When it comes to securing your earrings in place there are 3 main options you need to consider: push backs, screw backs, and alpha backs. Let’s take a look at each in turn so that you can decide on your perfect match.

Push screw alpha

Push Backs


These are the most common type of earring back, and they consist of a flat plate that contains a hole through which a post passes. The back is held in place by a gentle tension that is applied by styled scrolls of metal. The main reasons for their enduring popularity are how easy they are to fit and remove, and the sheer variety of sizes that they come in. They’re the perfect choice for a set of stud earrings, and any type of light earrings and drop styles.

Screw Backs


Screw backs are popular as they’re the most secure earring back available. The threaded post passes through the ear before a small nut is screwed on from the other side. This prevents them from popping off when getting changed; as can happen with push backs. The downside of this approach is that they take a little longer to fit and remove. They will typically be used for high value pieces such as diamond earrings or studs that contain expensive precious stones.

Alpha Backs


The alpha back is the most intricate of the 3 designs. It comprises a spring-loaded mechanism that is activated when you apply pressure to it. Pinching the back in the correct place will cause the locking mechanism to retract so that the post can be removed. They’re designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit that can be quickly and easily adjusted. In this sense they combine the best parts of push backs (easy to use), and screw backs (secure fit) into one all-inclusive design.

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