as unique and impressive as possible. Each stone is delicately set in a durable band that will last a lifetime. Whether your partner prefers showstopper jewellery or accessories that are more subtle, Abelini can provide a fitting opal engagement ring that will make your proposal even more special. Check out our range of opal rings now and find the ring that you’ve been searching for. Read More >>


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